EXtender II Glow-in-the-dark penis pump by Nasstoys - review by Nixon_42

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"Wow That Feels Good" followd by, "Wait That's Not Good"

This item isn't worth buying, and I'm glad to see Eden has discontinued it. Unless you're an absolute connoisseur of glow in the dark stuff, stay very clear of this.
It Glows!
Too Small (At Least For Me), Not Pleasurable, Borderline Scary.
Rating by reviewer:
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I'm going to be honest right from the start of this review... This toy is terrible.

Now, to elaborate on my previous statement. As a new contributor to Eden Fantasys I've always been intrigued by the opportunity to be assigned a toy to review, and have a package show up on my doorstep with said toy. So this being my first assignment obviously I didn't say no. After accepting the assignment, the Extender II showed up about 3 days later. I quickly dove into the package so that I could get started, "Testing" the toy on myself.

At first glance it's your standard Penis Pump. It’s about a foot long, with the standard ball style pump you see on pretty much every run of the mill penis pump. However the Extender II is a bit different, rather than a clear plastic tube the Extender II has an obscured tube so you can't see into it. I found that odd since the entire purpose of a Penis Pump is to give you "Bigger, Harder, and Longer Erections", as the box so bluntly put it. I figured maybe they'd think you'd want to see just how well the pump was working while it was in action… but apparently not. The rest of the pump is the exact same color, kind of an off shade of green. Pretty much the standard Glow in the Dark when its not glowing color you've seen all your life.

So after a quick inspection I decided to dive right in. The instructions are pretty simple, but I'll simplify them even more "Get Hard, Apply Lube, Insert, Pump, Enjoy." I followed these instructions and was treated to a slightly pleasant experience to start with.

The first thing I noticed was that the initial insertion into the tube wasn't particularly easy. I'm not over well endowed (7.5" Medium Girth), but I found the width of the sleeve you insert into wasn't very accommodating to me. This should have been my first clue to hold off and decide against using it, but stupidly I pressed on.

The first few pumps were overall pretty pleasurable. There was a slightly odd feeling of a vacuum forming around your erection, but pleasurable none the less. Then as I began to pump a few more times it started to create almost a throbbing feeling. Whether or not this is normal I don't know as this is my first use of a Penis Pump, but either way it didn't feel good at all. When that started happening I decided, "OK, Game Over, I'm Done." So I released the suction using the handy little button right on the pumping ball and began to pull my erection out of the sleeve. This is where I had my big, "Wait That's Not Good" moment.

As I was trying to pull out, the head of my erection didn't want to come out of the sleeve of the Penis Pump. Obviously as any male would, with my penis trapped in what my mind was starting to think was some type of trap, I started to get a bit nervous. I tried a bit more pulling and still no avail. Finally I reached my index finger in between my erection and the sleeve to hopefully open it up enough to pull myself out and finally success. Mind you pushing your finger between a pretty much solid erection and an overly tight rubber sleeve didn't feel too particularly good. But none the less I was out of it. The erection that the Extender II supposedly made, "Steel Hard" went away in about a millisecond after that experience.

I quickly packaged the toy back up, and don't really ever plan on playing with it again. The experience was lackluster at best and slightly scary. What I thought would be a fun little thing to try, out turned out not pleasurable in the least. But there is one upside... it Glows!
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  • Sammi
    This looks awesome - too bad it didn't work very well!
  • bodymodboy
    I am so sorry you had such a bad experience! Borderline scary, indeed.

    Maybe it's for alien penises?
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Good review. Please proof read. Sorry this thing was a FAIL! Check my reviews out if you can.
  • Kcito
    the color is cool.
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