Nick Manning's masturstroke masturbation kit - penis pump by Cal Exotics - review by B8trDude

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I can stroke it BETTER than a pro!

The MasturStroke claims to help you "beat the meat with the best of 'em." Although that is certainly hyperbole, it provides a relatively inexpensive way for beginners to try a penis pump with a few extras. Just be aware that the quality is only so-so.
Overall, this is an inexpensive “masturbation kit” for beginners wishing to try a penis pump.
Not particularly effective and rather poor quality.
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Nick Manning's MasturStroke Masturbation Kit contains the first penis pump I have used. When the package arrived, I immediately opened it in anticipation of what I wanted to do but, alas, I didn't have time as I was just running out the door. So, I walked around with a woody all day thinking about what fun was in store for me. By the time I returned home, the pump was primed for some fun (I’m not referring to the one that I had just received a few hours earlier) and I was ready to sit down and relax.

After getting comfortable (okay, I got naked), I looked for the instructions: none were found inside the box but the following were printed in bold on the outside:

“Lube it! Pump it! Jerk it off! Now you can beat the meat like the best of ‘em with the MasturStroke.

“This kit comes ready to use and perfect for getting wood and shooting your load.
Stroke it like a pro!”

So far, sounds GREAT! As I didn’t want to miss out on even the slightest bit of fun, I also read the end panel (on the bottom) – you know, that’s where the fine print is located. Interestingly, that included several warnings (these are not verbatim but have been slighted altered for brevity in this review):

“Consult a doctor if there are any complications discontinue if pain occurs, use the least amount of suction needed to obtain an erection, the pump may bruise or rupture blood vessels . . . within the deep structure of the penis resulting in hemorrhage and/or a hematoma, and misuse of the pump could result in serious permanent injury to the penis.”

Ouch! By now I was at half-mast but heck, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, not wanting to permanently damage my manhood, I followed the instructions explicitly; again, “Lube it! Pump it! Jerk it off!” Well, at least that’s what I intended to do. I opened the lube and noticed right away that it was very runny. Nevertheless, I greased up the pole and enjoyed the sensations. Next, I lubed one of the cock rings (no, I didn't use all three at the same time!) which I placed around my manhood, and finally prepared the penis pump (it needed a lot).

At this point, I was ready to begin the conquest of the MasturStroke even though I had to acknowledge that I was just a neophyte penis pumper. With all due humility, I do want to mention that I’m only a neophyte in the sense that I haven’t used a “high tech” pumper before – I’ve always considered myself to be rather adept at manual labor. Although some have contended that penis pumps will both lengthen your tool and add to its girth, I wasn’t expecting either to occur – I was just ready for some fun.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Masturbation
    • Jacking off
    • Penis pumping
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    • Anyplace you can masturbate
    • Home
    • In bed
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    • Cock rings
    • Penis pump
    • Penis sleeve

Material / Texture

The MasturStroke Masturbation Kit contains four separate items – most of which can be used together; these will be reviewed in the order of their first use.

Water-based personal lubricant (1/4 ounce) – this is, obviously, just a sample pack and more will be needed for continued use of the kit. The first few ingredients include: water, glycerin, Peg-8, and Aloe Vera extract. Note: glycerin may promote vaginal yeast infections so if you’re going to be placing your dick in her after pumping, you may want to consider a different water-based lube. It didn’t have a smell but it did have a slight sweet/salty taste (Can’t believe I did the taste test)! Personally, it was far too watery for me and just made a mess. It also seemed to get dry and sticky right away.

Cock rings – All three of the cock rings are constructed from clear TPR silicone. As a result they were rather stretchy and do not have either a smell or a taste. It is important to clean these with warm water and an antibacterial soap between uses.

Penis pump - the main tube is made from plastic that is a phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, food-grade material. The one I received is a clear red color and has a rubber pump bulb and tube attached to the top. The base of the tube has a thin malleable rubber seal that extends into the pump (this has to be inverted to clean). The penis is inserted into this rubber membrane (nice word!) prior to pumping. There was no smell or taste to the penis pump unit except that the bottom seal did have a slight rubbery odor.

Detailed Senso® Pussy – This penis sleeve is made from “jelly” (poly vinyl chloride). Jelly toys are very porous, cannot be sterilized well, and they also cannot be shared. It is VERY squishy and has a sticky feel to it. There is a slight rubbery-like smell to it and no taste.
    • Smooth
    • Sticky

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Cock rings – Three sizes are provided. All three are rather small and, even though they stretch, only the largest of the three will fit around both your nuts and your dick. These should be lubed up first before putting them on. I suspect that these may be too small for men who require “big and tall” sizes.

Penis pump – The length of the plastic tube is approximately nine inches. While I would certainly be thrilled to need an extra-large, the length did not present me with any problems. Men built like a horse may need something larger. In reading other reviews, it is sometimes mentioned when a pump does not have a safety release value - one certainly would not want to have to visit the emergency room wearing one a penis pump because it's stuck on. If one follows the instructions - pump only until an erection is achieved, there should be no problem. As far as the MasturStroke is concerned, I don't believe that this is a problem as one needs to use a fair amount of lube just to create a seal, unless one makes an effort to prevent air from leaking out, it will probable suction on its own. Even if it did not leak, I had no difficultly sliding a finger up the sleeve to help “Free Willy” (I did this as a test) in the event of an emergency. Again, it is IMPORTANT to not pump too much as accidents can (and will) happen. Play safe, not sorry!

Detailed Senso® Pussy – of the four items in the “Masturbation Kit,” this was the most disappointing. This penis sleeve is very small (approximately 3 inches in length). It has a vulva-like opening on one end (with a very small orifice) and a much larger opening at the other. The outside of the tube is smooth and the interior is ribbed. Personally, the ribs made no difference in sensation. The penis sleeve was so squishy that one might as well hump a bowl of real jello.
    • Beginner
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

The cock rings and the penis pump are easily cleaned with antibacterial soap but the penis pump isn’t the easiest thing to clean (especially if you blow your load in it) as the rubber seal on the bottom isn’t removable. In order to clean the tube, it's necessary to run warm water into the tube and also invert the rubber seal (so that it sticks out of the tube, rather than it's normal position inside the tube). This is a bit tricky and care must be taken so as to not damage (e.g., tear) the rubber. The penis sleeve can only be washed in warm water and mild soap.
    • Moderately easy to clean


There is nothing discreet about the packaging of the MasturStroke. If there is a need to be discreet, the first order of business would be to get rid of the box and find another container to put the MasturStroke in! The box contains photos of a naked Nick Manning: his manhood is obstructed by photos of the enclosed products - the penis pump, three cock rings, and the “Detailed Senso® pussy” appear on four sides. Written descriptors of the contents are clearly displayed and note that this “masturbation kit” contains an “erection pump, jerk off sleeve, silicone (cock) rings in assorted sizes, and free lube.” I rather doubt this is something you want to leave on your coffee table when you invite the neighbors over for a cup of tea!

Upon opening the box, the contents are individually wrapped in clear plastic: as each is removed, it is revealed that the assembly of this “masturbation kit” was an international endeavor – truly a multicultural marvel! The penis pump is labeled “made in China,” the cock rings are “made in Taiwan,” and the lube was “made in the USA.” The only country of origin that remains a mystery is the one for the “Detailed Senso® Pussy” as it was not labeled. Just for fun, I imagined that it was made by a naked, bronzed, and voluptuous Tahitian babe! Now that really gave me a thrill!
    • Intended use is very evident
    • Not discreet


The overall performance of the MasturStroke Masturbation Kit is as intended: the lube is okay, the cock rings work, and the penis pump does what it’s supposed to do. It is also possible to masturbate with the Senso® Pussy. Unfortunately, my overall experience was just okay – I didn’t see fireworks and even my canon didn’t fire. I found the lube (which was really nothing more than a small sample) to be far too runny and it gummed up right away, the cock rings were fine, and the penis pump was surprisingly disappointing. It felt great to trust my manhood into it, give a few pumps and just enjoy watch it and feeling the suction. Of course, it was also fun to watch my member grow while pumping. Yes, there seems to be a slight increase in both size and girth but those results are only fleeting. Again, don't overdo it or you'll damage your manhood! I spent most of my time savoring the sensations but they were not earth shattering (or ball busting). One of the problems is that it did require a lot of lube (the sample was used up very quickly) and things were rather messy (from the lube).

Most disappointing of all was the "Detailed Senso® Pussy." By the time I was ready to play, things were a sticky mess from the amount of lube needed for the pump. In addition, extra lube had to be used to begin playing with the penis sleeve, not to mention that the masturbator was extra slimey and gooey from the lube. I ended up opening the hole to slide my manhood in and hoped that the internal ribs would make the whole process worthwhile: that was not the case as it barely tickled my boner. Once inside, it was then a chore to beat off – it was like being surrounded with slime. I think that a masturbation sleeve made from gummy bears might be more stimulating. (Hmmm…is that a product idea?) I will say that after lubing up some more, it was kind of fun watching my head pop through the top of the Senso® Pussy. While futile, it was also interesting to play "can I really feel those internal pussy ribs on my shaft" (really couldn’t but at least it was fun to try).
    • Gooey
    • Messy
    • Okay
Follow-up commentary
This is a difficult product to follow-up on. Overall, it's just okay - nothing great but not horrible either. Just the same, I'm finding that I'm using it less and less as it just doesn't do a whole lot for me. I've since tried another penis pump that worked great for a short period of time before it finally broke; that one certainly made me larger than the Masturstroke and, because of that one, I'd like to try other pumps. I will say that I'm somewhat surprised that this one has held up as well as it has - the suction isn't great, the penis sleeve remains useless (although wearing it during use can sometimes help create a better seal), and the cock rings are fine.

As I've already said, this pump is just okay - I wish there was a luke-warm follow-up option to select from but, as the only options are "still like it" and "don't like it anymore," I'll have to go with the latter one.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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