Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out - review by Miss B Haven

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out

DVD by Reel Queer Productions

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And come out they did

This film is fun and encourages safe sex practices during all sexual contact. It reminds me of a reality t.v. show instead of a porno. There are sex scenes that cut away to video confessionals allowing the participants to express how they feel the film is going and elaborate on the experiences.
Easy to follow, natural bodies, real orgasms.
Some scenes were heard through others, a few parts were slow moving.
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useful review

Content / Genre / Audience

Seven Minutes in Heaven - Coming Out is definitely geared toward lesbian and gender queer women. Though there is no denying that heterosexual men will probably enjoy watching this since their are a bunch of cute women getting it on. Even open-minded hetero women may enjoy this film to satisfy any curiosity. The cast has a wide range of body types and sex style so it is easy to find a scene you will enjoy.

As the title suggests this film centers around a slumber party and some favorite games played at them. It starts us off with Spin the Bottle, though the actual game of Seven Minutes in Heaven would have been just as appropriate.

Spin the Bottle gets the cast familiar with one another as the director, award winning Courtney Trouble, has allowed them to pick their own partners and sex toys and encourages them to get off however they feel. A secondary game of Truth or Dare leads the film in a several directions from cozy couple sex, gang bangs, spanking sessions, and strap-on play.
    • Fetish
    • Queer
    • Strap-on


There are seven fresh-faced, all-natural cast members in this movie. They each introduce themselves in the beginning of the film which gives you a little insight to their personalities.

First up is Joline Parton who is a cutesy, softer player in this party but still knows all the right moves. Sarah Lee Sinful is a first-timer all around but ends up letting go and enjoying herself to heart's content. Carson is the more experienced of the group and lends her knowledge to show the others how to use strap-ons and demonstrates her spanking skills in various ways. Sophia is a newbie when it comes to group situations and cameras but she did a great job of getting involved and getting off. Puck Goodfellow is a very interesting character, transguy, full of energy and likes to be a part of everything going on. Tina Horn refers to herself as a 'sleazy, rock 'n roll fagot', which very much suites her actions in this film. Last but certainly not least is Jae, a quiet, submissive addition that balances out the ensemble.
    • All female cast
    • Good chemistry

DVD Features

The dvd itself has only a few options:
Play the video in its entirety
Scenes - there are twelve to choose from
Photo Gallery - Plays a slide show of movie stills
Movie Trailers - The trailers to three of Courtney Trouble's other movies
    • Not very discreet packaging
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

There were a few scenes that 'bleed' into each other. For example, in a scene about strap-ons, two actors are demonstrating how to use and play with strap-ons. In the background you can hear a group of women enjoying themselves quite loudly. It made hearing the soft speaking of the strap-on scene almost impossible and it also distracted the actors. They actually pause to have a look at what is happening in the other room but the camera does not move to show you what you what they are looking at.

Later in the film you do get to see the 'bleed-in' scene and consequently you can hear the strap-on scene in the background of it - as the actors tried to talk over the noise. Several scenes are like this. It does give the film a more 'realistic' feel but I don't want to watch distracted actors when I am interested in what they are doing.

It actually becomes a little comical after a while. I made a game of it to see if I could match the 'bleed-ins' to the original scenes I first heard them in. I did pretty good too :) There is some fun upbeat music that plays but it too can be drowned out by the occasional 'bleed-in'.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Could you explain what you mean by "some scenes were heard through others"? Sounds like a fun film to watch, equal parts educational and entertaining. Great review!
  • Miss B Haven
    Thank you Cynthia (aka Miss Cinnamon). This was my first movie review so thank you so much for any questions or comments you have.

    When I say "some scenes were heard through others" I refer to parts that as your watching, say the 'strap-on' scene between two people, in the background you can hear a gang scene going on so it distracts from the scene your watching and it also distracts the performers as well.

    I hope that clarifies that for you. I will go in and add more detail - it could use better explaining. Thank you again!
  • Sammi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Miss B Haven
    Thank you Sammi
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