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Consenting adults

Adult game by Relationship Enrichment Systems

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Consenting adults review

Consenting Adults is one of the best adult games I've played. It is an actual GAME, rather than just a "draw a card and perform the action" deck. It's also got some activities that even I would have to consider carefully before performing!
Interesting game-play, wide variety of cards, not every card is an easy decision to perform or not
Lack of artwork, endgame is lacking
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Consenting Adults|Consenting adults is definitely one of the best sexual games|Love games I have played. It is well-thought out and an actual GAME, not just a deck of “draw a card and do what it says.”

The cards are divided by point value by 10’s, from “10” to “80.” As may be expected, the higher the point value of the card, the more risqué the tasks on it. Each card has four selections, ranging from “Kiss”, “Touch,” “Show,” “Tell,” and combinations thereof. Most of the suggestions are interesting and sexy, or thought-provoking. Many involve actions performed partially clothed; many involve actions performed naked. There are 200 activity cards in the deck with four possible actions each, so there is a wide range of suggestions to suit every taste. What really surprised me is that the deck actually has some activities I would NOT perform, such as circling your house or apartment in your underwear or making out with your partner outside for 2 minutes naked (ok, maybe in the dead of night!)—and I consider myself fairly sexually adventurous.

One thing I really like about Consenting Adults is that it makes consenting to an action or not an actual part of the game, and you can choose the time limit/point total to which to play. You keep cards as they are successfully performed. If you do not want to perform an act, or it is simply too much for you, you can opt not to perform it. However, not performing acts or answering questions costs you points, and you must surrender the point value of the drawn card in cards from your own hand. If you do not have enough points in your hand to cover the value of the card you wish to opt out of, you can discard your entire hand and remove one article of clothing. There are also random cards that just make you discard points. As I said, this game is more complex and well thought out than most adult games|Adult games!

There is no artwork in the game to speak of, but it is still attractively designed and packaged with a red, white and black color scheme. Both the box and the cards appear sturdy.

My only complaint with Consenting Adults is the endgame. It is basically “choose what you want to do at the beginning of the game and the loser has to do it.” Rather “meh,” if you ask me.
Follow-up commentary
This is, by far, the best adult-oriented game I've ever played! My husband and I are both gamers (computer, board, card--you name it!), and this one appeals to us because it is actually a GAME as well as a sexual activity. If you're up for something a little more challenging in a sex game, definitely check out "Consenting Adults"!
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  • UrbanDurga
    Wow...a sex game with actual points. I confess myself amazed.
  • You have to be able to count and add and subtract!
  • Pria Synthes
    Ooh!  I've always been a bit disappointed by the adult games on the market, this one sounds quite neat!  Perhaps I'll give it a spin after I try out the one I just bought.

    Does this have rules for more than two players? 
  • Dame Demi
    Pria, I think you will definitely not be disappointed in this game, since it IS actually a GAME and has some difficult choices to make!  And yes, there are rules for more than one partner.  I sincerely hope you will try it out, it's totally missing the lameness factor found in so many adult games!  Happy playing!
  • Pria Synthes
    Excellent, thanks so much!  :)

    I've subscribed to be told when it comes back in stock.  I'll be waiting somewhat impatiently to share it with (all) my lovers.   
  • I'm being told when it is back in stock, too. It sounds like a really good game. Great review! Really thourough. :)
  • Dame Demi
    Thanks!  Really great for a sex game!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Great! I didn't realize this could be adapted to more than two people. I will definitely be marking this one to get when it's available again.
  • Dame Demi
    I certainly hope they do restock it--it's a blast!
  • handprinted
    Could this game work for two women?
  • Dame Demi
    I definitely think so. Worst case, you might have to leave out a card or two, but I don't even think that would be necessary.
  • dakota200333
    [] has it for $24
  • Paculla Annia
    It's heartwarming to hear that people actually liked the game. Unfortunately, the producer/licensee Relationship Enrichment Systems went out of business several years ago for personal/financial reasons. The author (me) spiraled downward into the practice of law (sigh). In any case, I was too overwhelmed by the glut of glitz(ier) sex games on the market to find another producer. There's probably no one reading this thread anymore, but for the record, there was some beautiful (I thought) artwork on the cards, but it was decided just prior to production by RES to be too distracting.

    Some great memories beta-testing that game, btw.
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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