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You will have so much fun playing A Hot Affair. It has everything, laughing, kissing, eating, drinking, playing, and finally fantasy. I highly recommend this for everyone, from the couple just starting out to the ones that have been together for a long time.
Quality game, a lot of fun!
Can be a bit long but can be modified.
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Purpose / Audience

A Hot Affair is a great game for couples who want to have a little fun spicing up their date night. Or need to give their sex lives a little kick in the pants. The goals of the game are communication, laughter, and getting things heated up. This can be serious fun for any couple, whether they're just getting to know each other or have been together for a long time. We've been married for 25 years and have played this several times already. We've tried other games but keep coming back to this one.

Rules / Content

At first all the different rules to this game may seem a bit overwhelming. But hang in there, it's not that hard once you get it. Each player goes around the board 6 times.

There are 3 levels of intimacy:

Pink is the intimate level-Listen, laugh and learn as you reveal more about you and your partner

Purple is the passionate level- More touching, stroking and saucy conversations entwined with exciting sensuous actions

Red is the Steamy level- Hot, hot, hot. Steamy actions and scenarios to take you to the brink and lave you longing for the final fantasy.

As you move around the board, you land on different squares that require you to do different things, and depending on what level you're at it can be anywhere from mild to pretty intense. Some examples of the squares are kiss, strip, erotic dance and erogenous zones. Then there are food and drink type squares. And finally the Hot Affair squares where you pick a card at the level you're at and do what it says. Many of these cards have great suggestions. At the pink level they're more intimate and get conversations going. At the purple level it gets a little racier, and finally at the red level there's more intense foreplay action. At that level it's very hard to stop and get back to the game. But it's worth it.

Each time you pass go you get a ring put on your playing piece and you pick a fantasy card. These are some seriously detailed fantasies. I was going to give an example in this review but the fantasies are so detailed that I'm sure I would end up going over the word limit. But take my word for it, there are some very fun fantasies in the deck.

You read the fantasy aloud to your partner and set it down in front of you to keep for the end of the game. The winner is the first person to complete all six rounds. He or she gets to pick which of their fantasy cards they want to play out for an evening of hot fantasy sex.


This is a quality made game. It's on par with a good quality Milton Bradley board game. There was no skimping when they made this game. Everything is very colorful and detailed.

It comes with a colorful game board, 65 intimate cards, 65 passionate cards, 65 steamy cards and 50 fantasy cards. They're also very colorful and well made. There are also 2 game pieces, 12 level rings, 1 die and the rules.

Personal comments

This game may sound a bit long to you and it is pretty long if you play the regular version. But if you're not in the mood for such a long game there are instructions for other, quicker, ways to play. You can just go through each level once or even skip the pink level. Which I would not recommend doing because the pink level is very intimate and fun. But if you're in a hurry there's no reason you couldn't play that way. But if you have the time, I recommend playing it all the way through. It's worth it.

Another thing is that some of the squares can be a bit boring and get redundant, like the kissing or eating ones. We finally got to a point that we just skip over those most of the time. As far as the drinking squares, sometimes we use those for doing a shot. That can make things pretty interesting. So there are ways to modify the game to suit what does and doesn't work for you.


Here's where I'm going to tell you what I remember about the first time we played this. Because we had so much fun.

First thing I remember is when my husband landed on the erotic dance square at the passionate level. It says to tempt your partner with sexy gyrations. I loved it! I never laughed so hard. Well maybe I did laugh just as hard when he had to moon the neighborhood.

Then there were the sweet things, like when we had to tell each other what our partner's favorite body part was. I was floored when he told me it was my breasts. I would never in a million years have imagined that. Or when he had to gently spend time kissing the back of my neck. He's never done that before and I really liked it!

And there were the steamier times, like when I had to give myself an orgasm while he watched. I had never done that before that night. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy, but it was worth it to break through that barrier. And I know he really liked that.

Finally when we had to act out the fantasy. My husband won the game so he got to pick the fantasy of his choice. He chose one that was about him being a porn producer and I was an aspiring actress. Yeah, we had fun with that one.

I'm really glad I bought this game because, honestly these things are going to be treasures in my memory bank forever.
Follow-up commentary
This game is so fun that we still play it from time to time. Of course, not as often as we did when we first got it. But once in a while, it makes for some very interesting and fun foreplay.
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