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I believe this is an inferior product and that anyone who is thinking about purchasing this product should just keep looking. Please don't be taken in by this if you are new to pumps and are looking for one that is cheap. Spend the extra money, this is definitely a time when you get what you pay for.
Nice picture of Julia Ann on the cylinder, nice size to the cylinder, very nice grip on the bulb.
Broke within 10 minutes of opening, hard to use a penis pump that continuously looses suction.
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Let me start out by telling you how excited I was to receive this product as a review item. While at work I tracked the item on the USPS website with eager anticipation. So, when I saw that the item had been delivered to my doorstep I quickly wrapped up what I was doing at the office and hurried home. My wife hadn't made it home yet so I figured I would have the opportunity to play alone. This was going to be my first time using a penis pump and so I was excited from the thought of using it which really defeated the purpose of using it.

So, when I got home I had to calm my raging hard-on before I could use it. I slowly opened the package, which was somewhat larger than I thought it was going to be, and revealed the 10 in. cylinder with the stunning picture of Julia Ann spread eagle on the side. I couldn't wait to slide it onto my cock before it started to get hard again so I quickly squirted on some lube and placed the cylinder over my soft penis. I then gave it a squeeze and watched as it made a good suction to my pelvis, so I squeezed again, and again. With each squeeze the black rubber part inside the cylinder became tighter around my growing erection; finally, I pressed through the rubber which acts as a makeshift cock-ring. This is where the fun stopped.

The opening was way too small for my now-hard penis. I'm not the biggest man around but I do have some length and girth to me. So I let off pressure as the material inside the penis pump was cutting into my hard cock. This relieved some of the discomfort, but not all of it. I took the pump off and restarted, trying not to pump it up so much in case this was the problem. However, the same thing happened again. It was at this time that I found the next flaw in the product. When I opened the product all I had to do was attach the pump and tubing to the plastic cylinder and lube up. Not so hard, right? Well, the piece of tubing which attaches to the cylinder cracked, and it was on there correctly. So, now not only did the pump hurt while it was on me, but it was loosing suction. I knew at this point when the crack continued to grow that there wasn't any way of fixing it, so I used the pump to get off by pumping it up and holding my finger over the hole before it could lose suction. I will say it intensified my orgasm, but is definitely not worth the price or the hassle trying to keep the tubing together and from splitting. I would just keep on looking if I were you.
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  • Program Manager
    That sucks. And there are other relatively low-priced pumps that have better ratings/don't break so easily.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Eesh. I'm sorry it broke on you like that! So it's not redeemable in any fashion? Just a useless plastic cylinder and a bulb? That's sucky... (ha. ha... no. :P)
  • Nashville
    Have you tried using this while flaccid? Did it come with directions?
  • Kcito
    this pump sucks in every possible way
  • Tart
    Sorry it didn't work out for you.
  • Lover of Leather
    Thanks for the review
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