Penthouse: Between The Sheets - cd by Random House Audio - review by Phoenixrising

Penthouse: Between The Sheets

CD by Random House Audio

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Listening pleasure at its finest

The women who read these stories have very sensual and appealing voices. Stories are geared at heterosexuals, lesbians and those with more exotic tastes. Descriptive, sensual and creative!
Great stories - lots of variety. Narrator's voices are sensual. Huge bargain.
No table of content included.
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I’ve always been a fan of storytelling, which is why I was thrilled to be receiving the audio version of Penthouse: Between the Sheets|Penthouse: Between The Sheets. I’ve listened to erotic audio online, but the idea of 9 hours of someone else telling me erotic stories was exciting.

I was not disappointed when the discs arrived. I set my CD player next to my bed, plugged in headphones, grabbed my trusty vibrator and climbed under the covers. I was worried that the stories might be male-dominated fantasies, but they were very well-rounded. I am a huge fan of lesbian erotica and found those stories to be some of my favorite – descriptive, sensual and creative.

The recording quality is high. The three women who read the stories have very different voices from each other; they are all extremely pleasant sounding and very sensual. 8 discs, 9 hours and 36 stories is a great bargain. I give it 4 stars.

My main complaint is that there in no table of content. Because of this, I’ve provided a content list below. In some places, I had to guess at the spelling of author names, so I’m sorry if they’re misspelled.

Disc 1

Heat Treatment, by Suzanne Lakota (Track 2-4)
The Bath, by Sarah Catherine (Track 5-8)
Crystal Underground, by Jane Merrell (Track 9-16)
Hands on Training, by Eva Morris (Track 17-20)

Disc 2

Career Track, by Cecila Tan (Track 1-4)

A Hot Movie Date, by Samantha Fleskin (Track 5-8)

Porn Queen for a Day, by Mercy Skinner (Track 9-11)

The Man across the Tracks, by Corrall M Watson (Track 12-13)

The Wedding, by Spike Fulton (Track 14-17)

Marie, by Robbie Summers (Track 18-21)

Disc 3

Swashbuckler, by Joan T. Sherwood (Track 1-5)

All Afternoon, by Lora White (Track 6-9)

Carmen Visits the Ladies Room, by Linda Hooker (Track 10-11)

Candy, by Renee L. Ott (Track12-15)

Bi Curious Female Seeking Same, by Scarlet Fever (Track 16-18)

Disc 4

Double My Pleasure On A Double Decker, Es Pitsburgh (Track 1-3)

The Babysitter, by Martha Miller (Track 4-6)

Let It Rain, by Blake C. Aarrons (Track 7-9)

Watching Back, by Gabriel Iedlet (Track 10-12)

Virtue Is It’s Own Reward, by Tsora Lidsky (Track 13-16)

Disc 5

Sadernalia in Cyberspace, by Mary Mercedes (Track 1-4)

Cream, by Carol Queen (Track 5-8)

Private Lessons, by Joanne Brangernsee (Track 9-12)

The Hot Line, by Joelle Graham (Track 13-16)

Disc 6

On the House, by Susan Scotto (Track 1-4)

Thirty, by Kim Adinintzio (Track 5-8)

Hot Sauce, by Bonnie Boxer (Track 9-12)

A Live One, by Greta Christina (Track 13-17)

Disc 7

The Naked City, by Marcy Shiner (Track 1-4)

Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits, by Beth Leeser (Track 5-8)

Five Miles to Minooka, by Jennifer Miller (Track 9-13)

Carnal Club, by Erin Pennell (Track 14-17)

Disc 8

Cathy, My Darling, by Sarah Bush (Track 1-6)

Mmm, French Food, by A. Lee Halo (Track 7-9)

Bruised Daffodils, by Deborah Hunt (Track 10-12)

A Vengeance of Vixens, by Lisa Lorach (Track 13-16)
Follow-up commentary
I still continue to return to these discs, with a number of favorite stories being listened to many times. I imagine I'll eventually break down and add the stories to iTunes, but I haven't quite figured out how to explain them to my more conservative friends who sometimes scroll through my iPod. Any suggestions?
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    So their voices don't sound like they're trying to be sexy? Not the typical throaty "oh, yea baby" that we normally hear on commercials for some 900 number?
  • Phoenixrising
    Sleeping Dreamer - their voices don't sound like they're trying to be sexy. They're just reading, as if they were reading anything. It just so happens that they have sexy voices.
  • Cock Wrangler
    You could always rename them something innocuous-sounding in iTunes. Or, tell them it's none of their business. ;)
  • Phoenixrising
    Thanks for the suggestions Cock Wrangler. I ended up loading them onto iTunes and labeling them as my audio journal. I figure anyone who has access to my computer wouldn't listen to my journal.
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