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The Adventures of Buck Naked Director's Cut The Adventures of Buck Naked Director's Cut

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Genuine Pleasure of All Kinds

If you are curious about watching a hot man with a pussy fuck and be fucked, alone and with partners of various body-types, this is a great video for you. You'll see Buck with several partners and even more toys (something for everyone!), and the focus is on his genuine pleasure, unlike your typical porn featuring actors who frequently put on a very transparent show for the camera.
unique, pleasure-focused, authentic, non-traditional bodies
a few sound problems, variety of people and acts means every scene may not do it for you, short
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The basics: A porn DVD featuring Buck Angel, a female-to-male transexual, who looks 100% manly, except with a pussy and a very large clit. The packaging is typical for porn and not something you want to leave on your coffee table when your parents come to visit. During the hour, there are four main scenes and four "bonus scenes," which include Buck and a variety of other people, including Kitty (a cisgendered woman with a whole lot of piercings and tattoos), Bear Bud (another transman who has a little more meat on his bones and does a solo scene), and Dykeboy (a cisgendered male with dreadlocks), with bonus scenes featuring Lena Ramon and Bridgett Harrington (two very hot ladies). The DVD menu included links to all the scenes plus some still photographs to flip through. The "sets" seemed to be whichever locations were handy at the time, like someone's spare room or home gym, a secluded grassy area outside, or a hotel room. Not high budget, to be sure, but that is certainly not the aim of this movie.

As someone who has mostly watched pretty mainstream porn, I especially enjoyed the focus on the actual pleasure of the people involved. Everybody looked like they were genuinely enjoying the sex they were having without getting over-the-top about it, and the masturbation scenes seemed really authentic to me, rather than just being a pretty show for the camera. It was really nice to see blowjob scenes shot with the visual focus on the man's face and pleasure, instead of constant closeups of the cock and the woman's mouth the entire time. There was lots of condom use, which was great to see in porn for once. I was super jealous of Buck's clit, which is big enough and placed in such a way that it seems to rub on the dildos he was using. If only everybody with a clit could be so lucky!

I do have a few things that disappointed me about this DVD. There were a couple scenes where the music drowned out or completely replaced the sounds of the action, which is sad if you enjoy hearing people get off while seeing them. I could have gone without the music entirely and added a little more talking, whether it was talking dirty or just introducing the participants in a new scene. Bear Bud kept his t-shirt and socks on for his entire scene, which was a good 1/5 of the DVD. I enjoyed watching him get off, but I did feel like that scene dragged on a bit. The content was heavier on long masturbation scenes, while other scenes that I was really into seemed to end rather quickly. One of the first things that happens in one of the scenes is the removal and shoving aside of the wig Kitty was wearing, which seemed like an odd way to start things off. Kitty keeps showing up as a "fluffer" or assistant, and I felt a bit bad that she doesn't seem to be getting her fair share of attention sometimes. Maybe she enjoys playing that role, but I would have felt better about it if I had heard her say that herself before one of her scenes so I could relax.

Oh, and apologies in advance if I have unintentionally used offensive language or descriptions in my review. I've done my best to be supportive yet honest for people unfamiliar with the whole gender-queer community, but as an outsider myself, I realize that I may have overlooked something. I am thrilled to see people in porn with physical bodies of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and I want to thank them for sharing their sexual experiences with the world. I may not be attracted to everybody in the movie, but I am still glad they were in it.
I had been hearing great things about Buck Angel on my favorite sex podcasts, so I was really excited to get the chance to review this movie. I wasn't sure how exactly I would respond to Buck's body, but it was really interesting to watch. Not all of the scenes did it for me, but I don't expect every porn scene I see to feature my favorite activities and body-types. I found myself more attracted to the pleasure I witnessed than the individual actors, but those are just my personal preferences. I am not a big fan of piercings, so looking at Kitty's genitals makes me cringe and kind of ruined those scenes for me. But if you like piercings, you should definitely check her out. I also learned that I really don't care to watch closeups of cunnilingus.

I LOVED the bonus scenes with the ladies, especially Bridgett Harrington, who wore some fantastic retro lingerie and was curvy and beautiful. Buck was super hot in this, and I really enjoy watching him get off. I LOVED watching everybody genuinely enjoy themselves, actually, and I found it incredibly fascinating to see what other people with pussies actually do to get themselves off, because it was frequently different from my own habits. Then again, I often found myself cringing at how roughly clits were treated, because I knew my own clit would not enjoy the same sort of attention. The Hitachi Magic Wand makes my clit run in fear, so it is hard for me to enjoy scenes where someone else is using one in that way. Those are just my own weird preferences, though. Everybody has their own unique preferences when it comes to porn, so don't read too much into mine. I will probably not pull this video out frequently, but I am sure to watch it again someday and recommend it to my friends when the subject of porn comes up.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still happy to have seen this, but I haven't pulled it out again since the original review. I just don't watch a ton of porn. I have good memories of it, though, and I'm happy to have it on hand in case I'm in the mood for it again.
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  • Kkay
    Great review, covers a lot of what I was curious about with this title.
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    Thanks for the review - very thorough!
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    Thank you! Great review!
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    Thanks for the review! I liked how thorough you were about what to expect from this & also your sensitivity to the gender-queer! EF chose a good person for this, (as a free piece in exchange for a review), because you really approached it with an open mind. I, too, have seen/heard a lot about Buck Angel which is why I decided to check out your review; I think I would like to see this, or another one of his, myself! Thanks, I have enjoyed a few of your reviews so far.
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