Rookie - penis pump by Cal Exotics - review by Avery Dragon

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No Respect For The Rookie...

Though this is a good idea, this specific pump doesn't deliver. Aching hands and sub-par materials, the Rookie will leave you heartbroken.
Helps with erectile dysfunction or looking for temp size up. Cylinder can have better pump added.
Pump bulb uncomfortable and doesn't have enough suction. No pressure gauge, doughnut uncomfortable.
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Like any other pump, the Rookie is designed to increase blood flow to the penis through a vacuum like system. By squeezing the bulb, air is pulled out of the cylinder and once all air is gone, it starts to pull blood from your body into your muscle. This increased blood flow is desired typically by those with erectile dysfunction, those looking from increased penile sensitivity, or those wanting to temporarily size up. For those looking to increase size and girth, it has to be remembered that it won't be permanent, and that it would be best to slide a cock ring from the base of the cylinder to the base of the shaft to keep the size that is created for a maximum of 45 minutes without damage.

Material / Texture

The cylinder itself and the hose/pressure release button are made from plastic. The bulb and doughnut are made from rubber. Though rubber can be smelled when your nose is close, the overall smell is unnoticed. The hose is rather thick, which will help it from breaking easily if bent improperly. The doughnut can be removed from the cylinder if needed. It is fairly thin but is rather long.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The cylinder is a basic penis pump shape, my handy dandy ruler says it is 7.25" long with a diameter of 2.5" at the mouth. It is important to look at the cylinder when choosing which pump to purchase. Even if not looking necessarily for size increase, you want to make sure the cylinder is at least an inch bigger than you so it is comfortable.

The doughnut is also very important because it aids in proper suction. The rubber one that comes with the Rookie voes inside of the cylinder before it creates a too tight crevice to try to fit through. The very tip is cut through in an "x" style which even when lubed up, is too tight for most penises to fit through.

The hose is also important because if its too flimsy it will crease on itself and not get anything done. This hose is very thick so this wont be a problem.

The bulb is like those found on the old pressure checking arm bands. It serves its purpose but is rather hard to keep squeezing continually.

Care and Maintenance

Most of the parts come off if needed. The hose detaches from the cylinder, the pressure button comes out of the bulb, but it is pretty secure to the hose. The doughnut s rather easy to remove as well. The cylinder can easily be wiped down and have toy cleaner sprayed inside. The doughnut can be pulled off and washed thoroughly of lube or any other substance left on it. The hose and bulb shouldn't really need to be washed, but both can be. I'd suggest not to remove the hose from the cylinder too many times because eventually the plastic will be stretched and not grip the cylinder easily.


When I got the Rookie in, I put it all together and just looked at it for a moment. The doughnut wasn't terribly appealing because it looked like they wanted to emulate a tight orifice. I typically shave my self down there to be smooth, but my boy wanted to see what I looked like with pubic hair so I've been letting it grow out a little. This caused suction to be much harder to obtain. After adding a little lube I had a proper seal and started pumping away.

The bulb became uncomfortable and made my hand start to hurt a little, so I had to change hands on a frequent basis. I also ran into the problem at the tip of the doughnut in the cylinder. The cut "x" was too small! So, to fix this problem I went ahead and pulled it out and lightly tugged at the corners to tear it slightly. It decided slightly wouldn't be enough and tore about 2" down on both sides. Trying again my member got through rather quickly and progression on me filling up seemed to be more apparent, however, my pubic hair still wanted to be troublesome and some air still leaked in, not allowing me to fully use the pump.

Personally, I don't care for pumps without pressure gauges. Eventually I'll probably take the time to invest in a new pump/hose to put with the cylinder. Also, the doughnut isn't terribly promising, so I will purchase one made of better material and style.

This pump technically did work, but there are a few stipulations that keep it from being a great pump. It'd work well either for a gag gift or first timer at best.
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  • spicywife
    I'm not sure that I entirely understand penis pumps. I mean, they are simply to increase size or help with erectile dysfunction but they aren't to "get off" with right? or are they?

    Thanks for the review!Big smile
  • Avery Dragon
    I've heard of people having gotten off from them before, but no, they're not intended for that lol

    I'd be scared to try x3
  • ~LaUr3n~
    It makes the penis more sensitive so it's possible but not intended.
  • MilkFR
    Franchement, ce produit est idéal pour moi. Après une utilisation quotidienne, j'arrive même à l'utiliser tout en vaquant à mes occupations (jeux...)
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