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Evan Essence

DVD by Inpulse Pictures

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Evan Essence review

A move consisting of 5 sex scenes with no plot and no dialogue. It is very sensual in places and has terrific music.
The first, second and last scenes are very erotic and well done. Evan Stone is gorgeous!
Two scenes are lame: the one set in the 50's is about as erotic as watching snails cross the road.
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This movie says that it is made 'for women who love men.' Okay, if they say so...

The Evan Essence|Evan Essence consists of five separate scenes, each set in a different decade, beginning with the 40's and going to the 70's. There is no plot and no dialogue, which is a big plus for me. Porn plots tend to be so lame, and let's face it, not many porn stars can actually act. After all, don't we watch them to see the sex anyway? This just cuts to the chase. It features original music which is actually pretty good, another real plus.

The hit of this movie is Evan Stone. He is in the first scene and the last. He is gorgeous, and just oozes sensuality with his partner. The first scene, set in the 40's, is very erotic. There is a lot of sensual foreplay and slow sex. The final scene, set in the 70's, is one of the most erotic scenes I have ever seen in a porno. His partner paints him with body paint and it is filmed exquisitely. This scene also features the only anal sex|Erotic fantasies about anal sex in the movie, and the couple actually appear to be really enjoying it.

The worst scene in the movie, in my opinion, is the one set in the 50's, and unfortunately it is also the longest scene. It features two men who really look like they would be a lot happier having sex with one another than with the women. The oral is so drawn out that it gets boring and made me wonder if these guys were even capable of reaching orgasm. Apparently they weren't because in the end, they both had to jack off for awhile. It was really lame.

But really, the first scene, the second one and the last scene make up for the two that are not as good. When I watch it again, I will make use of the fast forward button! And I would watch it again, which is high praise from me for a porn movie.

Now, as to the idea that this movie was made for women: I gave a lot of thought to why the makers would say this. It is filled with the usual stuff like the women performing oral on the men for extended periods with not much reciprocal cunnilingus from the men. The guys still pull out and cum on the women's breasts. I think the things that make this movie geared more towards women are the extended foreplay and kissing in some of the scenes, and the fact that all the men in this movie are good-looking and well-built. Oh, and the music.

Except for the scene from the 50's, I enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it. The last scene alone makes it worth the money.
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  • UrbanDurga
    I also don't much care for porno "plots". If I want to see plot, I'll rent Schindler's List. Thanks for the review!
  • M121212
    The different time periods sound cool.
  • iLashe
    sounds awesome. good music, no talking. sex. yes.
  • faust
    nice review
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