Cascade jelly enhancer - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by Firemeup

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Because sex wasn't fun enough already...

Totally worth it. It's shaped to send vibrations to exactly the right places, and the bullet combination can be adjusted to give just the right sensations.
Intense vibrations that go straight to your hot spots.
The wires are a bit much to manage, and the bullets can be hard to control.
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The Cascade Jelly Enhancer|Cascade jelly enhancer was a lot of fun! It did everything I was hoping and then some.

When it arrived, I was amused to find that the Cascade Jelly Enhancer actually comes with instructions. Most toys don't, even when they really should. But as it happens the toy is pretty straightforward: the jelly ring (which is a very bright pink/orange color) and two bullets. The loop that holds the top bullet has a bit that sticks out, to reach the clit, and the bottom loop has some ridges designed to give some anal stimulation. The bullets themselves are typical cheap bullets. They're powerful and reasonably easy to use, although the speed control dial is a bit hard to turn in the heat of the moment. The bullets are a tight fit in the jelly loop, but once we applied a little bit of lube we got them in place.

First we tried it in woman-on-top. It was fantastic. I could feel his penis vibrating all the way down, and at the bottom is was like lowering myself onto a vibrating platform that hit every point I wanted stimulated. The anal loop was perfectly positioned, and I could press into the clitoral stimulator as much or as little as I wanted. I rarely come when I'm on top, but this allowed me to reach orgasm easily. My husband commented afterwards that he was surprised at how well the cock ring worked to help him last, though it did make it harder to orgasm when he wanted to. (He said the vibration was pretty neutral, but he's never been a big fan of vibration anyway.)

Later we tried it in missionary. This wasn't as good – the bullet was wide enough that the jelly pressed hard against my clit, and it wasn't very comfortable. After a little experimenting, we took that bullet out, and then it worked perfectly. The vibration of the bottom bullet was transferred through the jelly to gently stimulate my clit, and I could rock against the empty loop, or reach down and move it back and forth for additional stimulation.

The bullets were sometimes pretty noisy, though it was hard to tell if we were doing something to cause the noise. Putting on loud music helped a lot. The jelly was fairly easy to clean, though of course jelly is porous and cannot be sterilized. I don't think it would be possible to cover this toy for higher safety, either.

All in all, the Cascade Jelly Enhancer is an excellent choice for amping up your sex life. It sends vibrations everywhere you want them.
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  • Nice review! From the pic, I can't really tell which end is for the clit and which is for the anus- they both look just a little textured. How long are the cords to the battery packs, and how much did they get in the way?
  • Firemeup
    Thanks! In the pic, the end on the left is meant for the clit - you can kinda tell that it sticks out a little further, but the difference isn't a big one. The wires are 26" long (I just measured them) and they're not bad. You have to be aware of them, of course, but they're the right length to be manageable. I think my husband found them irritating, but that's because with an ordinary bullet I manage the controller, and with this he actually had to do something.
  • Nashville
    Is this bulky? Heavy with dual vibes? I'm not sure if I'd go for it seeing as it's jelly which is HIGHLY porous and that you can't cover it with a condom..
  • It didn't strike either of us as particularly heavy or bulky, though of course the wires are a little awkward. The porousness is a much bigger concern.
  • helenamontoya18
    this toy is not bad for the price.
    but there r better ones out there
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Mr. Poopy Pants
    Thanks for the review!
  • spineyogurt
    Thanks for the review.
  • Undead
    Great review. I don't think I could deal with the two remotes.
  • LavenderSkies
    Great review,thanks!
  • Anne
    great review
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