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The Turbo Suck is a phthalates-free TPR masturbator with variable-speed motorized thrusting action. Disassembly for cleaning is easy, and the battery pack/speed control is remotely mounted outside of the unit for ease of use. The length of the thrusts is between 1/4" and 1/2" depending on how firm your support is, and there are some delicate components that require extra care.
One of the few motorized "thrusting" masturbators out there.
Broke after two uses, mediocre stimulation.
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The Turbo Suck, by California Exotics, is a power masturbation sleeve that automatically strokes a nubbed TPR sleeve over the user's penis. Its design is somewhere between freestanding and hand-held, with a base that can be set on a table or held (slightly clumsily) with the hands.

Material / Texture

Most of the Turbo Suck is made of hard plastic, excluding the motor and gear assembly (made of metal) and the sleeve itself which is nubbed and made of clear phthalates-free TPR/TPE material. Excluding the pronounced 3/8" long nubs on the inside of the sleeve, the TPR sleeve is completely smooth and had only traces of odor. The hard plastic material that supports and moves the sleeve is also smooth.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Turbo Suck looks slightly like a table light at first glance, with the transparent plastic upper tube displaying the TPR sleeve inside its smoked plastic actuator. The whole case has a slightly lava-lamp-esque look, with a slight flare in the middle that tapers to both ends. The outer sleeve sports a removable plastic cap to protect the interior mechanism from damage or dust when it's not in use, and the plastic cover and support member comes apart with clamps for easy cleaning.

The TPR sleeve is wide enough for almost anyone, but it is unlikely that anyone will describe it as "tight" along the entire length, so it relies primarily on the nubs for stimulation. The sleeve is five inches long, and offers no give at the end, as the thrusting base is right underneath the end of the sleeve. This can cause unexpected sensations when you bottom out.

The entry of the stimulation sleeve is tight in order to seal against the penis and provide for suction during use.

California Exotics has separated the battery pack from the Turbo Suck to make the Turbo Suck easier to use. The pack and controller are at the end of a long cord so they can be placed at a convenient location.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Turbo Suck sports a single control: a slider on the battery pack that changes the speed of the motor. The slider is continuous, and can vary the speed from off to about four strokes per second. Comparable to a electric powered toy car, the Turbo Suck is noisy enough to be noticeable in the room but is unlikely to arouse suspicions through a closed door.

The thrusting length of the Turbo Suck is slightly under one-half inch from fully extended to fully retracted under optimal conditions. Once you factor in the play in the various components during use the actual length of thrust is between one-quarter and three-eighths of an inch, and in order to get this thrust length you need to have both the Turbo Suck and yourself fairly well braced against an immovable object.

The Turbo Suck is not waterproof, so it is important to be careful about exposing it to liquids. All liquids should be contained in the TPR stimulation sleeve if possible, but occasional spills are unlikely to cause permanent damage.

Care and Maintenance

The Turbo Suck requires care during use in order to maintain a long life. The TPR sleeve should be used with only water-based or silicone lubes, and after use should be removed from the Turbo Suck for cleaning. Removal is not a difficult process, requiring only three clips to be unsnapped in order to remove the outer cover and open the sleeve holder/actuator. Clean with soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Once the sleeve is dry storage is mostly self-contained. Once the sleeve and outer cover is replaced the top can be snapped on and the Turbo Suck put in a location for storage. Due to the delicate nature of some of the parts it is best to not store it where it could be squished or have sideways pressure put on it.

The plastic parts of the mechanism are rather delicate and care needs to be taken during use. I do not consider myself to be unusually hard on toys, but I managed to break the Turbo Suck on the second use.


The Turbo Suck comes in a not-very-discreet California Exotics box. Included are some instructions, but they are irrelevant to the Turbo Suck (they discuss how to get your "vibrator" ready for use and then recommend insertion in either the vagina or anus, neither of which is likely to be comfortable with the Turbo Suck inserted).

Personal comments

I personally found the Turbo Suck very disappointing. The entry of the sleeve started to tear at the first use, and the mechanical thruster broke on the second use. After it broke I took it apart, and the construction was not very robust. The motor is attached to the base by friction fit and some foam tape (a wire tie attempts to make it a bit more sturdy, but was not very successful). The gearbox is metal, but the rods connecting the thrusting sleeve to the motor are plastic and are what broke during use.

At first I thought mine might have been a bad unit, but it seems that early death is common with these based on talks with other users.

Even when it was working the sensations were not sufficiently strong to get me enthusiastic. Granted I am ordinarily a fan of long strokes, but the Turbo Suck's quarter-inch thrust length was underwhelming at best, especially considering the difficulty I had bracing the Turbo Suck enough to get that. Full insertion was impossible with the Turbo Suck's 5" depth, and inserting that far felt weird as the tip of my penis was bumped by the hard plastic base of the actuating sleeve (the TPR stimulation sleeve did give a little cushioning, but not much). Between the astonishing rapidity with which the Turbo Suck broke and the mediocre performance it gave while it was running I can't recommend this toy except as a novelty.
Follow-up commentary
After the Turbo Suck broke on the second trial I kept the corpse around. I took it apart and found what failed (the adhesive holding the thruster unit to the body), and I imagine that it could have been fixed relatively easily with some Gorilla Glue or even hot glue. After figuring out how to fix it it sat and sat. The truth was that I didn't find the Turbo Suck exciting enough to bother with repairing it, even though it would have taken all of 10 minutes. Eventually I tossed it and haven't looked back.
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  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Thanks for the thorough review! I'll make sure to avoid this one.
  • Brian
    This wasn't a description review was it? You kept it very neutral until the personal comments section is good. Nice review as always.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review ScottA

    I was going to review one of these also, but there was a screw up or something and it got discontinued or something. Sounds like there was a reason it got discontinued

    Great job
  • ScottA
    I tried to keep the top as neutral as possible, but I felt I had to say something, and that's what the personal comments section was for. If a product isn't carried yet I try to do a "mock DR" even though I don't have to, because EF is trying to figure out whether to carry it or not, and a more objective tone and rundown probably helps them more.
  • Brian
    Good point. If your review comes across as either an all positive praise or all negative then it can be assumed that it was just the person doing the review that's the issue.
  • kck
    Sorry this one didn't work out well for you, man
    At least an excellent review came out of the experience!
  • namelesschaos
    This toy seem like a good idea, but I haven't heard anything positive about it since it peaked my eye at another site. I'll stay away, from this one.
  • Penguin
    ur brave, I don't think I'd stick it in there lol.
  • bzzingbee
    Wow, what a disappointment! Great job on the review though! I love the detail info that you got from taking it apart once it stopped working. Very interesting to hear how it works...well how it's supposed to work, lol
  • B8trDude
    I think that CalExotics must have a serious quality control problem - I tried a similar to and it also broke almost immediately. Sorry you had the same experience.
  • ScottA
    In theory this type of thing could be really neat - just make it more durable and give it a longer stroke length and sleeve depth.
  • Sammi
    I've read very few (if any) good reviews on hands-free masturbators. I wonder if there are any out there?

    Great review!
  • ScottA
    I think that you could make a good one, but because of design and durability considerations it would probably cost several hundred dollars.
  • That Guy
    Great review, I'm a little surprised I wasn't more skeptical of this.
  • CynicallyYours
    thanks for the review!
  • joja
    Thanks for the review. You're a great help for finding good gifts for my partner
  • SMichelle
    Great review.
  • Trysexual
    Great review
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