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Unleashing Her G-spot Orgasm

Book by Amorata Press

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"Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm" is a short book that includes some very basic information about how to stimulate the g-spot. The book is directed towards male partners in heterosexual couples, and some of the information may feel sexist as well. It's an okay book, but there are better g-spot books out there.
Very short read
Can be sexist, Very basic, Heteronormative
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"Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm" is a short, easy-to-read book written by Donald L. Hicks and published by Amorata Press. It includes 132 pages which are divided into 10 chapters. The book took about an hour to read, so it's not a very long book. Aside from a couple diagrams, this book could be read in public as long as you covered the front cover.

I think that this book does have some good factual information. It sincerely does. You'll learn about the g-spot, and you'll learn about how to pleasure the g-spot well to get a g-spot orgasm. You'll also learn that the g-spot is a completely normal spot to stimulate. However, at the same time, the book has a lot of information that may make this book a not-so-great book.

The biggest aspect is that the entire book touts that the g-spot orgasm is the best orgasm EVER! As someone who has read a lot of books about g-spots and talked to a lot of people who just plain hate having their g-spot stimulated, I found this view to be very backwards. If you happened to pick up this book, try to hit your g-spot and then find that you disliked it, you might feel like there was something wrong with you. The book says that g-spot orgasms can last for ten minutes as well.

The other thing is that the book presents all of the information like it was presenting the information to the male partner of the female. It doesn't really give any help, at all, to how a female would reach her own g-spot. I'm sure you could figure it out from the steps the book gives, but from the cover and description, it didn't seem like, to me, that the book was only going to teach your partner how to reach your g-spot. On that note, it also assumes that you are a male partner; there doesn't seem to be any mention of homosexual relationships throughout the book.

The main point of the Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm is his ten-step system for reaching the g-spot. I wish I could tell you that the ten steps were amazing, but I found myself very disappointed. Step 1 through 6 are actually just telling you how to give her foreplay. As it makes sense that these would be included since the g-spot is best stimulated through arousal, I feel like a "ten steps to hit the g-spot" should focus more on the g-spot and how to locate it. Also, if you fail to hit the g-spot because of some reason or another, the book suggests that you read up on the section entitled "The Emotional Aspect" which basically says that women require to be loved and cared for in order to orgasm.

The book includes a couple different sections. There is Learning the Basics, (the largest portion), The Technique (the second largest chapter), Afterward, G-Spot Friendly Intercourse, Exploring Other Possibilities (Toys), Problemshooting, The Same Thing - Only Different, An Interview with Dr. Beverly Whipple, and Case Studies. The book also includes resources and sources about the information. The boko also includes questionnaires you're supposed to fill out and mail back to the writer so he can further adjust the technique.

If you're looking for a more open-look towards the g-spot through self-stimulation, check out The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot or Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. The former book is a more balanced approach while the latter approach takes the spiritual approach, but both them assume it will be self-stimulation.

Unleashing Her G-Spot Orgasm is an okay book, but I wasn't impressed at all, and I felt like it did help encourage some of those stereotypes about women during sex. The book was pretty basic, and I feel like it could have explained more about the g-spot and how to reach it. I also am very disappointed by the portrayel of the g-spot orgasm as the "ultimate" one - like other types of orgasms can't even compare. However, if your partner wants an explanation as to how to hit your g-spot, it's worth looking into.
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