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Pleasurable, but Tricky to Use and Clean

The Sweet Ass is nice because it is actually long enough to go deep (for most guys, less than 7 inches). Unfortunately, the Sweet Ass is only open on one end, making cleanup tedious and ineffective. I ended up having to use condoms with the toy so that I wouldn't spend longer cleaning it than masturbating with it. The tightness is nice, but it makes the sleeve difficult to enter and negatively affects the durability of the toy, especially at the opening.
Very tight and stretchy, pleasant texture
Difficult to penetrate, difficult to clean, rips easily at the opening
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The Sweet Ass is a pretty standard sleeve type masturbator in its operation. The Sweet Ass, is overall, a very tight toy with several "chambers" along the tunnel inside. These tunnels provide a variety of sensation. You can vary the sensation by controlling the depth of insertion. Due to the tightness of the toy, I think long and slow strokes are the way to go with this one.
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The material is TPR. TPR is one of the less smelly materials for sleeves. It has a bit of a plastic odor, but it is not offensive, and is not noticeable unless it is right under your nose. The TPR is soft and is very stretchy and squishy. Unfortunately, the material has some sort of liquid-like residue that can be felt on your hands after touching it and will stain a sheet of white paper if you lay the Sweet Ass on it. Users might be upset (or amused, depending) to find that the material of the Sweet Ass will actually transfer the ink from newspaper (like Silly Putty). I had the Sweet Ass on top of a printed grocery newsletter for about 10 minutes and managed to transfer about a column's worth of text onto the Sweet Ass. The ink will come off, but it mostly just smears when you try to wipe it off.

Keep in mind that TPR is somewhat porous, so it is not able to be sterilized and should not be shared between partners. According to the materials guide, both water-based and silicone lubes are compatible. With the cleaning issues with this toy, however, I would stay away from silicone lube because it does not rinse away with ease.
    • Light odor
    • Sticky
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design of the Sweet Ass is, I believe, supposed to mimic the opening of and the first six or so inches of a rectum. The opening is very small, tight, and is constricted for about the first inch and a half of the toy. The tunnel then opens a bit for a few inches. Then it constricts before opening up again into another chamber, which runs until the end of the sleeve. Note that the sleeve is not open on both ends. Only the "anus side" is open. The inside of the sleeve is textured with an alternating pattern of ridges and nubs. The outside of the sleeve is mostly smooth but has five notches molded into it. I suppose to enhance the grip on or the flexibility of the sleeve.

An interesting aspect of the Sweet Ass, as noted on the box and displayed in the pictures, is that it is curved. This is apparently in the interest of making the stroker "life-like", as the rectum is actually curved. However, the material is so flexible that the curve really does not make any difference; once a penis is inserted the sleeve straightens out.

It is worth mentioning that the Sweet Ass is a very tight toy. Even though the inside has chambers that open up, they are still relatively small in diameter. As the TPR is very stretchy, I didn't find it uncomfortable. However, what ended up being a problem was how tight the opening was. The opening puckers out a bit and is a bit smaller than a #2 pencil in diameter. I had a hard time getting in even with a full erection. One-handed use is not possible with insertion. I had to steady the opening with one hand and carefully guide the tip of my head in with the other. The small opening, which pokes out and is not reinforced by more material, started to rip after two uses; the functionality was not lost, but appearances were.

A big positive for the Sweet Ass is that it is actually a fairly long sleeve at a full 7 inches. It is great to be able to go "balls deep" on a stroker without popping out the other end, especially when coming at the end of a great session. Unfortunately, when I did go deep (as the packaging directs) a pocket of air inside was compressed and managed to pop the end of the Sweet Ass, making a small fissure internally.
    • May be too tight for some
    • Tight fitting

Functions / Performance / Controls

The performance was good. The series of constricting rings provided a nice tight sensation, and the texturing was evident. I also enjoyed that the Sweet Ass is sufficiently long enough to allow for complete insertion. I enjoyed using the toy slowly to enjoy the tight sensation; as such, it didn't make much noise. I would expect that if you fucked the Sweet Ass hard it would be noisier, but it also might break if you blow out the end with an air pocket.

As I stated earlier, the unique opening makes it a little hard to get into the sleeve. Also, if you slip out while playing, the mood can suffer while you struggle to get back inside, especially with having to use both hands (and making a mess with lube).
    • Somewhat difficult to use
    • Very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

As the Sweet Ass is very tight, and only open on one end, cleaning is tedious and probably not that effective. The first time I used the sleeve, I came inside and had a pretty hard time getting everything clean inside. Since there is only one opening, you can't just run water through it. And because the interior is long and narrow, it is difficult to flush anything out with a stream of water. You can't really scrub the interior with soap, since a finger will only get about halfway down the length of the opening. Also, I was unable to turn the Sweet Ass inside out without it starting to rip at the opening, and without the texturing on the inside being torn.

Since cleaning turned out to be a nightmare, I decided to instead wear a condom while masturbating with the Sweet Ass. It still felt pretty good, and the tightness was still effective in making me come hard; however, the texture wasn't as great with a condom on. The ease of cleanup did made things more pleasant, overall. Regrettably, I think that anyone practicing safer sex by masturbating would be pretty annoyed to have to wear a condom anyways.

Due to the liquid-like coating on the material of the Sweet Ass, I store it in a plastic bag separately from all my other toys.
    • Hard to clean


The packaging isn't offensive. It is nowhere near discreet, but at least it doesn't have explicit nudity. The back side of the package has an image of the stroker that is overlaid with an illustration of the the sleeve's interior. The illustration, unfortunately, does not quite match the actual design of the interior of the sleeve.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
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  • Kayla
    We actually liked this one a lot. It wasn't great, but for the price, it was one of the better ones we've tried.
  • P'Gell
    Good review.

    Sorry about the cleaning issues. Could you possibly use a new clean toothbrush to clean the inside? Or maybe a baby bottle brush? Either of those are longer than your finger and could get into the grooves.

    I'm guessing the baby bottle brush (you can get them at most discount stores and drug stores) would be your best bet.

  • B8trDude
    Great review - sounds like a pain to clean though.
  • CafeSabroso
    Interesting suggestion, P'Gell. My only concern is that the interior seems to be easily damaged, not sure if scrubbing with a brush would be gentle enough.
  • sophie2229
    That air pocket sounds scary!!
  • Penguin
    I appreciate that you gave this a really honest review.
  • CafeSabroso
    Thanks, Penguin. One of the things I love about Eden is that I never feel pressured to give good reviews to poor products. I does mean something to have the freedom to be honest.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    We really do value those reviews just as much. I do at least I forgot to tell you that this is an excellent review!
  • Ladygaga
    very nice review!
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