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Floating hearts

Candle by Bell-A-Roma candles

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How lovely!

I will deduct a star simply because I think more than a dollar is just too much for one candle. Each of these at most should be around $0.50. So basically, I would expect more. They do have a good burn time, although I wish they were scented. Nonetheless, these are great for an event, or simply to spice up your evening at home.
Cute, Long burn time, Unscented (for sensitive people), Good packaging
A little pricey for 7 small candles, Not scented (I like scented candles)
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Floating heart candles... How lovely! These are a great idea if you want to spice up your night in the tub (don't actually put these in the tub with you) or put some sweet decorations in your home or at your event. Each candle can be place in water, either in the tub (while you are NOT in it) or in a glass filled with water.

They actually keep their shape as they burn and they only begin to lose shape once you hit the 45 minute mark. This is one reason why these are lovely centerpieces for your event (babyshower, wedding, party, etc.). They are also unscented which is great if you are sensitive to smell. I am not extremely sensitive and it would have been nice if these had a scent but I didn't mind because they're so cute!

Would make a great gift on Valentine's Day or just a great gift in general. Put these in swimming pool floaters and watch them burn all night for your pool party... the options are just endless!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The candles are made of smooth palm wax. There are surprisingly no seam lines, imperfections, or anything like that. I actually left them in my hot car and they did not melt, so you can tell they take some serious heat to burn. As I mentioned, they have a 2 hour (approximate) burn time and they hold their shape for a good while.

When they melt, droplets start to trickle down the candle and the wax seems very thin. Thinner than most candles I have owned. The wax does seem a lot softer than usual, as well. I'm not really sure what that means because I'm not a candle expert.

Taste / Aroma

There is, for me, unfortunately no scent to these candles. Others may be glad that these are unscented if they are very sensitive to smell. I think it would have been great if they had a scent like strawberry, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. I will not deduct a star for that because candles aren't always meant to spice up the room with a smell.

I do have a lot of people in my family who are overly sensitive to any scent. My mother, for instance, cannot stand floral scents and avoids them at all costs. She prefers the scents of cucumber melon, pumpkin spice and... that's about it. So if you're one of those people who just can't stand other scents, these are for you.


I tested one of these in a glass bowl filled with water. It burned for a total of 1 hour and about 18 minutes. After that time it started to totally disfigure itself and went out. However, the candle itself kept it's shape, as I mentioned, for a good 45 minutes which is long enough to please me. However, if you plan to use these at an event where you might need them to burn longer then these may not fit the cut. However, if you think about the size ratio, a burn time of 1 hour and 18 minutes is really good. These candles are not bigger than a dollar coin.

I didn't have to relight the candle at any time during it's burning which is great. I hate when candles are easily blown out because of a thin wick. The wicks are all coated to ensure a longer total burn time.


Each candle comes packaged in a plastic box that has individual, heart shaped spaces for each one of the candles. Altogether you get 6 candles. It's a great deal if you have some extra points, but I think for the price I would expect more candles. So yes, in my opinion they are pretty over-priced.

The box is sealed pretty well but is easily re-sealable and can be reused for unused candles. The box is also nice if you plan to gift these candles to a friend or whoever. The packaging is discreet and nothing sexual can be found anywhere on the package that may hint you bought these at a sex shop.

Special Features

- Floating

- 2 Hour approximate Burn Time

- Heart-Shaped

- Unscented

Personal comments

I think it would have been really cool if these came with a glass, heart-shaped bowl to fill with water and burn them in. Just a suggestion to the manufacturer!


These are so cool! I haven't burned all of them but I've used 3 of them already. Just a few words of caution:

- DO NOT use these in the bath tub while you are in the tub. You could put these in individual glasses filled with water and place them around the tub, but never in the tub with you.

- Make sure the glass you are burning them in is safe for candles. Some glass is not suitable for hot temperatures and may break. Ex: Thin wine glasses.
Follow-up commentary
Hey everyone, it's Mr. SecretToyLover! Mrs. SecretToyLover says she loves these but she doesn't love the price. She'd rather buy them somewhere in bulk! Very "cute" though.
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    Useful review!
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    I've Had some question on these, you have answered them in this review. Thanks.
  • ToyGurl
    You're welcome then! Glad you liked the review!
  • married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing. pretty pricey for a few candles.
  • Pixel
    Great review! I agree that $8 is a bit much for a few small candles, but I'd consider them if they went on sale. I candles when I'm having a long soak in the tub, and floating ones just seem like fun. (Although I'm a bit disappointed that I can't put them in the tub with me!)
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    You're right about the price. I did a little Googling, and I found a website that was selling 24 of these for $8 (a dozen red and a dozen pink). Good review.
  • ToyGurl
    Thanks! Glad you all liked the review. I hate putting EF down and I'm not trying to do so but I passed up a 24 pack at Michael's today! lol
  • Review It
    I also like scented candles too!
  • ToyGurl
    @Review It: I know what you mean! I love when the house is filled with the scent of a delicious candle. But these were cute so I had to curve!
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    Great review. THANKS. Yes, I like scented too...but sometimes, like when using scented oil in the bath, I would rather have UNSCENTED candles!!!
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