Maximus PowerStroker Hummer by Cal Exotics - review by MaxD

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The Hummer Bummer!

This would be a great product if it were designed a little differently. The ticklers need to be softer and they need to make it more cock friendly. Considering it takes 4 C batteries I was expecting some suction or vibration, but this is not equipped with either. Clean up is difficult because the sleeve is not removable and it is not waterproof. I'm afraid I'll inadvertently damage it just by cleaning it. I feel there are better options available. Have you checked out the Tenga Flip Hole?
Multi speed, easy to operate
Hard to clean, disks jam, uncomfortable ticklers
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The Maximus Power stroker Hummer by California Exotics is a great idea in theory. It consists of a 8" x 4 ½" plastic casing that contains a TPR sleeve down the center. This sleeve is loaded with ticklers and reminds me of a round hairbrush turned inside out. On each side of this sleeve also encased in the plastic exterior, you will find a metal shaft with four plastic disks for a total of 8. These rotate when the unit is turned on and are designed to rotate along the shaft of your cock on both sides. There is no vibration or suction of any kind and your only pleasure lies in the non-existent hands of these disks and the ticklers. The disks are powered by a separate battery pack unit that plugs into the main unit by a jack. This battery unit looks similar to what I can imagine a miniature flesh light to look like but it's main purpose is to hold batteries as well as control the multiple speeds of the rotating disks by a slide adjuster.

This apparatus is powered by four "C" batteries and I immediately became a bit intimidated! I was scared of what it might do to me since I've never used a toy before that took so many hard core batteries but I was still willing to timidly try! I switched the unit on and was immediately relieved because I had expected it to possibly shoot out of my hands with that kind of power behind it. To my surprise I actually found it to be sort of weak. To test it out, I first inserted my index and middle fingers into the unit while turned on. The sleeve felt comfortable enough but, the disks had stopped rotating due to the pressure of my two fingers. No longer scared of inserting my member into this contraption, I lubed myself up! Silicone or a water based lube are the perfect choice for this one! I then eased myself into the unit before switching it on. Now, keep in mind that I am not a hugely endowed male and I run strictly normal in size. With that in mind, my penis fit well into the sleeve but it kept the disks from rotating at all! Needless to say, my hopes for this stroker had now been crushed! I was relieved that my manhood had not been though!

Thoroughly determined to feel those disks rotate and give the ticklers their fair workout, I began to stroke with it in an effort to get the disks going again. This did work to get them going but it was sporadic and didn't provide me any pleasure. The ticklers on the other hand began to chafe my cock as they are rather stiff. I then removed myself from this unit to give my dick a break and ponder what I was doing wrong. I refered to the box and instructions but I appeared to be doing exactly what I was supposed to so, I again lubed myself up, a little more liberally this time, and slide myself back into the unit for another go. It was an exact repeat of before except my cock was screaming at me to not thrust it over those ticklers again! Yeah, it was about this time that my wife came in to see how things were working out. With the strange look on my face and odd body movements I found myself glad that I could be such a source of enjoyment for her. At least one of us was laughing joyfully! It was at this point that I begged her for help and she more than willingly gave me the relief I needed! It was so much more enjoyable too! She did mention that it appeared to her like a cock eating leach had latched on to me because I had red marks from the ticklers.

My best guess with this one is that it just wasn't made for me! This might sound strange but, I do believe there are some out there who could enjoy this device. If you are smaller in stature then the ticklers probably would not rub you so intensely and the disks would probably rotate like they are supposed to. If you do try it out, I would not recommend ejaculating into it simply because it is not waterproof and the sleeve is not removable so cleanup is complicated. I used a washcloth shoved into the unit with a wooden spoon handle and toy cleaner. You can also use soap and water but TPR cannot be sterilized so, wear a condom if sharing! Either way, I won't have a need to clean mine for a long time! Maybe you will have more luck!
I've tried using this unit with different batteries just in the off chance that the ones I had started with were bad but, there was no change. The disks turn at various speeds when nothing is inserted but, once you've inserted yourself, chances are, the rotation will cease.

The ticklers were honestly uncomfortable to me and it would be great if these were made smaller and softer. It would be a start anyway! The whole unit just needs revamping. It's a great concept that just didn't show in the end product.

There is also an included storage lid for this unit that just covers up the hole of the masturbator when not in use but it doesn't stay on, or at least mine doesn't.
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  • Nashville
    Very interesting toy.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I never would have guessed what this is.
  • MaxD
    Thanks for the comments! This was quite interesting, but I don't recommend it!
  • CynicallyYours
    thanks for the review!
  • freda
    nice review
  • cheesewizz
    nice review
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