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From the Creator of "Passion UP!" and "Wild Stallion"

Suzie's narration will probably make you fall asleep, which she says is normal in the introductory track. Just don't listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. If you're a sexually repressed woman who thinks that sex is dirty and wrong, this CD may help you. If you're visiting this site and looking for toys to spice up your sex life, you may want to give it a pass.
It is relaxing and you probably will fall asleep, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
The assumptions the narrator makes about me as a listener is distracting and annoying.
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Content / Genre / Audience

This CD is specifically targeted to women, though it's unclear from the packaging if those women need to be in a heterosexual relationship or not, the session is explicitly directed toward heterosexual women. The CD makes several assumptions about its listener: 1) She has had negative sexual experiences that are inhibiting her from enjoying and pursuing sex; 2) She has been made to feel ashamed and embarrassed about sex and her own sexuality; 3) She has not been allowed to explore her own desire and arousal; 4) She is unwilling to become fully sexually aroused.

Performance / Quality

The CD contains two tracks: an introduction track which is about two minutes long, and the Mental Foreplay session, at about 42 minutes long. Because of the "hi-tech 3D audio," it is recommended that you wear headphones while listening to the CD. Both the introductory track and session are narrated by Suzie Johnson, CEO of MindSpa Audio. The track begins with soft, relaxing music with a low beat - similar to other relaxation CDs. Suzie begins to narrate, using audio effects to make her voice echo at different points throughout the session. Her voice varies from soothing to crisp and professional, which, when combined with the echo effect, is somewhat distracting. She speaks clearly and makes a point of enunciating, but at times it sounds as if she's getting over a head cold.

It isn't until 36 minutes into the session that the narration becomes graphically sexual. Up until that point, Suzie guides you through relaxation techniques, and an exercise in releasing negative memories and biases. In the midst of describing a scenario in which your clitoris is stroked by a very masculine man, Suzie tells you to release your distractions, enjoy better sex and become instantly aroused.

She then tells you to repeat the words "Sexually Excited," before coming out of your relaxed state.

Design / Packaging / Features

The CD is packaged in a standard jewel case, with a booklet. The back of the case claims the CD will reveal "5 Keys to Sexual Happiness: Release Distractions, Get Instantly Aroused, Enjoy Better Sex, Have More Orgasms, Intensify Afterglow."

This CD is the first product to use MindSpa's patent-pending 5-step process of self-hypnosis. According to the insert, you should listen to the CD several times in order to fully experience its claims.

Personal comments

This CD didn't do much for me; unsurprisingly, I'm not a sexually inhibited woman, nor am I unwilling to become aroused (as Suzie suggests in this recording). If you are looking for something to help you unwind and relax, it's nice, though possibly not the best out there. If you, as a woman, are specifically concerned that you aren't able to relax and engage in sex with a man because you've had negative or painful sexual experiences in the past, this CD may help you, but therapy will probably help you more. Because Suzie doesn't know you or what happened to you, it's tough to really relax and let her guide you unless you and your experiences sync with her expectations.

I had no idea what to expect from this CD when I got it, and I was thinking there may be some more explicit and arousing content. It's a very vanilla CD and doesn't get into anything explicitly sexual (besides the word 'sexual') until the last 8 minutes of the recording. Additionally, sound effects like loud applause and a man repeating "I WANT YOU," in an unnervingly monotone voice, are distracting and somewhat alarming more than arousing and relaxing.


While listening to this CD I did drift off for a few minutes. It was at the point in the recording that I was in a library burning books chronicling my negative sex experiences. At that point I drifted off and dreamt that I wasn't sure what books to burn since I haven't had many negative sex experiences, and certainly not any I'd really want or need to set fire to. So I stared pulling down whatever books I could grab, and began feeding them to a giant dog, who swallowed them whole, and then became constipated. I sat awkwardly in the library with a massive dog who whined while he tried to pass hardcover books in a comfortably furnished library with a cozy fire. It didn't really get better when I woke up, and I wound up more confused and bored than turned on and stimulated.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    I'm sorry this CD wasn't useful for you, but I was vastly entertained by your dream about feeding books to a dog. Smile Thanks for the review.
  • giggled
    I didn't think it would be great, but I was hoping it might be relevant to a wider audience. It was so specifically targeted, that's really what cost it so many stars.
  • ......
    Great review! Sorry it didn't work out for you but thanks for letting us all know about it.
  • El-Jaro
    Do you know if there was anything else in the audio? subliminal messages?

    I find this idea interesting, self-hypnosis, but the application needs to be very targeted.

    I like how you put your dream in...interesting.
  • giggled
    If there were subliminal messages, I suppose I'll find out. If I start making chicken noises during sex, I'll have quite a lot to say about it. As far as I can tell you, the effects were simply poor soundbites - a repeated clip of applause, an echo effect, etc. Nothing nearly as sophisticated as "3D audio" might have you believe. Rather than self-hypnosis, it was more like guided meditation where you visualize what's being described. In that respect, it is nice, but it becomes jarring when you're told to repeat the words "SEXUALLY EXCITED" three times while holding your thumb and index finger together.
  • Juliettia
    I had this on my wishlist because the description sounded interesting. Your review has changed my mind.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Good review!
  • giggled
    Thanks for all the great feedback!
  • Kayla
    Great review. Your dream made me giggle.
  • Sammi
    Wow - that was quite a dream! This isn't what I imagined it would be like.
    Good review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Outstanding review!
  • nerdgirl
    Thanks for the review!
  • beeauctie2
    thank you for the review
  • SilverIsis
    Good review. I'm dissapointed that this is not more "erotic" as it were. You dream had me laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair
  • mistressg
    Ohhh, this sounds bad. Sorry you didn't get a good product, at least you made it into a great review!
  • cocomo
    i have such crazy dreams too thanks!
  • Hunmax
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