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Anal massage for lovers

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Since it is often unclear what techniques the couples in this video are actually using, I would only recommend this volume to couples who are nervous about anal massage and want to see how other couples incorporate anal play into their erotic moments.
Instructional segment was clear and to the point.
Sometimes difficult to tell what techniques where being used in the demonstration portion.
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Anal Message for Lovers, Vol.2 is the second DVD in a two part instructional series designed to introduce viewers to the art of erotic anal touch. Volume 2 is divided into six segments; a five minute introduction by sex educators and real life partners Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence, a fifteen minute segment titled “Rosebud Massage” that walks the viewer through five basic anal message techniques, and four 20-30 min segments showing real life couples incorporating theses technique into their lovemaking.

The introduction is quite brief and to the point. Queen and Lawrence address the viewers from a comfortable looking couch and provide a brief introduction to each of the couples featured in the following segments. They stress the importance of communication and trust when exploring anal message.

The “Rosebud Massage” segment of the DVD is a fifteen minute introduction to five very specific techniques for anal touch. The segment is narrated by Queen and Lawrence while the techniques are demonstrated by the four couples featured later in the DVD. The techniques covered focus on external anal message and include “Wake up the area,” “Stretches,” “Glides,””Elbow” (called “surprisingly sensuous” by the narrators), “Doorbell” (“makes the rosebud hungry”), and “Quiet holding.” I found the visual demonstration of the techniques along with the narration to be quite useful. It was also nice that all four couples demonstrated all the techniques. Each masseuse/masseur preformed every technique slightly differently. Overall, I felt that I had a good feel for a range of ways each of the basic moves could be adapted and what each type of touch was designed to accomplish. The only complaint I have about this segment of the DVD is the odd pan flute music used as the sound track. I personally found it strange and distracting.

After the instructional portion, the DVD moves on into segments that show couples incorporating the massage techniques into their lovemaking. The first couple, Tho and Ursula, is a heterosexual couple experimenting with prostate message. The narrators inform us that this is Tho’s first experience with prostate message. I get the feeling it won’t be his last experience since he appears to enjoy himself quite a bit. In general the lighting and camera angles are quite good and it was pretty easy to follow the external massage techniques being used. Once the focus of the massage switched to internal prostate message, however, the techniques became invisible and there was no narration to explain what methods where being employed. Whatever they where they certainly seemed effective for Tho!

The next couple, Ben and Joe, is a homosexual male couple. Once again it is easy to follow the external message, and as an added plus Ben actually explains what he is doing during the internal portion of Joe’s massage. There are a few odd camera angles in this segment, and I find the didgeridoo music playing in the background to be distracting. Overall, however, I found this segment to be very informative.

The third couple, Kitty and Robin, is a lesbian couple trying out anal message techniques for the first time. It was actually somewhat difficult to see the techniques used in this segment due Kitty’s ample bottom, but the ladies are both enthusiastically vocal about the techniques being used.

The final couple, Roy and Suz, is another heterosexual couple. This couple demonstrates anal message techniques in combination with vaginal intercourse and also in combination with vuvla message and vibration. Once again it is not always clear exactly which anal message techniques are being employed, but Suz clearly enjoys the techniques, whatever they are. The classical music that accompanies this segment is somewhat loud, but far less annoying to me than the pan flute and didgeridoo music playing during the first segments of the video.

The last three segments are also accompanied by a “Lover’s Commentary” where the couples address the camera and talk about their feelings about and experiences with anal play. All of the featured couples are real life couples and the sexual play in the segments is very intimate and tender. No faked orgasms in this video. No fake breasts either. All of the people featured on this DVD have “real” life bodies. The result is a very different look and feel from conventional porn.

Overall, I felt that the 15 minute instructional portion of the DVD was by far the most interesting/useful part of the entire video. I didn’t so much enjoy the rest of the video. For me, the love making scenes were too difficult to follow to be truly instructional, but too instructional to be erotic.
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