Nina Hartley's Guide to Foreplay - dvd by Adam & Eve - review by That Weird Guy

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Not as good as I had hoped for...

It could have been much better in my opinion. If there was more content just like Chapter 2, it would have been a 4-5 star video. I don't think you would get much out of it if you already know how to pet/rub someone.
Chapter 2 was very well done, easy to understand, and learn from.
Low volume, content after chapter 2 was not so great, short film.
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This DVD is quite short at only 77 minutes in length. Made in 1997, it's not in HD. This was not a big deal for me. With Windows Media Player, you can use your mouse to click through the menus, including selecting by chapter from the Chapter Selection Menu.

Sometimes the volume is too low and I can't hear the dialogue of the cast members even though I have the volume in my media player on max and the sound settings on my PC at 100%. The only way I could get more volume was to adjust the volume slider on my headset. Nina’s descriptions of the techniques, however, are loud enough and very clear.

I don't know what the story is with the cameraman who doesn't capture good viewing angles at all. At one point he doesn't show what Nina is doing. For a few minutes she is clearly doing something with a penis, but I don’t know what it was because all I see is her face.

Anyway, the content is geared more towards pleasing a woman than a man. It covers things like a clitoral pinch and various other things to do to a vagina. It did not cover penis pleasing techniques. When it does show a penis, there aren't any words or techniques demonstrated. The main focus is the vagina. Some viewers may prefer a different video because Nina performs these techniques on another woman.

A lot of rubbing and touching techniques are demonstrated. Petting is about 80-90% of the video. Some chapters have no words of instruction they are just “watch and learn”. The second chapter pretty much covers everything the video has to offer and the rest just looks like a touching porno.

Here is a breakdown of the chapters and what they cover:

Chapter 1: Just an introduction.

Chapter 2: The longest most informative chapter covering things to do for a woman like petting, kissing, breasts, and the entire vaginal area. Nina explains very clearly what she is doing during this chapter.

Chapter 3: Penis pleasing; no new techniques are shown. This is just stroking and that’s it. I thought this could have been a much better chapter.

Chapter 4: Petting. This is basically just a fantasy scene. It's a “watch and learn” with no instruction.

Chapter 5: Sex in a car. Nina and a man are demonstrating the techniques, but it didn't show anything new.

Chapter 6: Final words.

There is a biography section, but I got so fed up with it because the words scroll way too fast. I had to watch it several times in order to read it.

I enjoyed watching chapter 2 and thought this was going to be a great video, but when it was all over I was quite disappointed in the remaining chapters.

I would watch more videos by Nina, even if they only have 15-20 minutes of good stuff because I feel that Chapter 2 was very well done.
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  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review!
  • Mamastoys
    thanks for a honest review..
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Just a curious question, not meant to be rude: is it possible you found the third chapter less informative because you're a man and you know what you like? Personally, I didn't find the second chapter of this movie very helpful, but then I realized that someone who wasn't well versed with female anatomy would probably find it very useful.

    Good review!
  • That Weird Guy
    Well BB I would have to watch it again to be really specific, as far as I remember it was just basic stroking. No words or any sort of techniques other than up and down were used. But, perhaps I didn't notice something as I might have already thought of it or known about it, and didn't strike me as "oh, now that's nice to know". I'll probably watch it again and find out though BC now I'm curious. But right now it's really early in the morning so it would have to be later. But chapter 3 wasn't done the same like chapter 2 was.

    If the video has anything to offer at all I feel it's in chapter 2. What chapter did you like most? I didn't like the other ones much because I just saw petting and I thought they had already covered that in chapter 2...

    I already knew about most techniques they talked about for the vagina from reading a few books, but it was a lot better to see it being done than to read about it.

    Do you feel that chapter 2 wasn't as good because your a woman? I guess it can go both ways for just about anything or topic. You should bring it up during a philosophy class, but use a different topic and see what people say...
  • Backseat Boohoo
    Yes, I initially thought chapter 2 was weak, but like I said, I re-watched and realized that it WOULD be informative for somebody who wasn't a woman and/or didn't have sexual experiences with women the way I have.

    I liked chapter 5. Personally, car sex has always seemed difficult to me, but she showed that it can be easy.
  • That Weird Guy
    Car sex is probably easier in a convertible though like they did it I couldn't imagine in a little tiny car with a top that it would be much fun. I thought sitting on the trunk in the back with your legs on the back seats in the convertible was cool though.

    My dad had this really old car a while ago and when you stopped at a traffic light it would vibrate like crazy. I thought I need a car like this. sadly they don't vibrate while still like they used to. i thought it could be a bonus more than a con. it was like 20 years ago when he bought the car, so more "improvements" have been made.

  • alayamae
    Thanks for the review!
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