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A scent of scandal

Candle by A Scent of Scandal

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A very small SCENT for a very big CENT

It seems to me that when you pay almost twenty dollars for a scented candle you should have people walking in saying wow that smells good. You should not have to turn off the lights and drag them near it for them to realize it is in the room.
I like the soy candles and the simplicity of the tin.
The smell is not strong enough. It smells good, but not unless you're right next to it.
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OK this is not as good as I expected it to be. Let me say up front that I do not hate this candle. It does give off a pleasant smell. It burns clean and slowly. The tin is not overly pretty, but it does do a good job of keeping the candle from burning you when you pick it up to move it.

Those are some of the good things, but overall I would not really march in the front of the parade of people that like this candle. The scent is pleasant, but I do not smell it much until after I have blown out the candle. I tried to give it several fair chances. I placed it in a small bathroom, lit it and let it burn from about 15 minutes. When I went back into the room I could barely smell the fragrance. I placed it in the bedroom and it was not until I turned off the lights that my wife even realized there was a candle burning.

Now don't misunderstand and just think well this is a guy thing. I buy candles. Lots of them. I love the flicker of the light in the bedroom better than a TV or bright lights on. And for the flicker and safety measures, this candle works fine. But I also like candles that have a real good fragrance. One that you can smell whenever you step into the room. I buy the Yankee candles and love them. Even the new store bought Glade candles have more scent. And yes I know those are wax and not soy. To just be fair and compare apples to apples, I love the soy candles I get from our local farmers market. They are about a third the price and smell so good.

OK so you think I hate this product? No. I just think that the SCENT for the CENTS are not a great deal. So maybe it was the fragrance I chose. Maybe it was the other candles that led me to have higher expectations. Who knows, maybe this is was one in a bunch that did not get as much fragrance tossed in.

All I know is that when Eden asked me to begin writing reviews over a year ago they asked me to be honest. To say anything else about this candle than what I have said would just be a lie. If you're looking for a fiction writer let me know. I can do that. But this is the truth about this candle as I smell it.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    That's too bad, since the main selling point of these candles is fragrance.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I agree with cock wrangler, what's the point of a candle that doesn't smell.
  • Naughty Student
    Woah! Thats odd, what a shame this candle was not even noticed by smell! Maybe you should stick to the candles were using.
  • Butterkups
    Dont get your nose to close to the flame....ouch
  • Butterkups
    too late....Call me blister nose...
  • Butterkups
    So what did you end up doing with the candle Jo. Did you keep it anyway? burn it for mood lighting? what did you do with it since it did not do what you expected?
  • Josmoseph
    We just used it as we would any other candle. Just to have a little soft lighting while making love.
  • Mamastoys
    I love to burn candles but I want to be able to smell them..guess I don't order this one! Thanks!!
  • Josmoseph
    Yea it did not really put out the smell that you would expect. I guess they cant all be hits....
  • Reesa
    Did you receive all of the different scents or one specific candle? If you only received one, which scent was it?
  • lezergirl
    Nice review - sorry it didn't work out though
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