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While the item seems fairly cheap, it is a good toy to have fun with in bed, and the bullets have very strong vibrations which provide a lot of fun.
Very good vibrations.
The battery pack seems very cheap.
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I really liked the power of the toy and the vibrations were very strong. When I first got it out of the packaging, the bullets looked pretty large and bulky; but that didn't seem to be much of a problem in bed when in use. Seeing as I had a problem with the toy when I first got it, had to get a new one, and then didn't get another chance to see my boyfriend after I received it, we only used it in one position.

The first time we used the toy, we decided to use it in missionary style, with me on top of my boyfriend. That way I could ride his penis so that he gets pleasure, and also I wouldn't have him trying to thrust into me with the bullet going right into my clitoris (again, we haven't yet had a chance to try it, but it seems like that would be a good idea as to what would happen).

In any case, the way I DID try it worked really well in that I could grind on my boyfriend's penis, and then push up against the bullet as well, for stimulation on my clitoris. It felt so good that it was hard to keep me from increasing the vibration on the bullet, but I knew if I did that, I would orgasm very soon.

So if you are one that can take a lot of orgasms, definitely use this toy and set it on the highest speed. When I did that, and held my clitoris against it, I orgasmed very soon. I didn't find much use for the back bullet, because my boyfriend isn't into vibration on his testicles too much. Even if I were to lean back, the bullet wouldn't be able to stimulate me anally at all.

When I first got it out of the packaging it smelled very strongly of plastic, and even after I washed it, it still smelled very pungent. The bullets were also quite annoying to get into the dolphin. The dolphin's material doesn't stretch that much, especially at the head, so make sure that you have it all ready to go before getting intimate.

The battery pack seems very cheap, but it does produce very good vibrations that really made me go crazy. My boyfriend liked it because he saw me really getting into it, and grinding all around on top of him, as the front bullet was on my clitoris. He thrusted beneath me to add to the whole experience.

I have also used the bullets when just masturbating, and that works well too. I put one on my clitoris and the other just barely inside my vagina. I'm not sure how waterproof the bullets are, and since they are meant for not going inside a vagina, I made sure to keep it from going too far in at all.
When I first received the toy, I was really excited to use it that night as I had also ordered some other things as well. However, the battery pack was practically falling apart in my hands. I could only put 2 of the 3 batteries in, because the 3rd battery was nowhere close to fitting since the little spring that goes at the negative end was missing. On top of that, the other two batteries barely stayed in. It still worked with only the 2 batteries.

I had figured out that if it had 1 battery in, then the bullets only went to the lowest setting of vibration. If there were 2 batteries in, then the bullets could go to the medium setting of vibration. Although I was able to use it with just the 2 batteries, I am familiar with wiring enough to know that it isn't a very good set-up to have it like that. It wears out the first battery faster, then you end up changing all batteries just because the one is worn out. It’s a cheap way for the manufacturer to save a couple cents by not wanting to put in a variable resistor to make it evenly distributed among the 3 batteries. But even aside from that, the case was very cheap plastic.

When my boyfriend and I were trying to just use the medium setting, with the 2 batteries we could put in the battery pack, we had to be very careful with the pack; so as not to move it much. The batteries moved out of place easily, and then the vibration would stop, and we'd have to open the battery pack up and fix it.

I requested a replacement toy. I first had to wait about a week, to receive the return label that they had to send to me. They wanted my credit card information, which I instead gave my phone number and directed them to call me if they actually DID need my credit card for a simple exchange.

When I finally got my toy I could no longer try it with my boyfriend, because we met in college and we are on summer break. However, I did put the batteries in, and tried it out. They all fit, were in even more securely, and didn't fall out as easily as the last one. The pack still seems very cheap, but at least I don't think I have to worry about the batteries falling out when I'm using it
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