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Get Triple Stimulated!

Overall this is a well fairly well thought out toy. At least in theory. I do like it even if it is jelly and even if the bullet sounds like a small lawnmower. The size is good for those who want to have something in both holes without being overwhelmed by size, and the bullet is pretty much guaranteed to reach your clit. It is a bit pricey for jelly, but if you use a condom, it should make it last a bit longer.
Flexible spine lets you change angles, Great beginner size
Jelly, Bullet is loud and buzzy, Spine doesn't hold more than a weak curve
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The most obvious use for this whole getup here is to aid in a double penetration scenario. It's most easily strapped onto a real penis, but barring any material compatibility issues you should be able to attach it to a dildo in a harness as well, provided that dildo is secured in place well enough. The small size of the insertable portion makes it a great start to anal play in general, and the large bullet is sure to reach a majority of clits.

Material / Texture

The insertable portion of this is made of the dreaded Jelly, or PVC. Out of the box, mine smelled like a pool toy, and the scent hasn't decreased much after a few washings. I wouldn't necessarily describe the texture as sticky, but there's definitely a lot of drag to it and it'll pick up its fair share of lint and other fuzzies. All of the jelly parts are firm, but stretchy (where needed), and smooth.

The bullet, the control pack,l and the spine of the dong are all made of plastic. The bullet is coated in a metallic paint that will scrape off if you try to get it off, but otherwise should last a fair while.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There are three main purposes to this whole ensemble; to provide clitoral stimulation, to act as a cock ring, and to provide anal stimulation. If you were to stand this up on the base, you'd find that the probe is about 6" tall with only 5 1/4" being instertable. It's about 4" around and features a plastic spine of sorts that in theory lets you position the probe in just about any position you may want. Some of them are more of a "put it in that position because you can not because it'll do anything," and it'll hold most gentle curves, but nothing dramatic.

That makes up the lower potion of the cock ring, and would end up sitting against the balls. The ring portion is about 1 1/8" diameter unstretched, and stretches up to about 1 3/4" across in a manner that won't cut off too much circulation. Any bigger than that and you may run into trouble. The ring portion itself is also pretty thick, about 1/2" thick, and that helps with the whole restricting of blood flow to make the man last longer.

A ridge comes out of the top perpendicular to the ring and that houses the oversized bullet. Really. It's almost 3" around and 2 1/4" long. The bullet is attached to a easy to palm control pack by a 31" long cord.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The control pack takes 2 AA batteries and can be controlled with a scrolling wheel up towards the top. It works on a low to high scale with the lowest being reasonably strong and reasonably quiet (can't hear through covers at all) to clit numbing and sounding like a small lawn mower nestled between the two of you. The vibrations are definitely on the buzzy side, although they should be effective for most people.

The cock ring functions better than most for my husband, although if you're on the larger side of average and up it may be too tight for you. Do your best not to keep it on any longer than 30 minutes, as this could cause blood flow issues in general and also make sure that if you're using a condom that the condom goes on after the ring, since the ring holding the condom in place can cause it to break.

The probe can be kind of a pain in the butt, almost literally! I had a hard time inserting it at first, although the condom I was using might not have helped much either. Once I did get it inserted, I had a hard time feeling like it was secure and not about to pop out. Once I got everything all settled it seemed to work better as a plug than a probe so I chose to stay on top while using this one. If you like thrusting anally, I'd add a bit more lube and have at it.

Care and Maintenance

Jelly is a notoriously unsafe material to play with. Since this is meant for anal use, I'd use a condom with it every single time, especially if you ever plan to also use it vaginally. After you're all done, take off the condom and wash it with warm soapy water. Make sure that you remove the bullet first, since it's nowhere near waterproof looking where the cord meets the bullet. You should just be able to wipe the bullet off with a damp washcloth or toy wipe.

Store this somewhere cool, dry, and away from other toys. Even in a plastic bag, you may find that this melts over time. If it starts to change color and cloud or changes shape, it's time to ditch it.


Far from discreet and just the slightest bit tacky, the packaging is covered with illustrations of the product and all the different positions it can theoretically assume. It shares the material and has a few other blurbs about the toy.

Inside, the ring/probe concoction come in a single plastic bag, and then the bullet and control pack come in another. You can keep the probe inside the plastic bag it came in if you want, so that way if it does start to deteriorate it doesn't take anything else out with it.


The very first time I pulled this out, I laughed, because it smelled like a pool toy. I found that it was hard to insert and get it to stay in, but once I got it in more, it worked well. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, and I'd happily buy a 2.0 version that was the same or similar design but with a few improvements. I don't mind using a condom with this every time we use it because honestly, it isn't something that's going to get used terribly often, but I still like having it around and having the experience of it. If you don't mind the louder vibrations (we masked ours by turning up the TV and hiding under the covers) and the fact that it's jelly, I would recommend it.
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