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Lubricant by System JO

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A Pack Of Pleasure!

For $24.99, I have to give JO credit. This product does deliver what it promises. Longer lasting lovemaking, great sensations, and a silicone lube for the woman so reapplication is not necessary. This one is a must have!
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I decided to give this product a try. This is our first experience with a silicone based lubricant. My wife and I, at least to the best of my knowledge, have no problems when we enjoy our special moments together. I wanted to try it more in the aspect of making things the best they can be. Yes, I love to drive her wild! On to the review:

The 2 To tango pleasure kit is made by System JO Products out in sunny California. It is a product for couples, but doesn't have to stay there. You can use it in solo play as well.

The lubricant for the man states it will prolong a session of lovemaking and make it more exciting. The lubricant for the woman states that it will enhance and make the lovemaking session more stimulating.

This man's is a water based lubricant and the woman's is silicone based . Please remember that, if you are using toys. It is 100% safe for the use in/on condoms. The man's lubricant is edible, it's also flavored, of sorts(read cautions in the rest of the review!). Silicone lubes, like the woman's, are not designed to be edible. No, it will not hurt you. Most are bad tasting, but this particular one has no taste at all. That does not rule out oral play, which is my fovorite with my wife(better to give then receive). I can also see this product being used for anal. We have not tried it that way, but it does have favorable ingredients for that purpose.

There are also no ingredients that jump out for allergic reactions, except for Benzocaine(due to its structure). Please read the ingredients listing that I list, just to be sure. If you do have a reaction to this product, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

As I stated before, this product is made for couples, but can be used in solo play. Be sure if you are using toys, that they are silicone compatible, at least for the woman's lube.
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Both products are semi-clear in appearance. They are also both odorless. They both do not have the tendency to run. For the most part, they look slightly clouded water, but do not behave like water. They are also thicker than water, but not by much. I can describe its texture and consistency as oil like, but has no tendency to spread out.

The man's product is completely smooth. It also has the tendency to stay that way, even after being rubbed. It eventually breaks into what I would describe as an oil feel. It does not evaporate fast and is not absorbed very well into the skin. The man's product also has a hint of peppermint taste to it. Beware when tasting. Use only a small amount, as it will give you a numb tongue if you taste too much. The peppermint taste is also not lasting.

The woman's does not have the tendency to be smooth. It has an oil feel to it right from the start. There is a lot less body to it, compared to the man's product. The woman's lube has no real taste to it.

Both products do not feel greasy or sticky. I would put it more towards the oil side of texture. With the woman's lube, even after wiping the product off, you can still feel the difference. It leaves your skin feeling like you just put baby oil on and it absorbed into you. The man's lube is water based, easy on, easy off. Just the way most men like it!
    • Smooth
    • Slick

Taste / Aroma

OK, there is no real smell to these products. The man's has a peppermint type taste(strong at first, but doesn't last) and the woman's doesn't really have a taste. That being said, I will talk about the ingredients:

The man's ingredients are: Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxym Ethyl Cellulose, Propylen Glycol, Benzocaine, Mentha Piperita, Peg8. and Water.

OK, most of us know that Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. That is where the prolonged ejaculation time comes from. Yes, if it's harder to stimulate, it will take longer to finish. Sodium Carboxym is a thickener. The Mentha Piperita gives it the peppermint type taste and also contains menthol(I believe this was added for the stimulated feeling and not for edible pleasure). Peg8 reduces the surface tension of the product. Parabens are just stabilizers and antifungal agents.

The woman's ingredients are: Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone, and Menthol.

Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclotetrasiloxane are both a form a silicone. Dimethiconol and Dimethicone are both types of silicone lubricants. Menthol is used as a local anesthetic.

So, to sum all that information up, the use of menthol and Benzocaine are to numb things up a bit and the Menthol gives the woman a suprisingly enhanced feeling. The woman's product is a silicone based lubricant, while the man's is water based.
    • Light taste
    • No smell
    • No taste


OK, this is going to be a two part section. I will start with the Man's product first.

The man's lubricant fulfilled the claims, at least in this reviewers eyes. The amount of Benzocaine must be wonderfully balanced. It was enough to desensitize the little guy and also gave him the cool sensation due to the menthol content. I was actually surprised that this was water based and not silicone based. It held its structure as a thicker lube for quite awhile. The only tell tale sign that it is water based was that it wiped right off without leaving any sort of residue or after effects. Benzocaine, is a chemical that can have allergic reactions. Do not use this product if you are allergic, and it's best to try a smaller then usual amount when first used, just to be on the safe side.

The woman's lube is a bit different. Going off of comments my wife has made, it did give the tingling, cooling effect to her clitoris. She will have her say in the experience section, so I don't want to go further. It's best you get first hand knowledge on it. I will say that the woman's had an almost oily type feel to it from the start. It had almost a grainy type feel to it as I rubbed the product between my fingers. I also noticed that clean-up wasn't quite as perfect as the man's lube. After wiping the product, it left your sin feeling smooth, as if you had just put on a lotion. Even after washing, there was that slight hint left behind. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that it is a poor feature to the product. It actually feels pretty good. I am only stating this in the fact of total removal, not the fact that it is bad.

There was no visible signs of the product, even after just being wiped off. The product did not become sticky with use and we did not find reapplication was needed. Afterall, the product was made to desensitize the little guy, not put him into a coma.
    • Long lasting
    • Not compatible with all materials
    • Allergy concerns


Both products come in a gray cardboard box. There is also a cardboard holder that they sit in. The cardboard box has the name of the product and its manufacture listed on the front. It has the symbol of a woman(ring with downward cross). It also states it is to enhance and stimulate in red lettering. It also shows the symbol for a man(ring with an arrow). In black lettering it says it's to prolong and excite. It laists the ingredients on the bottom.

The directions are listed on the back. It says to apply a small amount to the genital region. It says that you can apply to both sides of a condom. It also says not to use if irritation or discomfort occurs and consult a doctor. It also states to keep out of reach of children.

The men's bottle is gray in color and the woman's is red. Each bottle contains 2 fluid ounces. The bottles have a pump at the top for dispensing the product. There is also a clear plastic cap which protects the pump. The bottle is like any kind of spray for the mouth, or also perfume spray.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

The man's product is basically a water based lube. It has the additional properties that desensitize the male penis leading to a longer time in order to climax. There is also a taste of peppermint. That is the only way I can describe it. It's a hint, but the zing is what I noticed most. I do not believe it was added for the taste. Peppermint contains menthol, which of coarse we all know how that is stimulating on its own.

The female product does add some different sensations due to the Menthol. It is also silicone based, so a little goes a long way. It does not dry as fast as waterbased lubricants, so making the woman's out of silicone was a great idea. If you prolong the time for a man to ejaculate, you want a lube that can keep up.

The products main statement is that it makes the love session last longer. It passes, at least in my book. Both products create a wonderful cooling, tingling sensation, especially when gently rubbed into the skin.
    • Cooling
    • Tingling

Personal comments

OK, the woman's lube is the first silicone lube that my wife and I have tried. We won't be using toys with this product, except for a ring or two(it would be worth the risk to cheaper cock rings), but you can. Just be sure they are silicone compatible.

This product actually delivered what it promised. It made the little guy work a lot harder to finish the job. It also gave a cool, tingling sensation to both of us. Now, I can see that this product could be used for anal, and possible oral sex. Although that was not its intended purpose, it should work fine for both.

Benzocaine can also work for those women who have a gag reflex during oral. Just be certain you do not use too much of the product and you have no allergies to it. Start out with caution, until you are familiar with it. I would also recommend to try it several hours after a meal. Topical products can contain up to 20%, putting the gag reflex totally out of the picture, which could lead to stomach contents going where they are not suppose to. A little common sense can go a long way into the pleasure side of things!

I was quite surprised to find out which of the two products had a silicone base. Applying the product to my penis and the other to my wife's clitoris, and then rubbing, I had it backwards in my mind. I had it wrong even in the finger test, until I went to clean off.

All in all, this one delivered. It made me last longer and the nice thing was, we didn't have to stop and reapply. Now, in my personal search for the ultimate cock ring, I have a product that I can use with it to fulfill the part of lasting longer. It doesn't give that strong numb feeling, but it sure slows things down a bit. Personally, I would say, double our usual love making time. That's amazing, considering how my wife gets the little guy too excited.


The System JO 2 to Tango pack was a product far from the norm for us and an interesting concept. Personally, I have wanted to stay away from silicone lubricants, but I was willing to give it a chance. From the start I could tell it was different, when first applied it has a firmer feeling to it. It is also seems "silkier" than any water based lubricants I have tried. The fact that it is not water based means that this did not absorb into the skin, reapplication was never an issue. I liked some of the features of the "females" part of the lubricating duo. I liked how a little goes a long way, leaving no interruptions while we are playing. There also was also a "tingle" feeling that occurred. I cannot explain this well as it is not really a tingle, it is neither warm or cool. It was more like a feeling that was more enhanced, more of the feeling of being aroused more than normal.

I enjoyed the increased arousal that this lubrication was able to produce, without having that "jolt" of coolness or warmth. I also liked that it never produced a sticky feeling. It was harder to clean up, but it did not give you the feeling that this had to be done immediately after the nights events. I still had the feeling that I had missed some areas, well into the next day. It was not an "icky" feeling, but more like a petroleum jelly after you try and wipe it all off your skin.

I did not notice any prolonged delay, with my husband. As his "Male lubricant" was supposed to produce that result. I was still envious that clean up of the male part of this product was easier in clean up.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to spice things up in the couples arena. And to those looking for a long lasting lubricant. This can be used by both couples and for individual playtimes.
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