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Pheromone candle

Candle by Holiday Products

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Mmm mmm good!

The scientific explanation is up for debate, but all I know is that my husband and I love this candle.
Smells great, romantic scent.
Tad expensive for size, packaging a little trashy.
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Let me begin by saying this: I was VERY skeptical of this so-called Pheromone Candle. I expected this to be a gimmick, a scam, or perhaps just a novelty that one would find at Spencers Gifts. Since I'm not a scientist I can't tell you if this candle really does release pheromones to get your motor running so to speak, or if it is just a placebo effect. Whatever it is, I definitely had a good time with this candle burning... as did my husband.

When I opened up the package, I found that there was scotch tape all around the rim of the lid which wasn't exactly elegant-looking. There was also some small dents on the sides of it despite the hefty bubble wrap it was wrapped in. Personally I didn't really mind, but I'm not sure if this would be a very attractive gift. It is a nice small travel sized item which also means it probably isn't a very long lasting candle. In any case, there is a nice deep purple label on the Black Cherry variety which I tried out... otherwise known as "Blazin' Bitch." The label also features a cute little rhyme on the side about how it's "MY turn" for some pleasure which I personally found a little egotistical and narcissistic, but I could see some women that might get a kick out of it.

Okay, now for the smell! I LOVED the Black Cherry scent. Just upon opening the small tin I was hit by a wall of luscious Black Cherry. If nothing else, it smelled sensual to me. The first time I tried it with my husband, I didn't exactly need any motivation to get in the mood if you know what I mean, so I can't say whether or not it actually enhanced my mood. However, my husband swears that he felt instantly horny upon smelling this candle. Again, I have my doubts as to whether or not the candle itself actually had anything to do with it, but then again I can't argue with results!

The second time we tried out the candle, I swear it helped us both "get in the mood." Whether it is the romantic scent or perhaps there really are pheromones being released into the air, it brought us to a night full of passion and joy. I think it is an awfully petite candle for $10, but it certainly did the job for us!
Follow-up commentary
I'm pleasantly surprised at how long the candle has lasted given its small size. We have burned it well over 5 hours now and have not even reached the halfway point yet. The smell is just as strong as ever, so no complaints here!
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Was the smell so strong that you had to open windows to air out later, or did it go away on its own? Pheromones are a tricky business, especially when it comes to sensual products that already put you in the mood regardless of chemical attraction! Thanks for the review.
  • Sanjay
    The smell seemed to clear out shortly after snuffing the candle. Then again, we put the cap back on the tin and I imagine that if you left the lid off it might continue to smell. The candle is pretty small, and although it packs a punch for its size, it can only smell so much.
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for the great review! It would be great if you could come back later and tell us how long it lasted, since it is, as you mentioned, a rather small candle.
  • wondertoes
    Thanks for the review! I love black cherry.
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