Auto fuk vibro attachment for men

A mixed bag

This toy is a mixed bag. As a stroker, this toy is phenomenal and very enjoyable; however, I struggled mightily when attaching it to the Auto Fuk. If you can get your positioning just perfect and stay in that position for a decent amount of time without moving, well, then you MAY have no problems with the Auto Fuk functionality, although I still suspect the toy will shake itself loose. Those who have a hard time staying still can still find loads of enjoyment from this toy!
Great internal texture. Easy to Clean. Easy controls! Nice vibrations.
Shakes loose from the Auto Fuk mid-use. Unsustainable Auto Fuk usage and functionality.
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This stroker is designed to be attached to the Auto Fuk. Unfortunately, it would seem that the grip on the bottom is not strong enough and causes the toy to "break apart" where one would unscrew the bottom part to clean. This toy may be best to use as a regular stroker, a Fleshlight alternative. The interior design is fantastic and feels very good. The Auto Fuk attachment can be unscrewed, and you can use this as a normal stroker. I would recommend doing this.

The stroker is made from a TPE (sleeve) and a hard plastic outer shell. The sleeve is soft and feels like real flesh. The exterior is shaped like lips and is free of any paints or coloring that could potentially come off/wear off. The interior has many bumps to stimulate. The texture is fairly intensive but should not be overbearing. The entrance is tight, but with a good amount of lube, you should have no problem entering. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. Beware, though, DO NOT use an oil-based lube with TPE/TPR!

This toy is easy to clean and simple to maintain, and the sleeve is fairly sticky after washing, but a fine coat of cornstarch should renew the flesh-like feel of the toy.

The sleeve pulls right out of the shell. Rinse the interior and exterior of the sleeve thoroughly with warm water (Not too hot or under too much pressure). Next, apply Anti-bacterial soap and make sure you apply to as much of the interior/exterior as possible. Finally, just rinse off the anti-bacterial soap. You can towel off the exterior, but leave the sleeve to air dry before storing away(a small desk fan may speed up the drying time). I suggest dabbing the towel lightly on the head of the toy as you do not want to damage the material near the entrance.

The outer shell is also simple to clean. Remove the bottom, be careful when removing the bottom because the bullet will be loose within or still attached inside the stroker (although attached to the bottom part). This will allow the shell to be held under warm water. Rinse, soap, and then rinse again!
This is a hard toy to judge. Using this as any other stroker and the toy is great. The texture is fantastic, and the design works well for this. Unfortunately, the main purpose of this stroker was its ability to attach to the Auto Fuk, and at this, the design did not hold up. I was able to modify the stroker and was able to use it as intended, but unfortunately, that had some obvious and unwanted consequences; for example, cleaning the stroker is much more difficult. The vibrations included with the bullet that was built in were excellent. The power settings were very easy to control and very simple.

First off, I do not recommend modifying the stroker in any way! I used an adhesive to secure the bottom cap of the stroker to itself. That means the bottom temporarily (or permanently) will not detach. This solved the problem. The Auto Fuk no longer shakes the stroker off. There is now a problem with suction because there is nowhere for the air to escape. This is a fairly simple solution but requires a drill and even more alteration... At the end of the day, I gave up on the Auto Fuk functionality of this toy, as I didn't want to damage it beyond repair. I will use this from now on as only a stroker.

I was a bit disappointed in the Auto Fuk functionality. It just wasn't viable in the slightest. The toy wouldn't stay attached for a maximum of 3 seconds, even when fully inserted into the toy. To insert into the stroker, then turn it on, you have to have the perfect angle and what feels like (a need for) six arms. Either have a partner help you or fight with it for a good amount of time. This may be more of a critique with the Auto Fuck than with the stroker itself. I feel like this would work well with someone who is more athletic. I am a tad overweight, and trying to position myself, the Auto Fuk was frustrating. So much so that I had given up three occasions, and finally, on the fourth was able to get it in semi-working order but not for an extended period of time. It felt like I was getting a workout just trying to set the damn thing up!

Overall, it is a good toy, for me it was best used as a normal, everyday stroker than being attached to the Auto fuk. I am happy with it.
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