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Hot Sex: How To Do It review

The information in this book is concisely organized and presented, and gives very practical details and advice to the aspiring sex goddess (or god). Cox's book gives the reader a solid foundation on which to build their dream house of Sexy.
Concise, Well-written, Modern, Sexy.
No pictures, No super-advanced information.
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Tracey Cox’s Hot Sex: How to Do It|Hot Sex: How To Do It was the very first sex book I ever bought, instead of just furtively sneaking glances at my parents’ library when they weren’t looking. I read it as any serious student would; complete with highlighter and insanely focused attention. I learned a tremendous amount from this book, which, as opposed to my parents’ Joy of Sex, was modern, sexy, and used a few four-letter words for the naughty bits.

The information in this book is concisely organized and presented, and gives very practical details and advice to the aspiring sex goddess (or god). From it I learned things as varied as the proper and sexy way to give an awesome BJ (until reading this book, the then-20-year-old Lizbet had been treating a man’s shaft like a Popsicle in summer), to how to express my needs to a partner in an appropriate and expeditious fashion. While the book doesn’t contain 2,001 edgy sexual positions, it gives the reader a solid foundation upon which to build their dream house of Sexy. Cox’s writing is fun, entertaining and to the point. The book’s design is visually appealing, and is small enough to fit discreetly in a purse, back pack or briefcase. And, because it’s a soft cover, you can crack its spine to the max when you get to the especially titillating bits.

On the downside? There aren’t any pictures, which may actually be a blessing for anyone who doesn’t want to have to get rid of an older book due to the photographic stylings of afro-ed and mustachioed 70s swingers engaged in mock-ecstasy. Also, if you live in a co-ed dorm, your friends are going to want to borrow your sex book… especially after you sing its praises up and down the halls. Co-eds, you are duly warned.
Follow-up commentary
Since my original copy of Hot Sex: How To Do It was permanently "borrowed" by someone in my college dorm about six years ago, I decided to buy a new copy today at a local used book store.

And, because I can always get a good idea of how much I will enjoy a book by looking at its table of contents, I thought I would include them here for your viewing and decision making pleasure.

1. Masturbation: The first, most important, skip-it-and-you're-doomed step to becoming a sexpert.
2. Foreplay: Not just the appetizer, it can be the main course (and dessert) as well!
3. Intercourse: Some new angles on the old in-out, in-out.
4. Orgasm: The 30 seconds we go to so-o-o-o much effort for.
5. Sexual Etiquette: Searching for Mr. Or Mrs. Compatible without making a complete fool of yourself.
6. Contraception and STIs: Avoiding pregnancy and the lumps, bumps and things that itch in the night.
7. Performance Problems: Some reasons sex goes wrong and how to get it lustily back on track.
8. Serious Sex-Related Issues: Coping with the aftermath of abortion, rape, and incest.
9. Fantasies: Steamy fantasies make for even steamier real-life romps.
10. Sex Myths
11. Gay and Lesbian Sex: Am I? Is he? What now?
12. Everyday Couples, Extraordinary Sex: I’m sorry, did you say monogamy or monotony?
13. Dear Diary, I Had Great Sex Today: Six people kiss, copulate – and keep a record.
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  • Are there any books that have been released more recently than this that you could also recommend?

    ...or is that fodder for future reviews?
  • UrbanDurga
    I suppose it depends on what kind of books you're looking for, MIA. I am going to be doing a few more book reviews in the next couple weeks, including SM101, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, and Sex Secrets of an American Geisha.

    However, if you're looking for book reviews, I know Dame Demi and 'Essin Em, EF reviewers, have quite a few very helpful book reviews.  
  • vagabond
    I've never read a general guide to sex - I normally stick to books on specific  genres such, but do you think that you found a general guide helpful for reading other specific guides such as SM101?  Or do you think that you can get the general details through the specific guides that you've read? 
  • UrbanDurga
    I think general and specific guides are great for different people, styles, and reasons. I certainly think that someone reading specific guides will get the gist of sex by reading between the lines.

    However, the average sexually inexperienced sex guide consumer is probably not going to want to start with those...they may be intimidated, unsure of their preferences, or just not interested.

    So, for many, a general overview is a great first step on the road to sexual exploration, or a good thing to have as a refresher as your life and situation changes. 
  • sex is so funAngel
  • alayamae
    Thanks for the great review! I wish there were pictures though. :/
  • BadgersRose
    Excellent review. Thanks
  • oldman
    Everryone needs/wants hot sex.
  • spiced
    This looks like an excellent book, much more practical than the ones I've read. I think I'll look for it used. Thanks for an outstanding review.
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