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Turbo in a cup!

Turbo Cup is an awesome waterproof and quiet vibrating stroker that has a good amount of variety of settings that will help the user reach lift-off. The toy is not overstimulating, but it is far from weak; most users should find at least one setting extremely pleasurable. All this in a small design that resembles a Bluetooth hand-held speaker!
Easy to clean and use, strong design, and waterproof!
Could use more power in the highest settings!
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The Turbo Cup is suitable for all users. The internal textures are numerous but spaced well enough apart not to provide over-stimulation. This is a great handheld that can be used solo or with a partner. The buttons are positioned well as it allows the user to avoid hitting them mid-use. The Turbo Cup has a wide variety of settings to allow the user or users a different experience each time or a more customizable experience.

Material / Texture

Turbo Cup is made from Thermoplastic Rubber (Also known as TPR and TPE). Thermoplastic Rubber is a blend or compound that exhibits a thermoplastic character. Thermoplastic Rubber is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalate-free. While Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) is less porous than Cyberskin, it is more so than Silicone. Thermoplastic Rubber can be used to produce a wide variety of textures, including bicycle handles, toothbrushes, and some children's toys.

Turbo Cup's inner material is made from Thermoplastic Rubber, so you can only use water-based or silicone lubricants. Petroleum-based oils will damage the material. This toy can not be sterilized, so if you plan to share this with someone, you should wear a condom with this masturbator.

Out of the package, the TPR material was not sticky and did not have any smell. This is nice because some manufacturers have added perfume to the toy, and that scent usually rubbed off and was overpowering. Thankfully this did not have such a scent. This inner material feels pretty durable and should last quite a while.

The outer shell made from hard plastic and has a texture running the circumference of the toy, which helps a little bit with gripping the toy during use. The plastic feels thick and very sturdy.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

One really nice feature of the Turbo Cup is that it is waterproof and can be used in the shower. The waterproof feature is nice as it will allow for some aqua play, and it will also make this toy a lot easier to clean. The design is visually appealing, and it looks just like a portable Bluetooth speaker, which adds to its ability to blend in. That being said, a guest may mistakenly grab it and try to use it, so you may still want to tuck it away in a drawer. The Turbo Cup has two caps which make this toy easy to travel with. If you are going on a long road trip, this will fit nicely in a suitcase.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Turbo Cup is simple to use and only has 2 buttons. Turning it on required me to use the instruction manual (a humbling experience!). To turn this on, you must press and hold the "+" symbol. Once turned on, the plus and minus buttons act as navigation keys to cycle through the settings. The typical constant low, medium, and high settings are there. In addition to these three settings are a few more pattern settings that allow the user to experiment or customize their session. The highest power setting is not overpowering; in fact, it could be stronger; however, that is just my personal opinion. This comes with a very neat USB charger that magnets onto the side in a specific part to charge.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to clean and simple to maintain. The texture is fairly sticky after washing but will go away after drying.

Rinse the interior and exterior of the toy thoroughly with warm water (Not too hot or under too much pressure). Next, apply Anti-bacterial soap and make sure you apply to as much of the interior/exterior as possible. Finally, just rinse off the anti-bacterial soap. You can towel off the exterior, but leave it out to air dry before storing it away (a small desk fan may speed up the drying time).

The outer and inner shells do not separate, more than likely to keep this toy waterproof. That does not really affect the ease of cleaning; it may actually improve it.

Personal comments

Turbo Cup is a nice toy of its kind. I really wish the highest settings were higher. That is truly just a personal desire, and those who do not want a ton of vibration should be happy. That being said, it's not "weak" by any stretch of the imagination; I just want this to shake my teeth, and that is what many manufacturers would call "unreasonable" and "Highly unsafe"... Oh well, maybe one day. All jokes aside, this does a very good job, and this toy excels where many toys like it have failed for me. I was never one for the "pattern" settings. Like you probably guessed, I am a "high setting champion," but this toy really did something for me that the others haven't been able to. There is just something about one of the patterns that really worked for me.

Overall, it was a fun toy, and I had a fun time. I will just have to continue to petition manufactures like EdenFantasys to make that teeth-rattling stroker, and that is okay!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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