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Tied up with a black leather band

This leather cock ring is very comfortable, effective, and sexy. The simple design means no unnecessary frills to get in your way, letting this ring be as unobtrusive as possible while enhancing the experience for all involved. It's adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes, taking the guess work out of picking a ring size. Unlike many rings, it doesn't constantly slip and slide, sending the bullet off to one side at the worst possible moment.
Leather, widely adjustable, comfortable, doesn't slip, sexy, simple, strong bullet.
Elastic frays slightly, snaps can rust if they aren't carefully dried after cleaning.
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This vibrating cock ring by Spartacus is a simple snap closure cock ring with an elastic loop for the bullet. The supple leather makes for a very comfortable, attractive ring. The softly sueded inside keeps the ring from slipping and chafing, and the elastic bullet loop stretches just enough to accommodate average sized bullets like the one provided. With two top snaps and four bottom snaps, the ring is very adjustable, comfortably fitting girths of 5" to 8" (diameters of about 1.5" to 2.5"). For the average male-bodied person, this will fit nicely around the cock and balls; the sufficiently well-endowed will have the choice of surrounding both, or just the base of the penis. This ring may lack frills, bells, and whistles, but it is a good, solid cock ring that is simple and unintimidating enough for beginners while still satisfying the more advanced users.

Material / Texture

This cock ring is made of soft, supple leather, with a thick elastic loop to hold the bullet. The leather has softly rounded edges, and it fastened to the correct tightness doesn't rub or chafe. Because it's made of leather, there's very little danger of hair pulling unless hairs get caught in the snaps. The elastic loop is firmly stitched down, but the cut ends of the elastic were not bound, so they fray a bit up to the stitching. This doesn't interfere in any way with the ring's use or enjoyment, but is purely aesthetic; the fraying strands can easily be trimmed with a pair of scissors if they bother the user. The elastic conducts the vibrations well to both the wearer and the receiver; the texture of the elastic isn't overly stimulating in and of itself, but neither does it interfere with enjoyment of the vibrations. It was a good choice for material, because lube and other fluids are prone to get ground into this portion; elastic is much easier to thoroughly clean than leather. The snaps are basic, solid metal snaps. The inside of the bottom snaps are felt by the wearer if they are cold, but they are out of the way for receivers, so you don't have to worry about them jabbing or rubbing.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This ring's design is very simple: an unembellished band of leather, with a loop of elastic for the bullet, all secured with metal snaps. The leather band is 3/4" (2 cm) wide, 9" (20cm) long, 1/8" (3mm) thick. The snaps allow it to be adjusted from girths of 5" to 9". With a wide range of sizes possible, this should comfortably fit most male-bodied users. (Those using large strap-ons should measure before they buy, as dildos aren't restricted to the average range of human sizes and shapes.)

The band is narrow enough to sit comfortably behind the scrotum, but wide enough to be a firm, stable support. Because the ends overlap, care should be taken when slipping into the ring or fastening it around your package not to let the tail fold or pinch, as this could cause a great deal of discomfort. Snapping the ring into place around the cock and balls instead of slipping it in may be easier once you are erect, but it might take an extra pair of hands to keep tender skin out of the way of the snaps.

Once in place, the ring transmits vibrations nicely to both the wearer and the receiver. Because the inside of the ring grips the shaft, it doesn't spin around and infuriatingly move the bullet away from the receiver's clitoris the way other materials do. The grip also prevents chafing, which is nice, because rubbing your scrotum raw is a real boner shrinker.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet provided with this cock ring is a standard, one speed, button-cell battery-powered wireless bullet. It is powerful for all that it runs on watch batteries, but the vibrations are very shallow, surface vibrations. Those who need deeper vibrations should consider replacing the bullet with one that suits their needs.

The bullet is water resistant, but because the band is made of leather this cock ring should not be used for your aquatic sexcapades.

Care and Maintenance

The elastic loop for the bullet is easily cleaned with soap and water, but more care must be taken with cleaning the rest of this cock ring. Clean it as soon as possible after using, before the lube and fluids have a chance to dry into the leather. With a mild soap and water, gently rub them off of the leather. Blot the leather as dry as possible before leaving it to air drying. The metal snaps have deep crevices, so make sure you clean them carefully. Also, try to remove as much water as possible from the snaps before letting them dry, or they may rust. Hang up or lay the ring flat somewhere to finish drying.
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