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Touche Mystique

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Not Enough Mystique for My Tastes

The Mystique from Touche is a stretchy, silicone, vibrating cock ring. It even has removable finger rings included to allow it to function as a finger vibrator as well. The ring can stretch to accommodate most guys and should restrict blood flow enough to help them last a little bit longer. The vibrator is silent, but the vibrations are weak. It might be just the ticket if you (or your partner) are sensitive to vibrations.
Stretchy, silicone material, handy finger rings, silent and removable vibrator
Weak vibration using only one small watch battery, poky clit stimulator
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The Mystique by Touche is a pretty unique toy in many ways. It’s like they combined a vibrating cock ring with a finger vibrator. A great feature is that it is made of 100% silicone so you know the material will hold up and if you take the vibrator out it can be sterilized. Not that sterilization is as important with a cock ring that really can’t be used for penetration and I don’t plan on sharing it with any one I am not fluid bonded with, but it’s nice to know you can really clean it if you need to.

As a cock ring, the Mystique fits into the stretchy ring category. Some of the thicker silicone cock rings almost fall into the band category because they really don’t stretch, but that is not the case with the Mystique. This stretchiness makes it easy to put on and helps it stay in place well. Although this makes it convenient, I think it detracts from its true purpose as a cock ring which is make your cock harder while delaying and prolonging orgasm. It also might be that it is a little too big for me but you’ll never get me to admit that because my cock is HUGE (at least on the internet). It’s not that it was loose or anything, it’s just that if it was a little smaller then it might have worked a little bit better for me, but each guy is different, and I consider myself pretty average, so if you are larger than average (in real life, not just on the internet) then it might work better for you.

Touche did something I find really interesting with the Mystique. They included some finger rings that can be put around the clit stimulation portion of the ring so that the vibrator can be easily held between your fingers to be placed on your clitoris (or anywhere else you might want to put it). I give them credit for originality, as this strikes me as a really good idea and adds versatility to the product. The rings fit on the tips of my fingers well and made it easy to put the vibe right where I (or my partner) wanted it. The problem we had here was that the vibrator is just weak. It is a little tiny vibrator with a simple on/off switch that is powered by one little tiny watch battery. The toy comes with one battery which was fortunate because I don’t have any in that size on hand.

The Mystique packaging is very nice and they even include a little tool to aid in extraction of the vibrator for cleaning purposes. Overall, I will rate the Mystique as three stars because I felt like it was pretty good as a cock ring, but weak in the vibration category.
From the rest of my review, you can probably figure out that our experience with the Mystique was less than stellar. Putting it on was easy and I was even able to get it in place with little difficulty even when I was hard. We figured the best position to allow it to contact her clit was with me on top and so that’s where we started. If I was thrusting very much, the clit stimulating portion of the toy would drop down and cause her discomfort. Then I would stop and readjust. We tried different things with positioning and our legs, but it just didn’t seem to set very well. If I stayed insider her and just rocked a little it would stay in place, and it was nice to feel her contract her kegels around me, but it just wasn’t getting us any where fast. Also, the vibration was so weak that neither one us could really feel it that much. In retrospect, I don’t know why we didn’t think to flip over so she could be on top, but I am not sure how well her clit would have been contacted in that position. I’ll have to give that a shot another time and provide an update. I think the main problems with the toy are twofold: weak vibration and a weak neck connecting the clit stimulation portion of the toy to the ring.
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  • Epiphora
    Argh. I'm still waiting for a pure silicone cock ring that works, then! 1 watch battery is just not cool.
  • Dragon
    So you like it best as a finger vibrator? Great review, but I'm not sure why you gave this three stars.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I really like the idea of this and the finger loops are something new. Too bad it's not very strong.
  • Jimbo Jones
    @Epiphora - I have a non-vibrating silicone cock ring that I like, but not one that vibrates. Needs more power. The vibrating c-ring from Tantus that Bulma reviewed sounded much better.
    @Devilbluedress - I do like it best as a finger vibrator and I gave it credit for having good features even though the vibrating portion left things to be desired.
    @Adriana - The concept is pretty good if it were just stronger!!!
    Thanks for the comments, everyone!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Whenever my boyfriend and I use a vibrating cock ring like this one, I get to ride on top. It just doesn't work well the other way, since gravity is working against us to pull the ring off of him and slide all over the place. Also, when I'm on top, it's easier for me to control how the vibratey bits are hitting my clitoris and other fun parts. Try it out with her on top and let us know how it turns out! Good luck!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    also, "but you’ll never get me to admit that because my cock is HUGE (at least on the internet)" made me giggle. go you!
  • Jimbo Jones
    @Miss Cinnamon - very good advice and I will work on that when I get a chance and submit a follow up review. Also, I try to include some humor in most of my reviews, so it's good to see that people appreciate it. Thanks for the comments.
  • Kcito
    great review
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thanks for the compliment, Kcito.
  • snowminx
    My invisible cock is both big on the internet and in rl xD
  • FieryRed
    Excellent review! And I have an enormous detachable cock... I wish they'd made a bigger version of this, as they did with the Touche Ice, so a different bullet vibe would fit!
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