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Beeswax aromatherapy pillar candle

Candle by Bluecorn Naturals

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Uplifting? Not really.

I really don't care for this candle. I love the idea of natural beeswax and helping the air quality in homes. However, the mess and the lack of aromatherapy in this candle really doesn't convince me to buy another one. Also, the lopsided wax drippings on the side really upset me.
All natural beeswax
Lack of scent, lopsided candle, messy, no jar.
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I received this candle from EdenFantasys via Bluecorn Naturals. It is a pillar candle that comes without a jar or container like other candles sometimes arrive. It was wrapped in some shipping paper with the directions being a sticker on the bottom of the candle. I gave them a casual glance, they mention trim wick to 1/4", burn for 1 hour per inch of diameter to avoid smoke. The candle is 2X3 inches, being three inches tall and two inches across and the color is a light orange, maybe like cantaloupe in shade. The candle does not come with a jar, I really would like it if it did. Touching the candle before its lit, the beeswax is very firm and soft to the touch. If you touch it, the scent will rub off on your fingers. I had high hopes for this scent to fill my house.

The first, first thing I noticed was all the grey speckles on the candle. Dust, most likely. So, I have to assume that not really that many people care for these candles. My candle is Lavender, Germanium and Tangerine. I didn't smell any of the three unless I really put my nose up in it. I decided to cut the wick as instructed and wait. I lit the candle and began doing my daily chores. I figured Uplifting while doing a sinkful of dishes was much needed. I smelled nothing. I kept on cleaning, moving it to different places but I still didn't get the effect I had hoped for. I've had really good experiences with aromatherapy candles and expected a warm and cheerful scent to fill up my room and the rest of the house. Nothing happening here. After a few hours, I stuck my nose above it again and faintly smelled something like very hot tangerines.

I watched the wax puddle to the center and then I touched the candle and felt the wax against my skin. It was a little gritty and thick but very smooth. It left my two fingertips quite smooth and smelling strongly of tangerine. It smelled quite wonderful, I used some wax on my wrists and could smell it almost all day long. Perhaps, they should make body lotions? So, I'm still boggled why doesn't the scent come out? I am a little peeved to notice that it's 26$ bucks plus shipping.

I really do love the idea of natural beeswax. If you go to their website, Bluecorn speaks on the different types of beeswax and what kind they use themselves. From what I'm understanding, their beeswax is a hybrid of the different kinds of beeswax. “At Bluecorn we have created the best of both worlds by using lightly filtered beeswax that burns cleanly and easily and retains the quintessential sweetness of the unrefined wax. “ It's really a bit of an interesting read to head the pros and cons of highly filtered beeswax and unrefined beeswax.

On their website, the say their aromatherapy candles will “evoke a feeling, carrying a mood and gently shifting our awareness. “ I'm just basically aware at how scentless and bland this is.

I searched high and low for a burn time but currently I've had this candle lit for over 5 hours and it's dropped down like 1/8th. On their website, this is what they say about their burn time “ Our candles are rolled from a solid sheet of beeswax and that is why they have "ridiculously long burn times".”

I didn't even think about health benefits of a candle, but I'm interested in the fact that Bluecorn says that their candles have health benefits. From their website, they mention that in-home air quality has become a major health issue, which I can agree it is a big deal. They say Paraffin candles, which are petroleum based wax, burn sooty, blacken your walls and ceilings and are known to be toxic.

However, their candles have a clean non toxic burn. Also, beeswax is a fuel that, when burned, emits negative ions. Like a rain storm, which is a negatively charged event, burning beeswax will clean the air. This happens when negative ions attach to positively charged ions that are holding dust, molds and other contaminants airborne. This attachment weights the positive ions and drops both the positive ions and the contaminants to the ground surface to be swept up and vacuumed.

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Very interesting.

Day two I lit it and went about my business. Did some chores, finished some paperwork and filed taxes. Still no scent, and I watched as wax continuously pooled in the center. Then, after three hours and the candle wilted down to 1.5 from 3 inches, smell happened! There was blissful in-your-face tangerine! I was quite happy and made dinner. I came back to find that my candle had now melted on the candle pillar and was dripping onto the counter. The wax was no longer pooling in the center and now was dripping off the left side. My candle was sitting completely flat on the pillar, but instead of overflowing all over, it chose the left side and just began pouring out. There is an immense amount of smell filling up the house now. How wondrous for the scent, but how horrid for my counter and candle pillar.

I wonder if with Bluecorn's “solid” mass of beeswax was all the scent locked in the middle? I mean the candle is practically useless, but I have set it on a plate and I'm enjoying the scent and intend to throw it out when it has run its course. I don't really recommend this candle for anybody. If you don't like scents that are that noticeable or you have glass jars, then perhaps. I personally feel there are much better aromatherapy candles to be had out there.
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It was pretty much destroyed and I didn't even get another use out of the candle. I won't be purchasing another one of these. I hope to find a good aromatherapy candle that will smell wonderful.
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