Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions - book by Secret Garden Publishing - review by Stephanie Marie

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions

Book by Secret Garden Publishing

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Not a very mind capturing book

This book really isn't worth buying in my opinion. I mean yeah it gives you some history and everything, but it is a bit boring. The postions seem quite alike just worded differently, not much variety.

Though the poems were good and so were the pictues. So if you do decide to buy it at least you know you will get to read some history and neat poems.
Good pictures and poetry.
Postions seems alike. I wish it wouldn't be as textbook like.
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About author

The author of this book is Kenneth Ray Stubbs Ph.D. He is a certified sexologist and certified masseur. He has wrote 8 books on sexuality.

Find out more about him on www.sexandspirit.com

Content / Style / Audience

This book has history of sex and sex positions in it. There is a page of the authors other books and dvds as well. The book has a total of 64 pages of writing and pictures. This is a ADULT book for sure, due to the pictures and writing. It was not really my style of book, I mainly just looked at the pictures.

There nine sections of the book.


The introduction gives a history of sex. It lets you know what will be talked about and shown through-out the book. It also lets you know that Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890) translated three books into English. Those books are Kama Sutra, Ananga-Ranga, and The Perfumed Garden.

Ancient Lovers

Ancient lovers just gives more history of sex. It talks about sex in the different religions, as well as different readings. It mentions Inanna, the goddess, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra section gives 22 different positions.
Yawning position: When she raises her thighs and keeps them wide apart.
Crab's position: When both the egs of the woman are contracted and placed on her stomach.
United Congress: When a man enjoys two women at the same time, both of whom love him equally.
Lower Congress: When congress is in the anus.
Half-pressed position: When only one of her legs is streched out.

Those are just a few of the positions mentioned in this section.

The Perfumed Garden

This section has 36 different positions. Here I have listed a few of them.

Third Posture: She lies on the ground and he gets between her thighs; then, with one of her legs on his shoulder and the other under his arms, he penetrates her.
Goat's posture: The women lies on her side and stretches out the bottom leg. The man crouches down between her thighs, lifts her top leg and introduces his member. He holds her by the arms or shoulders.
The mutual view of the buttocks: The man lies on his back, and the woman, turning her back to him, sits on his member. He now clasps her body with his legs and she leans over until her hands touch the floor. Thus supported she has a view of his buttocks, and he of hers, and she is able to move conveniently.
The seductive posture: The women lies of her back and the man crouches between her legs, which he then puts under his arms or on his shoulders. He may hold her by the waist or the arms.


There are 30 positions in this section, I will list a few.

Nagara-uttana bandha: With the wife upon her back, the husband sits between her legs, raises them both, keeping the on either side of his waist, and enjoys her.
Vinaka-tiryak-bandha: When the husband, placing himself alongside of his wife, raises one of his legs over her hip and leaves the other lying upon the bed or carpet.
Phanipash-asana: The husband hold his wife's feet, and the wife those of her husband.
Vinarditasana: A form possible only to a very strong man with a very light woman; he raises her by passing both her legs over his arms at the elbow, and moves her about from left to right, but not backwards or forwards, till the supreme moment arrives.


You can find 17 positions in this section, and I will type a couple up.

The monkey springs: The man is kneeling, and the female lies on her back with her thighs on his shoulders. Her buttocks and lower back are raised.
A rabbit sucking a hair: The male lies flat on his back, extending his legs. Facing his feet, the female straddles him, her knees to the outside.
Fish eye to eye: The male and the female lie down of their side face to face, and the female places one leg over the man. The suck each others mouths and sip each other's tongues.

After the last page of postions you will find twelve pages of poems and pictures.
The first poem is,
When we revel in our love's passion
through the night, I sleep not.
When you are in flight away from my lips
in the night, neither can my head find solace.

Either way,
drinking, from this cup of desire, I shall die.

I pray it be in your arms.
Inspired by

A Chronology of Sexual Embrace

This section lists different dates. B.C.E=Before Common Era or B.C. and C.E.=Common Era or A.D.
It starts with,
3500 B.C.E.: Possible beginning of Inanna legend in Sumer area.
800 B.C.E: In India, Shvetaketu summarizes the "rules of love," which are later distilled and compiled, eventually the Kama Sutra.
200 C.E.: Beginning of the Tantra movement in India.
1250 C.E.: Konarak temples constructed in India, displaying extensive erotic sculpture.
1883 C.E. Kama Sutra translated into English.
1970 C.E: Masters and Johnson's Human Sexual Inadequacy published.

About the author and artists

This section tells you a little about the author Kenneth Ray Stubbs, the illustrator Kyle Spencer, and the designer Richard Stodart.


This section is just who the author, illustrator, and designer acknowledge.
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Personal comments

Ok, so this wasn't a very easy book to review. It was boring and did not capture my attention.
Follow-up commentary
I still don't like this book. Plain and simple. It was not very good at all, pretty boring actually. I don't suggest this book to others.
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    I keep wanting to buy this book, but it's not getting great reviews! First I heard the positions were too hard, and now I hear they're boring!
  • Stephanie Marie
    Yeah pretty boring for the most part. And the positions seem to be meant for super skinny people. Lol.
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    I already had thought it would be boring so thanks for saving me from a useless spend!
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