Basic essentials butterfly enhancer - vibrating penis ring by Cal Exotics - review by Pleasureman

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Great Ring for a Quickie

The Basic Essentials Butterfly Enhancer does just what it is supposed to do, it enhances erections and her pleasure. With a large, soft, clit stimulator the cock ring does two jobs in one. Many women complain that the clit stimulators simply don't reach the right areas. With this toy, the majority of women should be able to find a nice fit.
Soft, large clit stimulator, strong vibes.
Short battery life.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


All right, now I know what you're thinking, "a cock ring for a quickie?" Cock rings are supposed to keep you going longer, and this does the trick, but the vibrations do not last longer than 10 minutes, so as a kindness to my partner, I use this toy for quickies only. I find that the vibrations help both myself and her gain intense sensations in a short period of time. I, myself love quickies, but my girlfriend is not to thrilled with them. Let's face it, many women just can't achieve an orgasm in a short period of time. So, to solve the problem, I use the Basic Essentials Butterfly Enhancer to stimulate my girlfriends clit and the inside of her vagina. So, for those of you who want a toy which will provide hours of stimulation, this is not the choice, but for those of you who want a good toy to spice up quick sessions, this is a perfect fit. The cock ring is soft, comfortable, and straight forward, therefor it is perfect for beginners and advanced users.
    • Couple foreplay/after climax play
    • Fast session/quickie

Material / Texture

This cock ring is constructed out of durable, smooth, TPR material. Along the middle of the cock ring runs a single seam, which is detectable to the eye but not the skin. The result, a seamless feel. The material itself is smooth but sticky. While a cock ring that is a little sticky might sound undesirable, keep in mind that you don't want it to slip during play. The slight amount of friction between the ring and the skin keeps the ring in place comfortably. The Ring has very little smell and no taste at all. Hence, if you need it as an aid for an erection, it is usable for oral sex.

Now, let's talk about stretchability. Unstreched the ring has a girth of 3/4 of an inch. Most men will be well beyond this girth. The max girth this ring can fit is 2 1/4 inches. This means that this ring will fit small to large size men, which is perfect. No trying to figure out if you're the right size with this ring.

Compatible lubes include only silicone and water based lubes. TPR is not compatible with oil based lubes.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The ring itself is your everyday cock ring. The single loop contains three openings which serve as pressure reducers to the toy. The top of the ring boasts a sleeve for a very small bullet and a soft butterfly complete with wiggling antennas. According to my girlfriend, the real joy with this toy lays in the antennas themselves. When I would thrust the antennas went up under the hood of her clitoris and gave her direct stimulation. This is something she enjoys and something we are always striving for. It's also a feature I have yet to see with other cock rings.

I use this toy primarily on the shaft of my penis because I'm striving for extra stimulation for my girlfriend. I have found, that with me, I can get better performance from clit stimulating cock rings if I wear them around the shaft of my penis. Now, I'm not the most agile person in the world, and I have fumbled with my share of cock rings in the past, but this was pretty easy to get on. With a little lube, I was able to slip it right onto my shaft. The fit was comfortable and did not pinch. I also tried it as a cock and balls ring. It took a little more time to get my balls through the loop but it wasn't difficult. I found the extreme flexibility of the material to aid me in placing my testicles through. The ring fit snuggly and was comfortable. While I did notice that it was sticky it didn't impede any pleasure or cause discomfort. This ring should fit most people when used both as a shaft ring or a cock and balls ring.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrating unit of this toy is a very small bullet which looks like a tin can. Batteries are placed inside a flap at the side of the bullet while the controls sit at the top. Unlike my other bullets, which are primarily controlled with push buttons, dials, or pressure, this bullet is controlled with a tiny flip switch. Since the switch is so small, it might not be suitable for those with arthritis or other types of hand trouble. The bullet slides snuggly into a sleeve on the top of the cock ring. Once inside the sleeve, the bullet provides strong vibrations to both the ring and the clitoral stimulator. The only real problem I had with the controls was the fact that I accidentally shut the unit off a few times. The switch is very lose and will move at the slightest touch. Battery life is another issue. The unit comes with two sets of batteries. The first set lasted me only 10 minutes. The second set isn't doing much better. I don't know if this is due to a power hungry vibe or a set of weak batteries. That will be something I will find out with time.

Care and Maintenance

This cock ring should be washed before and after each use. Always use soap and water or a toy cleaner. Also, make sure to remove the bullet before placing the ring under running water. The bullet is not waterproof and should never be exposed to water. With this toy, it is important to stretch out the three pressure holes on the ring and wash them. If you don't they could harbor bacteria. Always make sure to wash the inside of the bullet sleeve as well. Once washed, dry with a towel and place the bullet back inside the sleeve. If you need to wash the bullet, wipe the outside with a damp cloth. Finally, store in a toy chest, drawer, closet, wherever you want. This toy is soft and not easy to break.


The toy arrived from Eden in a small, plastic, clam shell container. On the back of the package was a picture of the unit and a blurb mentioning the super stretchy material and vibrating bullet. That was it. There were no instructions on placement or battery installation. There was; however instructions regarding cleaning. In very tiny print, I could make out instructions requesting cleaning before and after each use and the use of only water based lubes.

Personal comments

It's important to remember that this is really a toy to enhance erections. It will not create erections. Cock rings work by creating pressure and making it more difficult for blood to flow out of the penis. Thus, the penis maintains an erection longer. For those of you out there who feel they could use harder or longer erections, this may be the answer. For the rest of you, who want a little more fun in the bedroom, give it a try.


I had gotten this product as part of Eden's free sponsored review program. My girlfriend and I are always eager to try out my new toys so we didn't waste any time. Once I had the ring on I turned on the vibes and was amazed that the vibrations carried through my entire penis. Normally, I feel that I have to use a penis sleeve to obtain that type of effect. My girlfriend and I tried three different positions, missionary with her on the bottom, spoons with the two of us facing one another, and finally cowgirl with her facing me. The clit stimulator reached my girlfriend's clit in all positions but she most enjoyed spoons, which I found interesting. Normally, she complains that spoons takes away from her stimulation, but with this ring, the comfortable side to side position works wonderfully. Unfortunately, the first set of batteries died before we were finished and I had to stop and replace them. Once we were back in action, I realized that I had put the ring on backwards. The butterfly antennas were facing away from my girlfriend's clit. She commented that the vibrating wings provided a broader form of stimulation and for prolonged use she actually preferred it that way. I was worried that the batteries would go out before my girlfriend came but they lasted throughout both of our orgasms. What I have learned is that this toy is best suited for a quickie session.
Follow-up commentary
It's still a battery eater and I only go to it when I want a quickie so its use hasn't changed. That being said, the only sign of wear and tear are on the antennas. They've become a little warped over time and lean to the left. Even so, they still work fine, but look a little odd.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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