Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together - lgbt video by Comstock Films - review by Essin' Em

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Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together review

Comstock FIlms has created yet another erotic, intelligent and enticing film. Damon and Hunter are two attractive and intellectual guys who discuss sex and their relationship before having an incredibly hot and arousing sex scene. What more could you want from your porn?
Connection between emotional and physical, get to know the stars, really hot!
Some people may just want plain ol' sex.
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I know, I know. You're thinking "what the hell is this dyke doing watching gay porn?"

Yes, I am watching gay porn. Actually, the number of queer women who enjoy watching gay male porn is quite surprising. And the why is quite evident in this film. It's another film from Comstock Films, who does the "Sexumentary" style of movie. Basically, you have a really hot, real life couple that just talks for the first half of the film. A novel concept, people talking in porn. However, that's really what does it for me!

Damon and Hunter|Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together and two incredibly intelligent young men that are clearly head over heels for each other. They speak a bit to how they met, how they got together, and how long it took them to start having sex. More interesting to me was some of their commentary on receiving pleasure vs. receiving pleasure from giving pleasure, and why more and more straight women are starting to enjoy watching gay porn.

Granted, one might not want this type of conversation in their wank-off material. But I do! I think intellect is incredibly sexy, and getting to know more about them before they fucked really drew me into the movie. And it doesn't hurt that both guys are super cute; one even looks a bit like Orlando Bloom (if he was Canadian). By having that connection that I got from hearing them talk, I was able to really enjoy the second half of the film, where they have some amazing sex.

Oral, hand jobs, anal, general fucking, kissing; you name it, these boys are doing it. After hearing them talk, and then watching them fuck, you can really see how much respect and love for one another there is in this relationship, and that made the sex so much more passionate to me. Now, you could watch just the sex; that is certainly an option, and it is definitely hot on its own. However, what really made this film so outstanding for me was the bridge between the emotional and the physical.

It's important to note that just because there is talking and dialogue, this doesn't make it any less sexual. When they fuck, it's incredibly arousing (and that's from a woman that isn't the biggest fan of the penis party), and fairly hardcore; don't expect them to cut away at the good parts (but they also don't disassociate body parts by just zooming in on crotch shots).

The concept is amazing, the guys are fabulous, the cinematography is outstanding, and I can safely say that Comstock Films has made yet another wonderful film that I am proud to add to my collection.

If you're not into gay male sex, they also have 3 movies with straight couples, and 1 with a lesbian couple. I've seen them all, and give them all high marks!
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  • Dame Demi
    I've seen these DVD's in catalogs and online for quite some time and have always been curious about them, since they look so awesome.  Thanks for a really informative review!
  • This sorta-bi girl also loves watching men fuck.  Esp. these two men.  Tony Comstock knows what he's doing.
  • Yes, Tony Comstock is totally in the know :)

    And Dame Demi - highly recommend! 
  • Viv
    as another dyke who loves gay porn (it confuses people so much, but whatever), this sounds really interesting.  great review!
  • I've seen several of these. They definitely cater to the supposed female porn watcher. I'm personally not that into the talking parts, because when I'm in the mood for porn, I want porn. But I can see other people really enjoying them, because some people really hate watching strangers fuck. In any case, the sex in all of these is fabulous. I only wish they weren't so expensive.
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Mmm, looks good! I do agree with Ephiphora though, when im in the mood for porn, i want action-packed, in your face, straightforward porn. If this weren't so expensive, i would definitely check this one out since it involves two men having sex! mm!
  • This sounds hot!

    Now I just need to find someone to watch it with.  ;) 
  • Saurou - Glad it's not just me.

    Epiphora and Foxxy - the nice part is you *can* just go to the sex, and it's still bloody hot!

    Pria - I'm SURE you can find SOMEONE.  Have a porn party :) I do it occasionally, and it's always a ton of fun! 
  • DominaDoll01
    Great review Essin' Em!  I've been wanting to see a Comstock Film for a while now.  Now I can't wait.
  • Domina - It's oh so worth it.  I hope you like them!
  • Safo Garcia
    Yes, queer ladies do often get off on smart, real sex of all flavors. Mainstream gay porn doesn't usually do it for me, but this type of porn is right ip my ally. Great review!
  • Essin' Em
    Safe Garcia - Agreed.  I can't just watch any cock and any ass, but Comstock really brings together the passion and emotions as well as the sex.  Intelligent, ethical porn...doesn't get much better :)
  • M121212
    This looks great.
  • jankit
    Great explanation of what this film entails! And I do like a little intellectualism with my fucking, thanks.
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