Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Orgasms - dvd by Vivid - review by Maiden

More than just a "How To" guide.

This video is not just for women who are trying to learn how to orgasm, though it will certainly help you there. I think any one who wants to learn how to please a woman sexually will learn something from this movie, male or female. The sex scenes themselves make this movie worth it for me, because I like to see all of the familiar toys being used.
Well rounded info on female orgasms and how to attain them. Realistic sex with use of toys.
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Where do I begin? I absolutely love this DVD! Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Orgasms is great for so many reasons. As the cover states this is "Sex ed for a new generation". It's modern and talks about the female orgasm in a way completely different from other guides I have read or seen. Not only does it talk "technical" in regards to the female anatomy and climax, but it also talks about many ways that an orgasm is different for the individual. Tristan herself is the one doing the talking during the workshop portion of the DVD, though she also interviews the cast and lets them explain how orgasms are for them specifically. I liked that instead of just telling you how orgasms can be different for everyone, she lets women explain their experiences, from what gets them off to how different each orgasm can feel. Though I get the feeling this DVD is marketed towards women, men could not only enjoy watching this for the hot sex scenes, but can learn about pleasing a woman as well. The male actors are also interviewed, and they address questions men may have, such as : "How do you know when a woman is cumming?" or "Do you feel threatened using sex toys?"

The DVD itself is set up with different parts. The first chapter on the menu is the "workshop" or informational/instructional portion. Tristan is seated on a love seat in front of a table full of sex toys. Though she doesn't specifically address them in this section, I was excited to see so many that I was familiar with. She discusses each topic along with cut scenes to her interviews with the cast or actual video of the sex scenes that you will see later in the film. She explains not just how to achieve an orgasm, but explains the female arousal cycle step by step, as well as going over all the types of orgasms women can have. She goes over clitoral stimulation techniques from oral sex to using vibrators and every thing in between. She does the same for g spot stimulation, as well as vaginal and anal sex. She doesn't just tell you were the spots are and how it makes a woman come, but she shows you. She does this through diagrams of the female body, demonstrations with her hands and toys, and clips of the actual people doing these techniques while she explains them. She speaks in a clear and concise manner, and uses words that are easy to understand. It makes it interesting, instead of boring or confusing like some sex education tapes and books. Also, being able to actually see the toys and the techniques is so much easier to grasp than when you are reading from a book and looking at pictures. The topics she goes over are as follows :

* The female arousal cycle

* Different types of orgasms

* Clitoral stimulation techniques: oral, manual, and with a vibrator.

* G-spot stimulation techniques: manual, with toys, and squirting.

* How to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

* Anal pleasure and orgasmic possibilities.

Under the special features menu there are also additional topics such as:

* Safer sex

* Kegel exercises (what they are, the benefits of doing them, and how to do them with or with out toys designed for it, as well as a demonstration)

* Vibrator guide ( showing all the different types from bullets to wands, and the differences between them, not just in form and function, but in power as well.)
Aside from the instructional portions of the DVD, there are five scenes that play just like any other porn would. I like that you can watch the scenes all by them selves, with no interruptions. In fact, each scene has its own menu, which is really convenient. It breaks the scene down to each position, even highlighting the toy used. Examples: Butt plug with Magic Wand, Eleven with squirting, or doggy style with butt plug. Speaking of the toys, for all those curious... some of the toys used are the Njoy pure plug, the Njoy Eleven, the Hitachi Magic Wand, The Mystic Wand, the G-Ki, and the Mona.

The scenes themselves are quite long, but the menus allow you to skip to what you want to see. The actors are attractive. The women look "real" to me. No fake tans or tits, and quite a few have full pubic hair. In fact, one woman has hairy legs and pits. The men are quite attractive as well, two of them being the only actors I recognized. One is Evan Stone and one is Mr. Marcus. The chemistry between the couples seems real for the most part and the orgasms are supposed to be real. They do seem real, but I am ever a skeptic when it comes to paid actors. However, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the "behind the scenes" footage which I liked very much. In one scene in particular, it shows Tristan talking to one of the couples before a shoot. I like that she tells them to do what ever they want, to use lube and warm up like they normally would, and to not fake an orgasm. In fact she states "It's one of my rules! No faking!". I like that she is trying to show how real couples have sex. I think it's really important in our society to show how sex really is, so people aren't afraid to try sex toys, ask for a condom, or pull out the lube if they need it. There are no fancy sets, no costumes, no story lines or dialogues, no artsy lighting or cheesy music. Just couples having sex like we all do, or like we all should. Condoms, lube, toys, and above all COMMUNICATION. It shows women saying, "put it here", "go slower", "faster", "right there, don't stop!" As one who used to be shy about letting my partner know what I liked, I really appreciate this.

I have been with men who honestly think that typical porn sex is how it is supposed to be. This film shows you that in the "real world" ... women need lube, they need to be warmed up, they like sex toys and might actually NEED them to come, not all of us shave our pussies bare (or even our legs for that matter), and that if you want to make us come it is going to take at least SOME work. It's not "magically" going to happen while you are going about the your business of fucking us.
Follow-up commentary
I really enjoy this one. While I haven't watched the instructional part more than once, I like the actual sex scenes and how they each have their own menus. I enjoy watching the use of all the different toys. If I'm in the mood to watch one in particular being used, I can go directly to that part of the scene from the menu instead of having to fast forward through the scene. This is really well done, and I would recommend it to anyone for the sex scenes alone. Add to the that the great "work shop" sections on every thing from the female orgasm to kegal exercises and safe sex practices.
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