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Erotic Massage

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Pictures are worth a 1000 words

Overall a very worthwhile purchase that had a lot more information than I was expecting. The minor chapter/section layout that I did not agree with does not take away from the information that I learned from reading this book.
Lots of useful information regarding men's and women's response to touch.
The section/chapter layout could have been laid out differently.
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Erotic Massage|Erotic Massage is a 160-page book packed with pictures and lots of information. The last three pages are a two-page index and the author's acknowledgment page, so it does not take long to read. In the introduction the author points out that, “A prerequisite to a good massage is to feel completely comfortable with nudity”, which helps set the tone on why there are so many pictures in this book in which both the person giving and the person receiving the massage are completely nude. There are, by my count, six different couples used throughout the book, all male/female with a variety of body sizes and ethnic backgrounds. All of the pictures are tastefully done with no full frontal nudity (maybe because of publishing rules?) but genital massage--which is referred to as intimate massage--is covered and there are colored drawings to provide visual reference.

The subtitle of the book--“enrich your love making through the power of touch”-- explains why there is more than just massage technique in the book. In many of the chapters there are text boxes with side bars of information, such as the Ten Golden Rules of Massage, a Touch Questionnaire, Touch Intensity Questionnaire, and Sexual Body Questionnaire just to name a few. There is also an entire chapter that covers both prescription and non-prescription drug use and the sexual side effects they may have on individuals. The book is broken down into six major sections and it is in these sections that different massage techniques|The Joy of Erotic Massage are discussed and demonstrated through the pictures. These sections include preparation for the massage, specific massage strokes used for various body parts, self-massage techniques, and male and female sexual responses. I did find the section layout a little bit confusing. In my opinion, I would have placed the Sensual Massage section before the In the Bedroom section, which would allow for transitioning from a standard massage to the erotic massage that the book is about.

The sensual massage section covers the major body parts and the various techniques used on these areas. I would have liked to have seen this section laid out in a recommended order, similar to what is received when going to a spa. The application of what is learned from the book to the person giving the massage would be more easily applied that way, especially if one has never received a spa treatment before. The way the body parts are described in this section has your partner turning over several times. A small text box off to the side could have been used to explain. The methods demonstrated can be done independently if one wants to do a specific body part. I will say that I was the recipient of a very enjoyable massage as a result of receiving this book and am looking forward to many more, and to giving my partner an enjoyable massage.
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  • Did the book further discuss possibilities to dealing with side effects from different drugs? What do you mean by info. about men's and women's response to touch--was there a gender differentiation between massage techniques/possible responses?
  • Peg
    The book did not discuss possibilities in dealing with side effects but the author does mention that all drug usage should be checked with your doctor or pharmacist for possible sexual side effects. The author does differentiate between men and women's sexual response regarding arousal times, orgasms, and techniques that can be done to help facilitate multiple orgasm in both men and women. The author referred to Masters & Johnson and Kinsley when discussing the differences between men and women as well regarding sexual responses. As far as massage techniques go the strokes for major muscles groups for either gender is the same. There was a section on specific strokes for male and female genitals. Hope this info answers your questions.
  • Madeira
    Thank you for the lovely review.
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