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Earth scents incense set

Candle by Bell-A-Roma candles

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This is a great set for incense lovers and would make a prefect gift. The incense provides the right amount of fragrance with not too much smoke and comes with a nifty little holder.
Conveniently sized holder, Scents that most people who like incense would enjoy
Short burn-time, Holder can’t really be used for sticks
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The Earth Scents incense set (wow, say that five time fast) was something I'd had my eye on for a while, but felt wary about buying incense before I got a chance to smell it. No fear, fellow incense buyers. I took one for the team and tested it out for you.

The set comes in a flat box, just like pictured in the description. It makes for a nice presentation and convenient storage. The back of the box has directions in six languages and picture diagrams. The set comes with an incense holder, 40 sticks, and 20 cones.

The holder is my favorite part of the set. It’s nice and small, about 2 ¼”x1 ¼”, which is great for me because I travel about 200 miles between my house at school and my parents’ house every few months, so if anything I bring with me is bulky, it’s just a pain. The box says that the holder is wooden, but it’s really ceramic. That’s a good thing; honestly, I’d be a little uncomfortable burning anything on something wood…Think about it. Okay, moving on.

The sticks and cones come in the same four scents. I’m gonna try my best to describe them. The pink is floral with a light musk mixed in. The purple is more floral with no musk. The green smells fresh and, well, green. The red/orange has the strongest scent and is earthy and musky. Both the sticks and cones burn for only 15 minutes, but the fragrance lingers for an hour or two. It's not really smokey incense, which is nice for my asthmatic roommate. The strength of the scent is proportional to the size of the room you’re in.

The holder has a little hole for the sticks but is just a bit too small to catch all the ashes. I’d recommend using a “boat” or bottle style holder for these to save yourself from a mess. The cones keep their shape as they burn, so the holder is perfect for them. The only thing about the cones is they stain the holder brown, which I expected would happen since it’s light in color.

I really like this set and I’m glad I got it. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes incense. It would also make a great gift for an incense lover or contribution to a holiday Yankee swap/white elephant gift exchange/whatever you like to call it. If you’re skeptical about buying this like I was, don’t worry. If you’re into incense, you’ll probably like the scents in this set.
I got this item to review during finals week, and it couldn't have come at a better time. It was great to be surrounded by calming earthy fragrances while I studied. My boyfriend also likes incense so we will probably have some of this lit the next time we have a romantic night together.
Follow-up commentary
I still really like this incense, and I still have quite a bit of it left. I was on a bit of an incense kick when I got it, so I have a whole shoebox full of the stuff. I'll burn it occasionally, and I enjoy it when I do. The green scent has become my favorite.

I've actually come to appreciate its short burning time. Other incense I have burns so long that I have to snuff it out about half way through because the room is engulfed in smoke and overpowering fragrance. One thing I like to do with this incense is set the mood in my room for bedtime. I'll light up a cone or stick as I'm getting ready for bed, and by the time I'm done and in bed and on the phone with my boyfriend, it's done burning and my room has a nice and soothing air to it.
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  • Victoria
    Thanks for the review - I appreciate your thorough description!
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    That's a great price for that much incense. Nice review too! :)
  • LikeSunshineDust
    ITP: Thanks :)
    HL: Yea, it is a great deal, and thank you
  • Bulma
    Wow, that is a great price. I've paid the same for 25 sticks before...think I'll be giving these a try. Thanks for the review :)
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Bulma: I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  • Naughty Student
    Are all the incensce stored together? If so do the smells mix?
  • LikeSunshineDust
    The cones all have their own little "pockets" and the sticks come in separate bags for each scent. I haven't noticed any mixing of the smells.
  • Stuck In Dreamland
    i love incense so this was a perfect buy for me. yay! hehehe.
  • Jul!a
    I didn't even know Eden sold incense. Great job Smile
  • Splendwhore
    Lovely review! Good to know they have a short burn time. Most incense I've ever used becomes too smokey/overpowering, and then sets off the smoke alarm. Lol. Glad to know that this is a little different! Definitely something I'll consider trying. Thanks again!
  • LambChop
    Oooooh, I've forgotten all about incense! I definitely had NO IDEA it was at EF! Thanks for the review!
  • sweet seduction
    Great review!
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