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It's more biology than zoology.

I want to love this movie, especially since the concept is so fresh and because it includes Roxy Deville, but the fact that it didn't really turn me on is a major downer. Still, it's highly entertaining, and there are a few noteworthy sex scenes.
Steven and Roxy are incredible, no corny staging, pornstars talk about their lives.
Mostly blowjobs and PIV sex, some stars are pretty bland, awkward camera work.
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(This review ended up being very long, so it continues in to the Experience section.)

Epiphora raved about Chemistry 3, so I was really excited to watch it. I loaded up the DVD, applied some cooling lubricant to my clit, and plugged in my USB vibrator|Internet enabled rabbit, totally prepared for an awesome experience. What I got was class-A entertainment, but a low-grade pornographic experience.

First, the technical stuff: the camera work is really obnoxious in this film. It's very disconcerting to see the crew blithely walking around the pornstars while they have sex; we all know that porn movies need people to film them, but it's not something we want to see. Every time two of the stars were fucking and a fully clothed crew member would walk across the back of the scene to pick something up, I lost my horny completely.

The camera angles in and of themselves are often awkward. Again, I understand that Chemistry 3 is supposed to be completely unscripted, but that doesn't mean they have to turn the camera upside down at random parts. For example: during the Roxy/Derrick scene, the camera slowly turns horizontal, so you're basically watching them have sex sideways. It completely broke the mood, and I just wanted to punch the camera man.

Some of the shots are taken by the pornstars themselves on "perv cams," which is actually a cute idea. Roxy and Jada were the biggest pervs; two of the stars would be having sex, and they would wander in with their handheld cameras and talk about how much it turned them on. Unfortunately, this talk rarely progressed in to action, beyond a tiny bit of face-sitting between Roxy and Steven St. Croix.

Steven St. Croix is probably the highlight of the male cast. He looks like an earthy "every man" and is very complimentary towards his female partners; he worships their bodies and loves it when they're enjoying themselves. His curved cock is famous for a reason, and he really knows how to use it! One of my favorite things about Steven St. Croix--actually, probably my ABSOLUTE favorite thing about him--is how much he talks during sex. He does a lot of dirty talking and growling in that husky baritone voice of his, and it really turns me on.

Derrick is a close second. He doesn't get to do a lot in Chemistry 3 as a whole, but his scene with Roxy Deville is ace. He's honest, down-to-earth, and has a sense of humor during sex. Derrick is also really in to kinkier sex; specifically, he engages in some breathplay with Roxy that I found surprisingly hot. He also knows how to fuck hard and fast in just about every position. He's not one of my favorite male porn stars--not by a long shot--but he was good, and kinkier viewers will love him.

The female stars call Christian "a sweetheart," and I believe them. He's very charming during his one-on-one talks, and he's surprisingly gentle with his partners during sex scenes, even when he's picking them up and bending them. I have mixed feelings about him as a pornstar, though; while he's really energetic and strong, he's also very quiet, and his expression is blank for most of his scenes. To be quite honest, I don't think I'll ever like him much as a pornstar. Still, Christian has one of the most beautiful circumcized cocks I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few.

Jada Fire is wonderful as a person, but she turns me way off as a porn star. Physically, she's absolute stunning, with a gorgeous dark complexion, incredible ass, and pretty face. Some may find her scratchy voice and odd laugh obnoxious, but I thought it was really cute and represented her personality.

Then Jada actually tries to have sex, and...oh dear. This is bad. She looks good when she gives head, but the overzealous slurping and gurgling noises she makes are so disgusting that I always hit the mute button when she's sucking cock. She looks completely uninterested when Steven St. Croix is fucking her, and I bet she really was uninterested: she whines when he tells her he wants to see her squirt, he has to beg her to look at him, she rarely talks back when he talks dirty to her, and she makes the most hideous snarling face towards the end of their scene. She looked really stiff and unnatural, like she didn't want to be there.
I had the opposite reaction to Hillary Scott. She bores me as a person, and to be quite honest, I find her physically repulsive. Her breasts hang oddly on her chest and look like they're wrinkling, she has no ass to speak of, and her super-cliche pornstar clothes really annoy me. When she's having sex, however, all is forgiven. She has plenty of orgasms during her scene with Christian, and I believed every single one. She goes out of her way to enjoy herself as well as her partner's body. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Scott loves having sex. I was a little disappointed that she only utilized a couple of positions during her scenes and was so boring outside of the sex, but those are minor qualms.

The true female star of this film, however, is Roxy Deville. I don't mean to be biased, since Roxy is one of my absolute favorite pornstars, but she really does shine in Chemistry 3. In one of my favorite scenes, a clothed Roxy sits in the empty bathtub and speaks to Derrick in hilarious cartoon voices. She's really energetic and has a great sense of humor, and she obviously loves her career.

Speaking of loving her career: damn, Roxy Deville is hot! She is so obviously in to every one of her co-stars, and she giggles and cracks jokes all throughout the sex. It's a little disconcerting at first, but it actually makes the experience feel more real in the end, since she's obviously enjoying herself. One of my favorite things about Roxy is that she isn't afraid to try new things. She is the only female star who openly vocalizes what she wants, so if you like dirty talk as much as I do, you'll love her scenes. Roxy also has a variety of sexual experiences, including a rough scene with Derrick that includes some choking and a lot of different sexual positions.

In broad terms, Chemistry 3 fails as a porno, at least by my standards. There isn't a lot of cunnilingus performed; Derrick does a good job on Roxy in the film's first sex scene, but cunnilingus thereafter seems brief and prefunctory. I also noticed a lack of "more daring" sex: threesomes rarely last more than a minute before they break up in to couple sex, there is no male/male interaction, I don't recall seeing any anal play, and the female/female sex scenes rarely go beyond kissing and stroking. And again, the bad camera angles and occasionally bland interactions between the stars really ruined it for me; there's a difference between "realistic" and "totally boring," and I don't think Jada Fire or Christian really caught on to the distinction.

But does Chemistry 3 ever fail to be entertaining? No. With the exception of a few icky patches (like Jada Fire's blowjobs), I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. It didn't keep my horny going, but it made me laugh, and it was fun. I wouldn't recommend it to everybody, but I'd definitely recommend it to fans of Roxy Deville and Steven St. Croix, since they steal the show, and if you've ever wanted to see a pornstar talking to another pornstar's penis in a cartoon voice...well, this is the movie for you.
Follow-up commentary
While I never necessarily HATED this volume of Chemistry, I was kind of "meh" about it until recently. Christian has definitely grown on me, and he's probably the most versatile guy in porn these days. I'm a huge fan of his now! And while I still don't find Hillary Scott as attractive as everybody else does and I still hate Jada Fire's performance in this particular movie, I've found a few films by both ladies that I really like. I've also investigated the special features a bit more, and I've decided that Steven St. Croix and Roxy DeVille (two of my absolute favorites) make this flick worth watching.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Interesting, I would have expected more from this series. Nice review though...very, um, thorough. ;)
  • Epiphora
    Hm. I can see where you're coming from with some of your negative points, but I like pretty much all the sex in this. I didn't think Jada was that negative... I thought she was embarrassed about squirting (though I don't know why). I agree some of the camerawork is odd, but I didn't really notice it most of the time.

    The thing is, if you watch enough porn, this is SO different from everything else (not in the sex acts, but the premise and showing so much "behind the scenes" stuff). That's why I like it so much.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    CW: It's not BAD, it just didn't turn me on.

    Epiphora: I like that it's unique, definitely! I just wish it excited me more sexually. Still, I loved it as entertainment. I actually sent my best friend several clips from the movie, none of which included actual sex; my favorite right now is the one where Roxy Deville talks about what nerds male pornstars are. "There's a troll in the corner! Let's go get it!"
  • asphyxia
    Thanks for such a detailed review! I got here from your profile page, after watching your Wahl/Hitachi/Eroscillator video. I was trying to find the page to vote on it because it was so good! I couldn't find it though. Anyway, great work! Thanks again!
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