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Short Strokes

Book by Amerotica

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Adults Only! It's the New Version of Comics...

Richard Moore is an imaginative artist. His work is playful, sexy and well done. The book is enjoyable graphic porn.
There is flexibility in story lines, scenes and emotions. Everything is superbly drawn.
The use of same characters across stories was initially confusing.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Richard Moore is a superb and slightly twisted artist. We all love a little bit of kink, and I loved his creativity. I love to read and have explored a great deal of erotica. I also enjoy porn. This is the first time that I've seen a graphic novel that focused on adult porn/erotica. I was able to read this entire book in about 20 minutes.

It's 60 full size pages, 12 of which are in full color. I know something about printing, and although the full color bit is true, it's also misleading. The color pages are primarily one story--"Meg Pictorial" (or "She always gets her man"). The first page of Meg, the last page, a pinup (the next "story") and the cover of the next "story" are full color. The remainder are the sepia, golden and black tones of old time western pictures. They're wonderful pictures and I loved them, but 8 pages to me are not "full color".

The easiest way to describe the book is to start with each story. The table of contents lists 11, but they aren't all stories. The "Meg Pictorial" is cross between an old fashioned bounty hunter in the west and an alien. She's female and mostly wears leather chaps so that her luscious female self attracts the men she's after. This story is a photo shoot with the interviewer--it's Playboy style.

"Agent of Snafu" is a bit more interesting. She's making first contact with an alien species that look like lions. Pacification by peaceful means. That involves removal of her uniform and inviting them to fuck their way up the evolutionary ladder! Back on her ship...They are placing bets that she'll cum 5 times before she remembers that she's transmitting!

Then there are "M'Lady" pinups. Nice, but nothing special. A teenage boy could get away with them on his wall without mom having too much of a fit unless he lived in the deep south. The next two pages I found to be just silly: "M'Lady fun pages" and "M'Lady maze". The fun pages involve a 'draw what's missing' page, the maze involves a chastity belt and maze that she needed to be rescued from.

I enjoyed "M'Lady: Allergy season." The princess went for a walk in the flowers with her dragon. He kept sneezing off parts of her clothes till she walked back into town with nothing on. Then there were two pages of "Boneyard: The risque ads" which I just missed the point of.

There's a story called "Jumpstart" which also has a cover in color way back at the beginning. This one was fun. The mad scientist goes after her mellow female lab assistant because the robot does not cooperate. Then, another story with just pin ups- several pages this time.

Then "Holed Up". Love the innocent little girl that turns out to be a bounty hunter this time. There are scenes with cock everywhere and DP in that one!
I'm not sure that erotic graphic novels are my favorite material. I admit to being confused by the "pinups" in the middle of some of the stories. I liked the stories much more.

I'm very fond of some of the graphic scenes in this book though and the mind takes you places that a picture will start. This book is inexpensive and a well-designed book. Out of 60 pages, I'd probably guess that I enjoy about 45. That makes it a win for any type of erotic novel.
Follow-up commentary
I gave this book to my husband. He loved one story, and hid the book. So well that he lost it. I have memories of sexy women and lots of cocks. One day this very sexual comic book is going to be fond, but it seems to have disappeared. I wish that I could say more.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    So, is this mostly a pinup book, or does it also have a lot of sexual activity?
  • Dragon
    It's a mix. "Agent of Snafu", and "Holed Up" are the two stories that are primarily scenes of extensive fucking. One women in the hands of multiple men/beasts and surrounded by their cocks/cum in every possible position. Highly graphic. "Jumpstart" was also a story with sexual activity, but I found it less entertaining as a story personally and the sexual scenes there left more to the imagination. "Meg" is like a penthouse photoshoot with a storyline. It was actually one of my favorite stories from both the sexual and pictorial view- but it had no sexual activity- unless you count the beating scene at the end!

    My husband has the book at the moment. I'm going to use his opinion for a follow up. My guess is that about 20 pages show multi-partner vigorous sexual activity. A lot of the rest is designed to whet you appetite.
  • Dragon
    My husband is currently distracted by the line, "Push harder. That ass isn't going to fuck itself!" He's supposed to be at work!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very nice review!
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