26 Nights: A Sexual Adventure - cd by Random House Audio - review by gone77

26 Nights: A Sexual Adventure

CD by Random House Audio

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8 hours of 26 nights? No thanks.

Instead of inducing arousal, this audio erotica tale induced boredom. And restlessness. And, eventually, sleepiness. The narrator has a great voice but he narrates for the wrong genre.
Great production
Male narrator playing female roles, lacks heat, passion,boring
Rating by reviewer:
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If it wasn't obvious from my title, 26 Nights: A Sexual Adventure, is an audio erotica tale that I could not get into. The premise is this: A guy makes a bet with a woman that he can make love to 26 women across the alphabet--A-Z. He sets off to win this bet, bedding all manner of women. Simple, yes? Boring as well.

The narrator, Bill Morgan, is a polished radio and television voice actor and it shows, annoyingly so. That perfect voice works well in commercials but is not conducive to an erotic setting. Ever word is perfectly enunciated but parlays no heat in his sexual escapades. It's all so dry and perfect. Also, he does the voices for the women and that was a bad business move. I had (naively) hoped there would be an unlisted cast of females to provide the counterpoint to the man; alas it was not to be.

Another complaint I have is it's too descriptive. I get that with audio erotica you need to set the scene for the listener, but I wish it had been edited better. Much of the language and adjectives made it come off as pretentious and not sexy. I mean, really, "salubrious"...completely unsexy. Some might find this enjoyable...it might be right up their alley. But it fell ridiculously short for me. This will not become part of my erotic audio collection. I would provide a brief breakdown of each scene but with at least 26 sex scenes, I'd end up going over the word limit. And bore you as well.

All of that said, it does have great production value. I can appreciate Mr. Morgan's voice for what it is even if it fails to excite me. I have a thing for voices and under different circumstances he'd be a treat to listen to, say perhaps a non-erotic fiction novel. But please, Mr. Morgan, stay away from erotica.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    I'm totally with you on this. A man doing the female parts would ruin any mood he'd managed to set. Also, if I have to stop and Google a word, you've lost me. And it's not like I have a 6th grade vocabulary. Fail, Mr. Morgan...fail.

    Thanks for the review!
  • El-Jaro
    nothing would get me out of the mood faster than a guy trying to sound like a woman!

    What about the background sounds, were there any?
  • Mamastoys
    A movie that causes boredom is never a good thing! I have one of those too. Sorry it was such a flop!
  • gone77
    Laurel: Same here. Language in erotica doesn't have to be over-simplistic, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. And you're welcome!

    Mr. Sauce: There aren't any background noises at all, just Mr. Morgans voice.

    Mamastoys: Actually, this is an audio book. But I agree: A movie that causes boredom is a horrible thing!
  • Sammi
    That's too bad they didn't use women for those voices. Sounds like a great concept, but bad execution Smile
  • gone77
    That's exactly what it is, Sammi. Smile
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