Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrinanna's Dangerous Mind by Vivid - review by Tuesday

A dangerous mind revealed

The scenes acted out in this video offer quite a bit of variety. While only some of the sex in this video was rough, you can't say any of it was ordinary or boring. The last scene went too far however. It was inventive and fun to watch with the exception of the disturbing final scene which sensitive viewers may want to avoid.
Variety of scenes, beautiful actors, toys used in several scenes
Some will find the "Safety" scene to be disturbing
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This is the third in Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex series of videos. This one includes five fantasies of Adrianna Nicole. She chooses not only the fantasies but the actors. Intermixed between and during these scenes are interviews with the actors. Adrianna explains her idea for each scene and the actors discuss their desire to participate and their thoughts on rough sex. Its quite creative.

Scene 1 - “Mouth” Jiz Lee
This fantasy was intended to emulate David Bowie’s Life on Mars video. Most of this scene is very washed out and white. I thought this was a mistake on the camera man’s part until I watched the David Bowie video which is equally washed out. Jiz Lee dressed in a similar light blue pant suit that was used in the video. The two women are together on a couch. Jiz leads the action in this scene but it wasn’t terribly rough. A marvelous number of toys make their appearance here. Jiz wears Outlaw and wears him well I must say. She not only uses Outlaw on Adrianna (using spit, not lube) but the Pure Wand, the Magic Wand and even Eleven! Throughout the scene, both women look like they're really enjoying themselves, even when Adriana is licking Jiz's eyes. True to the name for this scene, Jiz repeatedly shoves her hand into Adrianna's mouth, then into her own like she's giving Adrianna and herself a strange, disturbing dental exam. Mouth fisting? I was unable to relate to that part of Adrianna’s fantasy.

Scene 2 - “Cash” Ramon Nomar
In this fantasy, Ramon pays Adrianna for sex. Because he's paying, she must do whatever he says. He's buying a fantasy. During the pre-interview Ramon says he likes to do what the woman wants. If she doesn't like it, he won't enjoy it either. He begins by asking her to masturbate. She whips out a Magic Wand, a toy he apparently has never seen before. After a short time with the Magic Wand, Ramon takes the vibrator away from her. She seems beside herself at this development. I so wished I could turn his volume up and hers down. She cried out in pleasure too much and I could only understand about half of what he said. At one point her mascara is smeared outrageously under her eyes, but when she looks at him he tells her she's beautiful. And she is! This scene included anal and spit was again the lube of choice. He has a very nice body and has clearly logged hours at the gym. He finishes in her mouth, but stays marvelously hard and they go for seconds in a luxurious shower where he is able to come a second time. She said in the after-interview that she stayed on set for several hours afterward because she was so affected by her time with Ramon that she didn't feel ok to drive.

Scene 3 - “Permission” Jada Fire
Jada totally dominates Adrianna from the very start. Jada is as beautiful as she is dominant and takes to controlling Adrianna like a natural. The Eleven makes an appearance again. Adrianna enjoys the Eleven so much that it makes me want it even though I know its too big for me. Jada straps one on and makes Adrianna deep throat her. I can't quite tell what dildo was used in this scene but it looks a Vixskin product. After Adrianna comes, Jada uses the Magic Wand, apparently for the first time. It was a joy to watch her use it. She comes very fast with it, then tosses it aside saying its too good. On the cover, Jada is shown topless with her gorgeous breasts exposed as Adrianna gives her a blow job. In the video, Jada’s breasts remained covered. Sigh.

Scene 4 - “Jock” Nat Turner, Keni Styles, Prince Yahshua, Evan Stone
This scene stems from a dream where Adrianna has sex with men she doesn't know in a locker room, giving her the thrill of anonymous sex. Once again I felt the need for more volume on the men. Initially, only hunky, muscular Nat is in the locker room. I couldn’t help wondering whether he was the model for Lone star. As Nat and Adrianna are in progress, two other men walk in and watch them in amusement. Sweat is dripping down Nat by the end. So sexy.

There are multiple actor interviews interspersed in this scene. Nat leaves and the two newcomers take turns with her. This isn’t a gangbang fantasy. There are some hot moments when we see one jacking off while the other receives attention, but mostly they take turns with only one appearing with her at a time.
As Keni finishes in her mouth the camera moves out and we see Evan Stone showering right next to them. This scene isn't very rough, I must say, until Evan arrives. He knows how to dominate. He puts a jock strap over her face at one point and holds in on her. He finishes on her face.

More interviews with actors, as well as outtakes, conclude this scene. She had to wait awhile after this scene before leaving the set too.

Scene 5 - “Safe” Is she willing to cross the line into darkness? Prince Yahshua, Steve Holmes
This fantasy revolves around the theme of safety. Adrianna has sex in public with her boyfriend, a mildly unsafe activity, then has sex with a stranger who happens upon them to please her boyfriend who watches from a distance. The stranger, Steve Holmes, is quite rough with her. Logically, I knew it was her fantasy and that crying was part of her fantasy, but the fact that she looked like she was in pain and that she cried during much of the scene ruined it for me. It was too much like watching a rape scene. She did not look like she enjoyed it.

We then see her back at home having non-rough sex again with her boyfriend - safe once again.

The actor interviews for this scene turned into an annoying complement-each-other festival.

Special Features
Photo Gallery
Safer Sex Instruction
- really interesting demonstration of techniques, including how to make a tongue/mouth condom. This part also includes an excellent discussion by Tristan Taormino about how to safely choke someone.
Bonus Scenes - Adrianna and Manuel, Adrianna and James, Adrianna and Mark. The last bonus scene, with Mark, was outstanding. A variety of different bondage gear was used in this scene. Mark is quite a take charge kind of man.
Vivid extras
- an ad for and vivid products
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