Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Fellatio - dvd by Vivid - review by Bila

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A Tasty Treat from Tristan Taormino

A great addition to your DVD library, this item will help you gain confidence in your fellatio skills as well as provide tricks to build endurance.
- Very well organized
- Tips are acted out for clarity
- Pleasant and natural cast
- Possibly over-organized
- The infomercial style of the Fellatio Workshop is under explored.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I originally requested this product despite a very thorough existent review because within a 6 year long relationship, despite hundreds of attempts, I could still count the amount of times my man came out of my efforts alone on one hand. Sadly, after several weeks of owning this DVD, my stats have not yet improved. Despite tricks for treating one's neck more respectfully, minimizing gagging and stopping one's hands from cramping up in an effort to keep going until the job is done, I still did all of those things except the latter.

However, please don't be discouraged by my utter lack of endurance: The DVD is good, it's just not magic. What it IS however is very informative and well organized. In fact, these are the things you will find on its menu:

Play Feature
Fellatio Workshop
- Anatomy
- Roxy & Christian
- Warm Up
- Experiment
- Rhythm
- Questions
Kaiya & Alec (With or Without Instructions)
- Interview
- Tease
- On His Back
- Sixty-Nine
- Standing on Bed
- Cum Shot
Lindsey & Marcos (With Instructions)
- Interview
- Hand Job
- On His Back
- Edge of the Bed
- On Her Back
- Sitting Up
- Sixty Nine
- Cum Shot
Adrianna & Alec (Advanced Techniques)
- Interview
- Deep Throating
- Deep Face Thrusting
- Upside Down
Fellatio Styles (Without Instructions)
- Sensual
- Submissive
- Hand to Mouth
- Sloppy
- Sixty-Nine
Fellatio with an Uncircumsized Penis
Fellatio & Prostate Stimulation
Cast Interviews
Vivid Products
Safer Sex
Behind the Scenes

All in all, I very much enjoyed this item and think it is probably MOST worth it if you are new to fellatio or feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of it, have a boyfriend who finds it harder to ejaculate through fellatio and/or don't already own The Guide to Getting It On.

I will however take one star away because I would have enjoyed seeing some of the class participants put some of the tips they had recently learned to use and report upon them.
I personally very much enjoyed the Behind the Scenes feature with Lindsey & Marcos. Their chemistry was clearly natural and showed that a sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to creating a pleasant sexual setting. But one of my favorite parts was probably the impromptu Lube Taste Test, which I think would be a great addition to a sex toy presentation party.
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  • Victoria
    I feel for you - it takes time and being really comfortable but because you're interested, I think you're on the right path. Did you try the edge of the bed position? That's a personal favorite.
  • Bila
    Alas, I do not currently have a bed (my mattress is on the floor) and even my couch is pretty low so because we rarely stay at my boyfriend's place, we tend to be a little limited in that regard.

    We still manage to have a LOT of pleasure, it's just the ejaculation through oral that we rarely get to by my efforts alone. This said, if the "final outcome" were the sole focus of our sexual encounters, I think I would have stopped going down a long time ago. As it is, it just tends to be a very enjoyable half hour that often times is either finished by him with a less hands on participation on my part, or followed by other sexual activities and that is still immensely pleasurable. I'm just not giving up hope of mastering my man's cock just yet. Winking
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I have the Gag Reflex from Hell and a very small mouth with huge teeth (AKA, little mouth room), but most men I've been with find it sexy, since it makes them "feel big." Still, I have yet to give up on my quest to deep throat. This vid also has Roxy DeVille in it, so I'm in!
  • Juliettia
    I might have to look into this DVD, it seems like it features tons of great information that could be useful. I too have pitiful endurance.
  • Bila
    I thought Roxy was alright in this, but none of the other actors were as personable as Lindsey and Marcos. I think they made a wonderful pair as neither of them seemed to be acting (something I find to be rare in the industry) and would love to see more of them in the future.
  • I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks
  • I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too...
  • Terri69
    Thanks for the great review!
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