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Wicked? Yes!...Superstar? Not really.

I was disappointed at first, but after some home engineering, the pump did what I expected from it. The two stars are based on not being able to use the toy right out of the box without slight modifications. FOR THOSE WITH LATEX ALLERGIES, THIS TOY CONTAINS NATURAL RUBBER LATEX. I could see this toy being good for intermediate users. Even for an experienced user, you can't pump too much due to the potential for damage to blood vessels and the penis itself (as noted in the package warnings).
Simple to assemble,
clear cylinder so you can see what is happening.
One size does NOT fit all (without modifications),
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


For those who haven't seen Austin Powers, a penis pump is used to, well, pump up your penis (finally, truth in advertising!). Unfortunately, Sydnee Steele's Wicked Pump, as delivered in its packaging, was heavy on the wicked and very light on the superstar when judged against its advertised name. The goal of any penis pump is to enhance (or bring on) an erection by creating a vacuum around the penis that allows extra blood to flow in, thereby giving your one-eyed man of mystery some extra width and length. To accomplish this, the penis pump gets placed over the penis and a vacuum seal is created against the groin. The problem with this penis pump is that, even flaccid and lubed-up, the rubber gasket was too tight for me to even get my cock inside the plastic cylinder. On the bright side, after a little scissor work and trimming the rubber gasket, I was able to use this tool on my tool.

Since there are no batteries, you could pretty much use this wherever you like, say for example, in the shower. It's a bit cumbersome to carry around, but if you wanted to pack it in your travel bag, you could.

Material / Texture

The toy consists of a clear, hard plastic cylinder with a natural rubber latex sleeve on the main opening. The cylinder has a full-body naked picture of Sydnee Steele on it, perhaps for some pumping inspiration. For those of you metrically inclined, there is a ruler on the cylinder but only in centimeters, not inches. If you are trying to pick-up a hot European guy, you're in luck as long as he isn't bigger than 20 cm. At the opposite end of the cylinder is a sturdy rubber hose with the easy-to-use pump and release valve. Both the pump and the release valve can be used with one hand but at first, the pump feels quite stiff.
    • Smooth

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape of the penis pump was as expected, a 20cm long cylinder with a short hose and pump at the end of it. The cylinder is wide enough to accommodate just about any guy out there, but I don't know who or what can fit through the rubber gasket in its configuration upon delivery. Even with plenty of lube, I couldn't get my cock through the rubber gasket until I cut about 1-2 inches off the inside portion of the gasket. Once I made the modification to the gasket, and then with plenty of lube, I was able to safely use the pump. Without making that modification, there was no way I could have enjoyed the penis pump. The rubber gasket was so tight as delivered, this pump could easily result in pain and possible injury from the rubber gasket getting caught around and overly constricting the base and shaft of the penis.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Once you make the gasket modification, you can have fun with this penis pump. For the voyeurs like me, part of the fun is watching your man-meat swell up inside the cylinder. For all the size queens, you also get to measure your family treasure, at least in centimeters. The toy barely makes a noise, other than the air being pulled out of the cylinder when you squeeze and release the pump. It is durable, quiet, and not complicated at all. After lubing up, inserting and pumping a bit, all you have to do is hit the release valve next to the pump and slide the cylinder off your penis.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

It won't take much lube, vaseline, cocoa butter or anything else to turn the cylinder cloudy but clean up is a breeze. The rubber gasket comes off the cylinder pretty easily, as does the hose and pump. With a little soap and warm water, the Sydnee Steele Penis Pump is ready to get back to work in about 2 minutes!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging was great. I always hate having to cut open those clear plastic cases but with this toy, it was easy just to pull the two halves apart. There was a paper information sheet/advertisement around the cylinder that had the common warnings about using a penis pump and the notice that the toy contained latex, a possible allergen for some. The packaging is more for marketing and delivery but not for storage. You could store the penis pump in the packaging but it will end up taking up more space if you do.

Personal comments

At first try, I was going to give this a one star rating and toss it in the trash due to the discomfort and concern over the extremely tight rubber gasket. After the homemade modification by trimming the gasket, I actually had fun with the pump and will continue to use it from time to time. Penis pumps aren't rocket science and don't get very complicated. With some patience, this one can be a fun toy in your closet.


While my wife did watch, it was just me using the pump. After the initial frustration wore off and I was able to use the toy, it was a good experience. Lube is required, both on your penis and on both sides of the rubber gasket. When you insert your penis into the pump, you want lube on the contact surface to make entry easier. Once you are hard and happy, you can press the release valve to break the seal and pull the cylinder off. As you remove the cylinder, your penis will be sliding out on the opposite side of the rubber gasket and if you don't have enough lube, it will be worse than pulling off the tightest condom you can imagine.

(For a frame of reference when I say the rubber gasket was too tight on me, I am just about 8 inches long by 5.5 inches hard. Different guys will have different experiences with this based on size.)

Happy Pumping!
Follow-up commentary
(This is a combined review because I modified my penis pump.) The Wicked Superstar Pump, emblazoned with the picture of a naked Sydnee Steele, is still on my toy shelf and I even used it again last night. Like I mentioned in the review of the Universal Pump Sleeve, the sleeve or gasket on a penis pump is critical. If I had not gotten the Universal Pump Sleeve, I probably wouldn't be using the Wicked Superstar Pump anymore. By having the right sleeve on this penis pump, you get a much better seal and therefore more use out of the pump. I didn't like the latex rubber sleeve that came with the pump, and since replacing it with the silicone sleeve, I have enjoyed playing with the pump much more.

I am not a hardcore pumper, but I do enjoy this toy. If they delivered it with a better gasket or sleeve originally, I would have given it at least a four star rating.
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