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Powerless Pecker Pump

Many sex toys come with a disclaimer stating they are designed for use as a novelty item. The PowerGrip Pump is exactly that in our opinion - nothing more than a novelty. Better pumps will set you back more cash but may work much better than this variation. If you really want to try pumping for size gain spend some more money on a better model, practice safe pumping, and be prepared to spend hours bodybuilding. This pump will soon find its way to the trash.
Size fits all users, ergonomic pump handle, quick and simple vacuum release system.
Poor vacuum hold, cheap and fragile latex rubber sealing ring.
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The PowerGrip Pump is a device designed to be used for the purpose of making the penis larger. No matter what they will fess up to any man would love to own a monster sized cock. And no matter what most women say we all secretly become turned on when we see a big bulge in a guys pants! Yes, size doesn't really matter in the performance department but visual stimulation accounts for a lot. My man is just slightly above average in the dick department and I have no complaints in the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the bathroom, or the car...) but my fantasies sometime involve getting railed by a behemoth man snake. Penis pumps offer the promise of the creation of just that behemoth, a tool that you could hammer nails with or at least the special partner in your life. Like all products that state they can provide this wonderful community service there comes some unproven claims. Do pumps actually work? Will regular pumping of a prick create a cock that pushes you up an underwear size? Will my pussy be able to handle the immense package that my man may proudly sport? The list goes on and on....

Regular use is supposed to cause gradual enlargement of the penis over time. For men will erection problems penis pumps will create an erection with hardly any doubt instantly. The suction effect does immediately draw blood into the penis and a cock ring applied at the base of the penis after pumping holds the blood inside allowing the dick to stay hard. Use as desired and repeat as necessary! For impotence issues by all means buy a pump but the jury is still out on whether long term use of these contraptions causes any noticeable growth of a man's member.

Pumps can also be used for plain old masturbation fun. Lube it up and have fun trying to pump up the volume!
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    • Couple play
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    • Beds
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Material / Texture

The pecker pump is made from mostly high density plastics with the main cylinder being smooth and clear so that the user (and assisting partner!) can feast their eyes on the cock growing as the black pump handle is worked creating a vacuum. A pink latex rubber ring at the base providing the seal is soft and comfortable and stretches easily to accommodate any penis diameter. The entire assembly is completely odorless and unlikely to cause irritation except for men who have the misfortune of a latex allergy.
    • No odor
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The main component of this pump is a cylinder into which the penis is inserted and this cylinder causes visions of potential grandeur. Measuring 2 1/2" in diameter and 9" in length it's fun just to dream of a cock completely filling up the entire chamber. I've never had the luck of meeting a guy who would say this thing is too small! At the base of the cylinder where the penis is inserted there is a removable latex rubber ring with a 1" diameter hole for the penis to slide into. The rubber is soft and easily stretches. Because this must provide an airtight vacuum seal it must be coated in lube (along with the cock to be pumped) to minimize air ingress. At the top of the cylinder is a ball bearing retained inside a plastic housing. The ball bearing moves upwards when the pump draws air out of the cylinder and falls back down providing a seal to hold the negative pressure inside. The clear plastic/tygon tubing running to the hand pump is about 17" long which gives the user enough room to properly position their hands to start the pumping action. The actual hand pump is fairly ergonomic and efficient with molded locations for your fingers on the piston handle and a robust D-ring to provide leverage. Air is immediately drawn out of the cylinder with the first pull of the handle and I could instantly see my husband's lubed cock start growing in the clear tube.

Unfortunately the vacuum quickly fades, at least on our pump, and almost constant pumping of the piston is required to keep the suction alive. Obviously this is due to air leaks with the likely culprit being the latex rubber seal at either the dick interface or where it slips around the cylinder. Even with applying copious amounts of lube we couldn't stop this from happening and despite the comfortable pump handle my man's hands tuckered out trying to keep the vacuum strong. Being the helpful person I am I tried to take over but also quickly became tired and frustrated.

A 'Guardian' erection ring is also included with the PowerGrip Pump and is different from a traditional cock ring that normally encircles the entire shaft and testicles. This one is omega shaped and open on the bottom with the idea that this ring is slipped onto the base of the penis and puts pressure only on the blood vessels at the sides of the shaft preventing blood from flowing out and causing a limp dick. We found it less appealing than a regular ring and it didn't seem to keep my man hard.

I must also mention that the main cylinder has a small hole near the top that must be covered with a finger or thumb to keep the vacuum alive otherwise air quickly enters causing loss of suction. This is a safety feature and the vacuum release. Some men have over pumped themselves causing blood vessel damage and bruising of the penis. Who would have guessed that guys would over do the use of a device designed to make their member bigger? This small hole allows for fast and easy vacuum release to make the product safer.
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

Performance of this pump was disappointing to say the least. The vacuum is weak as air seems to constantly seep into the cock chamber despite reapplying lube for a better seal and attempts at repositioning. The grip handle pump is easy to operate but hands quickly tire when pumping is required non-stop to maintain a vacuum. Personally I'd rather use my mouth to suck a vacuum around my husband's member and I'm sure he wouldn't disagree! It would be much more stimulating but that's not what a penis pump is designed for.
    • Not very stimulating

Care and Maintenance

Soap and water cleanup is recommended for this item with the cylinder being the only item that really requires scrubbing after having a slicked up dick inside. The entire product is fairly robust and made from high density plastics with the exception of the latex ring which provides the vacuum seal. Care must be exercised with this critical component as it's the most likely part to fail. It's very easy to tear and use of any oil based lubricants will eat this part quickly. Water or silicone based lubes are recommended. Also make sure that the cylinder is dry after cleaning before storage to prevent anything from growing inside! Storage may be an issue for those people with a small stash for their sex toys as this product takes up quite a bit of room.
    • Bulky for storage


California Exotics needed a big box to hold the big pump and it measures about 6" by 11" by 3". The front has a typical graphic of a guy (with a lovely chest!) and a picture of the entire pump. A statement is made about the 'easy pump action with maximum results' and cautions are listed on the side of the box. All the components are housed inside a plastic bag and a small packet of glycerin containing lube is included for those of you that love to develop yeast infections. Instructions are included and are decently detailed about how to use this product. The most interesting statement was that for size increase pumping is required 4-5 times per week, twice a day, with sessions lasting 30 minutes. That's a lot of time to invest and I know my husband is far too busy to keep up that regimen! Granted, the promise of a titanic tool is worth it but realistically few men are going to follow that protocol leaving the manufacturer a wonderful 'out' when their product fails to deliver promised results.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

While it was entertaining to help my guy 'body-build' with this pump I seriously doubt whether we will ever invest the time required for this pump to have success in making a monster cock. Personally I believe that pumps are useless for long term growth and this product is probably only good for men with impotence issues to develop a quick erection. It's only been a week of having this and after a couple uses my man has lost interest and grew frustrated with the poor hold of the vacuum and constant hand pumping required. On the positive side the poor vacuum will be less likely to cause damage to a user's penis from overuse.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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