Rock hard pump kit - sex toy for men by Cal Exotics - review by NY Toyfan

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It May Not Make you Bigger, But it Will Get You Off.

For many, the draw of a penis pump is that it expands the size of your penis, although the effect is just temporary. However, a pump also works well for getting off. By going easy on the pressure and enjoying the friction of sliding your penis in and out of the cylinder, you can have a more realistic feeling than you get with many masturbation sleeves. It will be easy to imagine your pump is giving you a good and loud blowjob.
Nice realistic blowjob sensation and very hot to admire your penis through clear cylinder.
Overdoing it with pumping can be extremely dangerous. Suction sounds are loud.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Rock Hard pump kit is a complete male masturbation package. It comes with: (1) a penis pump, (2) a cock ring with snaps and an attached ball separator; and (3) an 4.5" long and .75" wide anal probe. To use the penis pump you insert your penis into the 8 3/4" long clear cylinder. Attached to the other end of the cylinder is a manual pump that you press to pull the air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum. The pump has a release valve that you press to allow air back into the cylinder it if it gets too tight. The more air you pump out, the tighter the fit and the more your penis expands to fill the void created by the vacuum. Your penis will definitely be larger than you have ever seen it, but that is just a temporary effect created by the vacuum. You can also use it as a penis sleeve and enjoy the friction of sliding your penis in and out of the cylinder. The cock ring and the probe are nice extras to enhance the experience.

WARNING- You must be careful not to pump too much or for too long. You can do SERIOUS DAMAGE to your penis that way. If it starts to hurt when you pump, stop. Also do not use the pump for more than 30 minutes.

Material / Texture

The cylinder for the pump is clear plastic. However, the opening where you insert your penis has a TPR covering. TPR is a soft semi-porous synthetic that is like a cross between cyberskin and silicone. It forms a tight seal around your shaft, allowing the vacuum to work if you are pumping. That opening also provides the main friction point if you are using it as a sleeve. It keeps its shape, but is nice and tight, so it gives a very nice feeling as your penis slides past it. The pumping mechanism is rubber. There is no noticeable odor. Overall, with the TPR opening on the cylinder, the smooth silicone of the anal probe and the snaps on the cockring, the set is inviting for beginners as well as more advanced users.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design is fairly standard. The cylinder is 2" thick, so unless you have a penis that is beer-can thick, it will accommodate you. Increased pumping will make you expand to fill the space in the cylinder, but it also creates a lot of suction that will start to hurt if you pump too much. Since you don't want to pump to the point of hurting yourself, for regular and safe use, you will feel that you have enough space. It is also very hot to look at your expanded penis through the clear cylinder. The extras - the cock ring and the probe - are great for beginners, but the probe in particular is too small and thin to satisfy more advanced users. But, since those are just an added bonus anyway, I wouldn't get too worked up about it. Is the pump discreet? I would say yes, except if it is being seen by anyone who knows what a penis pump is. In that case, expect a knowing look or wink.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

With the TPR opening, the pump does form a tight seal around your penis and the mechanism does a good job of pulling the air out of the cylinder. The release valve works well and immediately allows air back into the cylinder to loosen the fit. To my surprise, this was the loudest non-vibrating toy I have ever used. Not only is it the pumping and valve-releasing that make noise, but using it as a sleeve, you get very loud suction sounds because of the limited air in the cylinder. Do not use this any place where you need to be quiet. The sucking sound is louder than the loudest slurpiest blowjob. However, like a good loud slurpy blowjob, the feel from using this pump as a sleeve is amazing and surprisingly realistic.

Care and Maintenance

The pump is easy to care for. You can wash the cylinder out with water. It's fine to cum inside of the cylinder because everything just washes out when you clean it. You might get lube on the rubber pumping mechanism, but that can be wiped off or washed with soap and water as well. The silicone probe can also be cleaned with soap and water. You should use lube with the pump. If you want a tighter seal, use less. Use more lube if you want to enjoy it more as a sleeve. You should store it away from sunlight and dust.


The kit comes in a fairly standard box that probably takes up more space than you would want to use to store the toy. This is one instance where I was actually looking for instructions, but there were none. However, there is a warning on the box that tells you not to overdo it. Pumping too much will damage the blood vessels in your penis (the very same vessels that allow for that erection that you are so proud of). It also has disclaimers that the pump is a novelty toy and does not cure various ailments.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

Before trying this out, I thought the only reason you would use a penis pump is because you want to try to gain some extra length. Of course, if it doesn't come from your genes, only a good surgeon can give you extra length. However, using the pump as a sleeve with suction was amazing. I pumped three or four times and then hit the release valve, and kept alternating like that. That way you can enjoy the feeling of the suction without creating so much pressure that it starts to get really tight. Pressing the head of the penis back and forth past the opening gave a very realistic feeling that brought me to a very satisfying orgasm.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    Great review! My husband also uses a pump to increase his girth. I laughed when I read the part where you mentioned its discreet looks -- it looks somewhat like a bicycle tire pump to me -- but that you would get a knowing wink from someone "in the know."
  • B8trDude
    Great review! I just tried a penis pump for the first time and, like you, enjoy pumping it a few times, letting the suction go away and then pumping again.
  • Ladygaga
    wonderful review!
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