The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men - guides to a better sex by Cleis Press Inc. - review by Hunter Rhodes

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A Field Guide For Men Exploring Around the Back Door

This is a great book with good information and a supportive tone ideal for the guy who wants to explore the pleasures that men are told they aren't supposed to enjoy.
Clear, direct discussion. Strong focus on safety and health. Great for the anal novice.
It's an Ultimate Guide for beginners, so don't expect a catalog of positions and tricks.
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extremely useful review
The |The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men by Bill Brent is a great choice for a man who wants to learn more about experiencing anal pleasure by himself or with others. This book addresses the range of men who have only wondered about anal penetration with a finger to those who want to begin fisting. Brent’s book is a must read for the anal curious or novice.

The author focuses mostly on helping men as “receivers” but also talks to men who want to penetrate someone else. Men who have experimented and experienced a lot with anal play should know this is not a book about 101 new anal sex positions and tricks for the back-door savvy: it’s really the Ultimate Guide for beginners. While women will find useful information, there is a lot of good material here that speaks to a male audience and probably some material missing that would truly benefit a woman.

Brent covers all the necessary topics of discussion always framed in terms of safety and good health. The author doesn’t moralize but provides honest information regarding health risks associated with choices. Brent starts by speaking to men’s basic fears about and barriers to anal pleasure, as well as providing a primer on relevant male and female anatomy|The anatomy of anal sex. Using clear description and a few diagrams, Brent takes the reader through the process of penetration and learning how to relax for anal play. The author also talks about selecting and using toys, lubes, and harnesses.

Throughout the book Brent addresses hygiene options for both body and toys. While the advice on hygiene may sometimes seem excessive, in so doing Brent provides you with a range of options for maintaining the safest anal experience (e.g., a three step toy disinfecting process [Author’s note: Because I don’t share toys the process is a bit much for me.]).

For those already familiar with anal pleasures, Brent provides some information that may open new options for you. He includes a chapter on fisting, another that gives a brief overview of S/M, scat play and several other fetishes, and a chapter on recreational drug use and sex. The resource chapter on further reading, viewing, and shopping at the end of the book is quite nice. I was only slightly disappointed with the chapter on communication. While the book does address introducing anal play to a partner and ways to keep safe communication during anal intercourse, I would like to have heard a little more, especially since this book is for those who are just starting.

For the man considering or just starting anal play this is a great read—a real field guide for the (male) anal novice. It may also fill in a few gaps for the experienced anal enthusiast but probably not too many. If you or your man are wondering about anal exploration, this is an ideal pick.
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  • Do you think the 'material missing that would benefit a woman' is more along the lines of info that would benefit a woman looking to receive? It seems that this book would be very useful for anyone on the giving end of penetration to a man...
  • Dame Demi
    Good review.  Why does "Recreational Drug Use and Sex" seem out of place here? (not making moral judgements, just wouldn't look for that info in a guide to anal sex for men)
  • Hunter Rhodes
    Cock Wrangler, thanks for the clarifying question. Yes, the book is great for, and written primarily to, a man receiving anal penetration from himself or someone else. My comment about "missing" material for women was meant for the woman receiving: thanks for catching my assumption. I would think there are probably some issues that women experiencing anal stimulation may need to consider. I only offer that as one of those, "I'm not a woman, so I don't really know," observatons.
  • Nashville
    I'm not sure if I would want a book that encourages me to go out and do drugs...
  • Hunter Rhodes
    In response to Sleeping Dreamer. The book does not encourage illegal drug use. It merely confronts the reality that some do combine anal sex and recreational drugs and provides the appropriate information.
  • RAVEN 1826
    Nice job! There was information I didn't know? Myths, Phobias, Truth, and Acceptance. Yeah, It did describe Hygene, Lubricants, And Virious Matierials Such as rubber, silicone, jelly, you get the idea? Also precautions you might want to look into before you go to butt wild!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • dudemeister
    Thanks for the great review.
  • Falsepast
    "Dont expect positions & tricks" thats actually exactly what i expected
  • RAVEN 1826
    Anal Sex and Drug Use

    I feel, this book doesn't discriminate against drug use. I feel it clearly states if your willing to use drugs during anal sex? Be cautious cause, our judgement could be compromised with the use of mood or mind altering chemical's. Just because I rather not use drugs doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't use them.
    Anal Sex is a very sensitive place. It can be very pleasurable. I believe there are risk's involved in using controlled substances for added pleasure or comfort. Hopefully I would better learn my about body knowing my mind is clear...

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