Dual clit flicker by Cal Exotics - review by Jimbo Jones

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One Flick that Won’t Hurt

The Dual Clit Flicker by California Exotic is their entry into a waterproof, stretchy, vibrating, dual cock ring. The bullet uses the ‘N’ size battery. This means it is a little bigger than others, but is very quiet and more powerful than some others. The clitoral stimulator seems to line up well although the material does not transmit vibrations all that well. It is waterproof and since it is TPR, it is safe to use with silicone lube.
Waterproof, bullet is quiet and powerful, stretchy ring is easy to put on and works well.
Material does not transmit vibration very well; Bullet gets in the way in some positions
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With the Dual Clit Flicker, California Exotic (CE) has released their foray into the vibrating stretchy dual cock ring arena. There are several versions of this type of toy already available from other manufacturers, so what unique attributes is CE bringing to the table? A few things that make this toy stand out are: its bullet, its waterproof characteristics, and its material.

First of all, consider the bullet. It seems that there is a new crop of bullets available that use the ‘N’ size battery instead of the traditional watch batteries. This seems to be quite the improvement. These bullets are usually larger, but they are also stronger and quieter than their older cousins. CE used this kind of bullet in this toy and it really helps in the vibration category.

Now, consider that the toy is waterproof. That’s not that hard to do right? Just put an o-ring on the bullet, to keep water out of the battery compartment, and it’s good to go. Not really. While any solid material is going to be waterproof in and of itself, what makes the toy truly useful in the water is its ability to be used with lubricant that doesn’t immediately get washed away in the water. The most common lubricant for this application is silicone based lube.

What toys can’t be in contact with silicone lubricant? That’s right, one’s that have silicone in them. Most of the rings in this category fail right there. This is where the material of this ring works out. CE used thermal plastic rubber (TPR) for this toy. TPR is stretchy (wouldn’t be a stretchy ring otherwise). It is also a better defined material than jelly, and usually does not contain phthalates. It is also safe to use with silicone lube and is easy to clean. The TPR material does not transmit vibrations very well, and cannot be sterilized, but you can’t win them all right?

Finally, how well does it work? Unlike band style cock rings, it’s best to put stretchy rings on after the erection is established. This ring is nice and stretchy, so getting it on shouldn’t be a problem and it should be able to fit most guys. Once it is in place it allows for a decent amount of restriction to blood flow, which results in a firmer erection that is easier to sustain. The shaft portion of the ring seemed to be the more effective part, but the outer ring is nice for additional stability. The size and strength of the vibrator means that the vibrations will be felt, even if it isn’t through the tongue-shaped protrusion. All in all, it’s a very successful toy in its class.
After receiving the Dual Clit Flicker my partner and I were trying to find a good opportunity to give the toy a run for its money. I happened to be home early from work one day, and most of the kids were at other people’s homes, so we figured it was a perfect time to get the toy out and test out its waterproof features with a little “afternoon delight” in the shower.

The toy worked flawlessly in the shower, and my partner was able to giver herself a little solo warm up with the bullet, while I cleaned myself up. She got me hard and I slipped the rings in place. I must say that she was pretty impressed by how I got it all on in one step. We turned the vibe back on, she bent over and I penetrated her from behind.

This isn’t the most ideal way to use a ring of this type, as there is no clitoral stimulation to speak of, but she said she could feel my cock vibrating inside her and she could feel the vibrations on her ass. It kept me rock hard while we had quite a bit of fun until she reached a g-spot orgasm. By this time the hot water was basically gone, so I finished up and finished cleaning up as well.

This toy definitely works well. More clitoral stimulation is available in other positions, and “girl on top” is one of the great ones for this kind of toy. The only improvement I can think of would be to orient the vibrator vertically instead of horizontally, so it would line up with the clitoris better and not get in the way so much.
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  • Mamastoys
    Great review. I don't think any of the TRP rings transmits the vibe very well. We have tried several and had the same results. Good bullets though with them..
    Thanks! Smile
  • Sammi
    This looks like one I'd like to try. I really like that the bullet has batteries that can be changed.

    Great review!
  • Naughty Student
    How does the bullet get in the way? I don't use these type of toys, we did once and it was terribly hilarious how badly the product worked so we stayed away ever since.
    Great review.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Mamastoys - you're right, the softness of TPR that allows it to stretch is also what keeps it from transmitting vibration well. I guess it's tricky to get those combinations to work together.
    Sammi - it is nice when it's not just a "one use" toy so the batteries can be swapped out when they run out.
    Naughty Student - the bullet gets in the way because it is not aligned with the natural shape of two bodies put together. If the end of the vibe was closer to my penis with the on/off button up toward to my navel I think it would have a better shot at resting on her clitoris or between her cheeks. As it is it is cross ways and hits more on both sides than right in the middle. I think the cock commander [https://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toys-for-men/vibrating-penis-rings/cock-commander] is aligned in a more ideal way.
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • tits only
    nice review
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thank you, Lady Dream Kitten and tits only.
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