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Stories of Oh! review

The second scene was actually my personal favorite. The woman is much younger and in a much more realistic setting. She starts out watching some girl on girl porn in her bedroom while using a toy she took from her purse (we should all carry one in our bags, don't you think?).
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This is my first review of a porn film. The “Stories of Oh” focuses on female masturbation and women being “in control of their own sexuality” and has 5 scenes. I must say I have some mixed feelings!

The main menu is easy to navigate and straight forward. After you choose the “Play” function you get to have a sweet little talk with a women who explains to you what you are about to see. She goes on to talk about how authentic and real the following episodes are (I would agree) and the views of the production company as far as sexuality goes. This entire monologue seemed out of place to me, like it should have been before the menu even came up. Thanks for the talk mom. . .

The very first lady featured is one that you don’t normally see in this type of “pretty woman” setup. She is heavily tattooed and not much thought was given to makeup or glamour-not necessarily a bad thing. While she is cutting a piece of pipe with an electric saw, she “dreams” back to a vision of a penis. I know many men who would cringe at the thought of their junk and a pipe saw being in the same frame! She proceeds to get herself off using, of all things, a screw driver. Now I know this has been talked about over a few beers in between belly laughs by almost every person in the free world, but I never thought I would actually see it happen! Way to be resourceful.

The second scene was actually my personal favorite. The woman is much younger and in a much more realistic setting. She starts out watching some girl on girl porn in her bedroom while using a sex toy she took from her purse (we should all carry one in our bags, don’t you think?). She moves to the bath tub and continues to use the toy. I noticed right away that you could hear the toy while she was using it…very hot.

The next scene is a “dom” and “sub” type situation. Some overly phallic looking fruit is brought in on a platter by a butler to a woman laying in bed. She “forces” him to watch her masturbate, although he doesn’t put up much of a fight. When he starts to play with himself he becomes much more animated than she, is which seemed out of focus with the DVD itself.

The next episode is the classic client vengeance on a crappy lawyer. This time things go a bit awry. Sparring you the dialogue, he starts to paint her toenails and does an obviously horrible job. Realizing that men suck at doing nails, she winds up fucking the male lawyer with a HUGE strap-on that she pulls from her bag (ok; that is a little over the top). After a few positions he cums on her breasts, which they do get a great shot of. Don’t worry though, being the powerful woman she is, she makes him use a toy on her until she is finished as well.

The life and times of a prostitute. Sounds like a “Lifetime Original Movie” right? Well that’s what you get when you start to get close to the end of this DVD. The upside to her speaking about religion, her family, and how she started in the business is that she flashes back and forth to her masturbating on a bed. She is a “squirter” as some of us call it. I have to say that I have never seen that much female ejaculate in my entire life.

The last lady wasted no time getting to her business. She had apparently just gotten home from work and hopped on her web cam to show off her true skills. She dressed in a large hat and gloves which I thought was very nice and added a sense of glamour. Nipple clamps were used as well as a vibrator, adding a much needed point of interest.

My overall feeling about this film is this: I was left waiting for a great close up in every scene and when they did come they were short. They did do a great job of hiring women who were REAL and who honestly got off. If you like your women to be like the ones who work the bakery at the grocery store then this is your film. I do feel though that the effort on trying to be “artistic” came off as being overdone and amateur. If you are looking for some great dominate women porn I’m sure there are better out there. Kudos to LIBIDO Productions for creating something that I’m sure many will respect for being honest and a good effort.
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  • Libido is a great company and are friends of mine here in Chicago. What they try to do is 180 degrees from the porn that comes out of California. They use real looking people (no plastic surgery) and work with each performer to come up with a fantasy that will satisfy them. So everything you see on this DVD is the performer's actual fantasy, not some sleazy dude's or horny writer's. Look for "Stories of Oh!2", which is out now and features one our reviewers, David Law, in a scene.
  • Nashville
    It actually sounds like a pretty decent movie.
  • This movie is well done for its genre. My reviews are simply my owm opinion and are unbiased so if it sounds like something you would enjoy-go for it!!
  • oldman
    I don't wife never fantasized about a screwdriver...sounds like it would hurt.
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