Vibrating action ring - cock ring by Cal Exotics - review by BrokeNHorny

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Less action than watching paint dry

This is a product that fails at nearly everything it sets out to do. It fails at normal cock ring benefits and holding the vibrator in the right position. Also, the vibrator is of the lowest quality (ours was broken). Even repaired it wasn't worth your money.
Holds a vibrator in place.
Poor vibrator, flimsy material, generally ineffective.
Rating by reviewer:
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First of all, the vibrator shipped with this product was broken. From there, it went from bad to worse. We were willing to give the vibrating action c-ring a chance, despite the broken vibrator. We used an egg vibrator that we already had to substitute for the broken one. The ring was very large for a cock ring, and made of extremely flimsy jelly. When we put the vibrator into the head of the ring, the head drooped to the side, ruining the positioning. There are very few positions that would allow the head to remain in place and give both partners the pleasure they were looking for.

The material on the front of the head has a ridge to help give clitoral stimulation. Unfortunately, the amount of material between the vibrator space and the ridge is pathetic, and will probably break after several uses. The bumps that are placed around the outside of the ring did not add to the experience or feeling at all. This is probably because they are just as flimsy as the rest of the ring and bend out of the way when it counts.

The ring itself is very large, and too flexible. If you are particularly well endowed, this may still give you the benefits that a cock ring is supposed to give. However, for the average man, this will do no more than hold the vibrator in place (poorly). It didn’t add to my penis size, or affect performance in any way, which is the point of a cock ring.

The ring is made of jelly, so extra precautions are needed in cleaning and sharing. Jelly is porous, and needs to be cleaned thoroughly if it is going to be shared. It also has a tendency to smell if not cleaned and maintained properly. The easiest way to do so is to use antibacterial spray after every use.

In order to better review this product, my partner and I repaired (by taking it completely apart. The problem was in the egg of the vibrator, which we had to saw open to get it working) the vibrator enough to see how powerful it was. In order to take advantage of the warranty, we would have had to send the vibrator back along with $10, for shipping and handling, half of the original cost. The vibrator takes two AA batteries and has a selector dial for the intensity of the vibrations on the remote. The cord from the remote to the vibrator is roughly two feet long, and is the same dull cream color as the vibrator and the remote. From first sight, the vibrator looks and feels low quality. The vibrations are decently powerful, but this is lost in the poor positioning.

It’s true that this product is only $20, and we should have expected it to be cheap, but it was overly so. The only positions that would effectively position the vibrator are doggy and anything that places force on the clit already. Even if the vibrator worked when it shipped, it wouldn’t be very good. The ring itself does not do its intended job, and the head does not stay in its place. The only reason to purchase this product is to hold a vibrator in place during sex. In our opinion, this product is not worth $5.
Follow-up commentary
This was a product that I am not particularly proud to have owned. I honestly had more fun fixing the vibrator than using this product. The sleeve is still in my toy box, but I doubt that I will pick it up more than another few times. I am disappointed that a company would allow a product sold as a vibrator to ship with a broken vibrator. I am also astounded that the material is not sturdy enough to hold a vibrator in place when that is it's main function. I understand that this is a budget item and that nobody is perfect, but I would have expected more of an effort on their part. The box was unimpressive, the material was thin, and nothing really worked as it should have. Even still, I can't get over how bland the vibrator looked. I am not one to hold a grudge, and I don't hold the company especially responsible for packaging a broken vibrator, but even if it did work or if I could have used it after it was fixed(when fixing it, I had to cut open the actual egg of the vibrator), I would have used another product.

Months later, this is still a lackluster product. It sits at the bottom of my box, and while I am a huge fan of California Exotic's products, this is not the one to buy. I simply cannot recommend this toy to anyone, even if you are broke and horny.
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  • Backseat Boohoo
    I'm sorry this didn't work for you. =( Great review, though!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thanks for the good review... gotta remove this from the wish list now.
  • BrokeNHorny
    Yeah, good call on the remove. Even if it hadn't been broken, this wouldn't have been a good buy.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Oh I'm sorry to see when a toy sucks so bad! Thanks for the honest review.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Honest and thorough review, very helpful. I am glad to see you post another review!!
  • iceman681
  • B8trDude
    Great and honest review - I'll avoid this one.
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