Anime muscle sleeve - penis stroker by Cal Exotics - review by melissa1973

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Reusable Vibrator Cover!!

If your a man and looking at this as a first sleeve I suggest that you measure yourself while hard to see if you can fit into this first. If you're a woman and are looking at this as a vibrator cover, you'll be pleased with this.
It's cheap, reusable
can be too small for some causing discomfort.
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When I received this in the mail at first I was a little confused as to what I would do with this and I pondered long and hard on it. Showing this off to a friend for a little bit, I tried it on my Dong part of my harness. It took some stretching to do but I covered it. I blew it up like I would a baloon, the shaft stayed the same size but the head of the sleeve expanded, and suprisingly it help the air letting me know that there were no holes in it.

It suddenly came to me, that this can be used (just for a couple) as a type of playtime condom (might not be the word)and or a reusable dildo sleeve for adult toys. It's not really meant to be shared by more than 1 man, but if the wearer should choose to use with more than 1 a condom is needed, or having several of these handy and ready to be changed.

Material / Texture

This is made out of TRP material, it's very soft, strechy. It's Hypo-allergenic, Latex free & Phthalates free for those of you who have allergies to any of the mentioned. You can see and feel the ridges along the shaft and the nubs at the tip, it has an odd little piece at the very tip, my guess is that it's to act as a French tickler which can be cut off without damaging the sleeve.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Now here's where people need to look at when buying something like this. It says that this will fit "Any size". This is wrong while this has the possibility of fitting most "Normal" guys, they key word being Normal. If you measure 3 1/2 and over as far as girth goes this will be extremely uncomfortable, past 4 inches you face the possibility of tearing it trying to put this on, and a painful constriction. It is 6 1/2 inches in length and it can be cut down some for the right length so it wont be too long. The weight is next to nothing so there's no worries there.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This sleeve works well in the scense that it reminds me of and works well as a ribbed condom, but one that can be reused several times over. If you want the significant other (or the tart of the moment) to have pleasure, and practice precaution at the same time just lube both your woody (or a favorite vibrator)and the sleeve, roll it up at the bottom, and slide it on and down just like you would with a condom (at least that's what worked best for me).

Care and Maintenance

You can wash them with warm water and mild soap Toy cleaners also work very well.Cleaning is very easy, just pull the sleeve off dump the jizz in a commode or another drainer, rinse it out/off, or soak it for a little bit in warm water. Eventually you'll insert fingers and clean the outside of the toy, then turn it inside out and clean the inside like you did cleaning the outside.

Basically Do Not Boil!! The lubricants that are to be used with this are: Silicone, and water based ones.

This is not intended to be a condom however: If you do decide to share you either need another condom over the sleeve or you needed to have several of these as I stated before.


This came in a box with a cartoon character on it. It's not to be left outside of the drawer in case a child comes to you. Mom/dad what's this can I have it? Not a good thing.

Personal comments

This fits great over all of my vibrators, but was all but impossible to fit over my boyfriend. No matter how much I stretched it out, so I gave up because I didn't want to hurt him anymore than it did.
Follow-up commentary
After excessive stretching it has lost its' shape, and has started to split from fitting over my vibrators and dildos.
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  • Lucky21
    Interesting review! I think I will pass as I don't really want to have that around my penis.
  • Kkay
    Unsure about something that isn't intended for it being compared as a condom alternative.

    Image links broke, btw.
  • Pink Jewel
  • allinonekid
    could use more to the written part, but the pictures were useful
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