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269 Amazing Sex Games

Book by Sourcebooks

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The perfect little sex GIFT!

It's a beautiful little book filled with a lot of different ideas. Chances are some will appeal to you, and a lot won't, but I think it's a perfect gift to show that you're thinking about trying to be creative and sexy!
Beautiful book. Lovely pictures. Cute ideas.
Some of the ideas are fun. Some are pretty flaky.
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Hey Amazing sex games! That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Are we talking about the instructions for strip poker? Is it going to be a game of dress-up and then meet your lover somewhere and pretend you don't know him? What about getting the Wii with Mario Kart and racing each other topless! That's fun by the way. Especially with some wine.

Ten sections. 269 Amazing sex games. Don't hold your breath for the amazing part. Don't expect a hell of lot of detail in the games. The book is 147 pages and about half of it is pictures or page dividers. The pictures are beautiful. Coffee table quality. They are all pictures of a couple (or parts thereof) making love, kissing or in a romantic sexual scene. The couples shown are all white though if that might concern you.

So... Did it talk about strip poker? Nah. One of the sections is "Casino consummation" though. And the first one is "Bet on anything. The winner picks a number between 1 and 269 in this book as the prize." I think I've been had! Couple others from the section. "Auction of pieces of clothing for sexual favors." "Toss a coin to see who takes the dominant position." "Select six different times during the day to have sex. Assign the times a number from 1 to 6 and roll a die to schedule your next adventure." OK. I'm good with that. 10:30pm. 10:40pm 11:00pm 5:30 am 5:40 am 6:00 am. Wait! The kids..

Some of the ideas are actually really cool, although not exactly unique. "Buy your own special stationery and spray with a signature scent." "Take hold of your lover's hand and caress it gently. Read their palm- with a positive outlook." "Write down as many positive aspects of your partner's lovemaking techniques as you can in 3 minutes."

Some are just weird. "Blow up a condom and play: Tennis, volleyball, hockey" OK, Now.

Overall some of the sections are awesome- playing with words, completing fantasies, food, seduction, cameras or role play. I think there is a lot of benefit and good ideas that can be used to improve communication and enrich one's sex life. If a couple tried a lot of these ideas, they probably would learn a lot about each other and have a lot of fun.
For us, practically this book didn't really work. There are too many ideas. When great ideas are mixed in with mediocre ones, we just got distracted and never really tried anything. After reading most of it again, I think I should put effort into actually making notes about what I might want to try. The book is too nice though- I won't actually write in this book. It leaves me wondering... The suggestion that I'm looking at right now "place as many marbles as possible under a fitted sheet before sex." I think that's where I started in the book. I think they lost their marbles on some of this book.
Follow-up commentary
After looking at this book initially, we never really followed up with many of the suggestions. I personally feel that is because there are too many options. You read, "that sounds like fun", "that sounds interesting", "that sounds like crap", and then you go make dinner and forget most of them. I like the Laura Corn books where you focus on one idea at a time.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Sometimes the large lists need to be cut down to just the great ideas and then made into pocket size for easy transport. :)
  • Dragon
    My problem is that I READ. I think that I probably read twenty ideas before I move onto something else- like making dinner! Then I get distracted. This book is too nice to actually cut up to make into a list. It's probably something that should be by the side of the bed to pick up constantly. Except in my house that doesn't really work. My kids take over my bed half the time!
  • sbon
    Thanks for the review
  • boobookittyfuk
    Nice review. Thanks.
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